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September 26, 2021, 05:02:37 pm

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Author Topic: Dark Fantasy | World-Building | M for M/F  (Read 202 times)

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Dark Fantasy | World-Building | M for M/F
« on: April 21, 2021, 02:45:55 am »
TL;DR: Seeking a companion to build a world together. The rough foundation is a gritty, dark medieval world with violence, gore, magic, and lot's of sex. The majority of the narrations taking place in this world will be based off dominant/submissive enemy to lovers trope, and I can play either role interchangeably, but prefer the dominant roles.

About me–

I'm a twenty year old man in my Sophomore year of university. I am majoring in English and am currently exploring my kinks in the midst of what remaining time we have in this pandemic. I enjoy story crafting, but have recently encountered a writer's block that I hope to push through with a writing companion. In the past I have always stayed in submissive roles, but I've recently been falling more into dominant ones. What this means for you is I am capable of playing both the submissive role and the dominant role interchangeably; regardless I do prefer to stick within the dominant / submissive archetypal trope, and enjoy it even more-so when there is an age difference and/or size difference involved.

Orcs, Bandits, and Slavery

This scenario focuses on the tribal life of savage orcs; this tribe known resides far up North and have frequently ventured South in search of food, ale, and women. After a more than successful raid on the merchant city of Or'vea, one of the higher ranking warriors within the tribe of orcs managed to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy nobleman. He is known as the Crimson Dread. The staggering giant is bitter, hateful, violent, and lustful; when his eyes descended upon the youthful, beautiful woman, he yearned to have her. Thus the orc warlord brings her back to his tribe against her will as a glorious spoil of war. The story will focus on how the daughter manages to survive in the barren landscape of the Northern tundra surrounded by monstrous beasts, bitter cold, and the dominating lifestyle of the orc tribe. Will she submit to this new lifestyle under the domineering grip of her new owner or find ways to escape the Northern savages?

The Warlord:
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Magic, Blood, and Politics

This scenario focuses on the relationship between an archmage and his apprentice. Magic in these lands is dangerous, dark, and always requires sacrifice. The , while young and overtly boisterous for his position, serves as the Court Mage for the capital city of Dawnbreak. He leads the front on magic so that the kingdom may wade through its dangers; the apprentice he takes up is from lowly origins, and they have plenty to learn as a fledgeling, aspiring mage. This narrative will hold violent magic, a dominating and sex-crazed master, and his docile, naive apprentice under him. Perhaps the apprentice learns more than just magic from their master and takes on the role as a politician; together the apprentice and master might survive both dark, sinister blood-magics and live through the turmoil of court intrigue. Or perhaps the apprentice and master will find themselves vying against the world in their attempts at usurping power for themselves. With his knowledge and power and the apprentice's aptitude to improve and please, there are no limits.

The Archmage:
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Violence, Beasitality, and Dominance

This scenario focuses on the intrigue between a werewolf and a new arising lover. He's a stern, serious blacksmith that is all too familiar with violence, but he finally has met someone that brings him towards the peaceful sides of life. As a veteran of war, he is no stranger to bloodshed and murder– but that is the murder of his enemies; as the town grows closer and closer to discovering the veteran's secret, he seeks refuge in the arms of the lover he has found. Will they help settle this and bury the secret? Will they help find a cure for the curse of lycanthropy? Or will they encourage the temptation and help sate the primal desires the man feels?

The Soldier:
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Thank you for reading! If you're interested, just send me a PM! These plots will likely take place either through forum posts or via discord, depending on your preference.