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June 17, 2021, 10:44:21 pm

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Author Topic: Cal's Search (M for M/F)  (Read 91 times)

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Cal's Search (M for M/F)
« on: May 25, 2021, 12:56:05 am »
Hey there! I'm looking to start a couple of RP's.

So yeah, a little about my RP style: I enjoy a lot of world-building and character development. I like mapping out friendships,
group dynamics, ideologies, and setting up adventures/quests that our characters can go on. This is why I tend to like playing multiple
characters (ranging from 2-4)).

In terms of writing length, I can definitely pump out multiple paragraphs and I know how to move a plot forward. I also
appreciate it when my writing partner can do the same. Here's a writing sample:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Strange things was starting to happen, and Ian was convinced that it started ever since he got his hands on this green crystal that was stuffed somewhere in his bag with all his textbooks and gym clothes since obviously something as important as that deserved to be near his sweaty clothes.

Ian had rushed home after school and stopped by the nearby 7-11 to get his daily dose of cup noodles before riding back home on his trusty bike for his daily dose of cartoons and chill. His eyes were glued on the laptop as a team of mutants took down a sentinel without noticing that he was holding the spoon too tightly, It bent, and scorching hot tom yum soup dripped down onto his pants. It took him five seconds too long to realize that his thighs were burning, and he shot up from his chair, the cup noodles flying up into the air as time began to slow down and a shower of noodles and soup fell all over his laptop, frying it.


And that's how Ian ended up spending his afternoon's with the other crystal kids. It wasn't that he didn't want to hang out and train, it was just that his afternoon ritual was a little too important to give up. Unfortunately for him, divine intervention forced his hand, and his porn collection. That was the worst part.

To say that Ian is a strange person is an understatement. A normal teenager would be more concerned about what all these new powers and gifts meant. He could bend spoons now, and why wasn't the burn affecting him the way that it normally should? But Ian didn't care. If it was going to be like this now, he'd just roll with it, just like how he would have to resort to the magazines under his bed.

But he had given it some thought. During those rare occasions when he felt like pondering about the grander scheme of things. Were they chosen by some sort of modern day Gandalf who was secretly perving on them as they grew up so that they could defeat a menacing dark lord (who Ian was convinced was Principal Pittman). Or maybe they were just ancient lost souls who were destined to take up the arduous responsibility of fighting a terrible evil that would soon plague them. Who the fuck knew, because what Ian cared about now was forking up the $2000 to replace his laptop.

"I swear to god mom, I will work extra shifts at the vet to get the money but can you just help me out this oneeeee timeeee," Ian nearly went on his knees to beg her but she wasn't having any of it. "You need to go out more, spend time with your new friends," she advised as she picked up the piles of dirty clothes that Ian had left on the floor of his room.

"Noooooo mom. Riley and Oz always use long things to fight each other, and I'm not sure if it's as innocent as it looks anymore, and then there's this weird guy whose eyes looks like it's about to pop out…" Ian whined while gesturing but his mom turned back to him with her arms crossed. "Ian, I'm your mother and sometimes it hurts to say things like this because I was the one who raised you. But if anyone's weird, it's you," she held up some used tissue paper that he had tried to shoot to the dustbin last night but missed. Apparently he had forgotten to dispose of it properly. He stared at his mother in horror, while she horrifically threw it into the dustbin and shut the door. It was only then that he came up with a comeback and he opened the door, "EVERY HEALTHY TEENAGE BOY DOES IT!" and was satisfactorily about to close the door in victory when his mom yelled back to get out of the house before she got the broom. Oh shit, Ian bolted out of there.

There were times when Ian loved his mother, and times when he wanted to plot of a way to kill her and get away with it. Today was most definitely the latter as he cycled himself towards the junkyard where he had been meeting the other unfortunate victims of Gandalf's pedo schemes. He could already imagine the old wrinkly ass smug face smiling and telling him to not lose hope, followed by an uncomfortable five minute of slow-motion laughter. Fuck those wizards.

Something lingered in his memory, however. Were they really friends? Ian had only one friend that he could think of, and that was his trusty BMX that he took everywhere with him. And well, there was this one kid from Texas who moved to some place called Beacon Hills that he would chat with online every now and then, but that didn't count, right? With all these mind-numbing thoughts in mind, and lose green hoodie, Ian cycled past the cars, picking up speed and ringing his bell to warn passer-by's that he was coming through. He would've made it early had he not picked up a whiff of fried chicken in the air.

Now, if there was one thing Ian loved more than his bicycle, it was fried chicken. In fact, he'd probably crack his head open if he were to be in a position to rank either of them. It did occur to him that he might run late, but who cared really. It was not like they were going to start on time. Fried chicken came before all their asses. He order a spicy XXL fried chicken and was happily munching away while riding until he rode into the junkyard where Meeka, Oz and Riley were waiting.

"Sup." Ian greeted, parking his bicycle where they kept their bags. Now this was the awkward part. Ian didn't exactly know where he stood with them. Sure, they were hanging out now, but it wasn't too long ago that they would just pass each other by in the hallways. Well except for Meeka, he couldn't think anything bad about her and that was a problem. See, Ian's kryptonite wasn't the green gem that was somewhere in his bag, it was girls. Hot nerdy girls who didn't know they were hot. Ian could already feel his heart racing as she smiled at him, and in that few seconds, he felt time slow down as Meeka began to wave her hair seductively, fluttering her eyelashes and licking her lips as she tore off a big piece of chicken.


Ian turned his attention to Riley, who was a touchy subject, especially because he was just so god damn likable and perfect at everything that Ian wanted to throw his bike at him sometimes. Just look at how that bastard rocked the pink polo. And as much as Ian wanted to hate him, he couldn't whenever he'd look into those baby blue eyes. That just made him hate himself even more for falling for it every god damn time.

Just a couple days ago in History class, the Brit turned behind to Ian to ask if he had a red pen. Well, Ian did in fact have a red pen, but he wasn't done doodling a disfigured spiderman and that was a problem. But all it took was one look into those obscenely disgusting blue eyes for Ian to cave in. "Yeah, here you go," he said reluctantly and pitifully finished his drawing with a pencil instead. Oh, and he still didn't get his red pen back.

There was an added complication if Ian were to go on-board the hate train with Riley: Oz. The guy was a good guy, always seeing the best in this group of weird misfits and Ian didn't want to have to put him in the middle of a conflict which seemed counter-productive since Oz was already standing in-between the two of them. Ian and Oz went a little further back in middle school when he'd fuck some of the other kids up who'd pick on Ian. They had never talked much since, but Oz was one of the few rare people he'd actually flash a smile at because there was no way Ian could ever forget something like that and perhaps this new... arrangement wasn't all too bad if he was around.

With all that in mind, Ian's ultimate predicament was this: did he have to share his fried chicken? His friendly smile towards his teammates reverted back to a frown as he sized up his competitors. He intimidatingly tore off a piece, and chewed loudly before licking the edges of the remaining chicken while establishing eye contact with the guys to drive the point across that he was not going to be sharing anything with them. No boobs, no chicken.

So one might now ask, what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

So much. So so so much.

I like slow-burn romances a lot more, and building up sexual tension instead of only writing smut. I'm also open to MxM, or MxF,
but traditionally I've written a lot more MxM. Also, I like using realistic character references. So pictures of celebrities/models, unless if
we're doing an anime or game inspired RP. I also tend to like having a diverse cast of characters in terms of ethnicity and personalities.

Also I abide by the no-pressure/chill style of RPing. That is to say I don't expect daily or weekly replies. Do what you enjoy, and
I'll do what I enjoy, and if it vibes it vibes.

Plot Ideas:

1. Fall of X
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'll always be into X-Men/Superhero storylines, so if you got any other ideas or would like to build an RP off X-Men/Invincible then I'd be down.

For this idea though, I want to explore a grittier version of the theme. Basically, the X-Men as we know it have been destroyed, and the concept
of a 'hero' no long exists. Mutants resort to crime, violence, drugs, and apathy. But there are those who still try to live up to the ideals of being
a hero, but in their own way. So we start off with the remnants of a new group of X-Men who now operate underground and have to keep their
identity a secret while navigating a new world that is hell-bent on seeing them fail even as they extort mutant abilities for their own use.

I'd also like it if we could set up a base in Madripoor or East Asia and take up influences from the yakuza, ninjas, and drug trafficking, beneath the
exterior of consumerism, media, and the falsehood of pristineness. I'd also love it if we could throw in some cyberpunk vibes and go full chaos
and crime with our storylines.

2. City of Heroes
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Obviously inspired by the game of the same name. This takes inspiration from Invincible, and I'd like to revolve it around a society that has adapted to the
commercialization of heroes. So there are legalized teams, regulations, and a public persona to maintain. All while maintaining a healthy university life, or
a job.

So this has more typical aspects of the superhero theme, but I really love Invincible's take on the genre by subverting expectations. I think we can also take things
to space, or building up Heaven/Hell/Alien civilizations, and just let our imagination run wild with what sort of adventures our team can go on.

3. Horror Within
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This idea revolves around supernatural/horror themes but in what seems like in our modern world. Basically werewolves/vampires/ghosts/demons/
[insert supernatural entity here] have embedded themselves within human civilization and sow the seeds of chaos to serve their own purposes. There are other entities, or
even just normal humans who have gained the ability to see beyond the veil of normalcy who defend humanity from these threats.

We could set up our characters in a spot where an ancient world tree once protected a city from these threats, but has since been tainted and chopped down. Now it falls
onto a seemingly ordinary group of nobodies to work together and defend their friends and families from entities that would enjoy slaughtering every last one of them.

4. Magical Revolution
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This will be inspired by Harry Potter, but I want to go beyond that and explore a magical school setting based in America, or like some sort of International setting where we
can take up influences from all sorts of different cultures and advance the role of magic and how it can affect modern life. So like technology-enabled magic, new forms of
elemental magic, and the liberalization of dark arts, and curses because there has been a rise of discontent of why magic has to be hidden from society.

So our characters could first start off in this International Wizarding Academy and are introduced to the magical revolution where witches and wizards are sowing the seeds of
a war against humanity and to take what is rightfully theirs. There will be anti-revolutionists, traditionalists, pacifists, etc.. and we can just go wild trying to set up this modern
magical world.

Hmu with a PM if you're interested!
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