Ghost of a Chance [MUL]

Started by Emmaline, March 25, 2009, 01:05:27 AM

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Setting: Modern day Louisiana. An old plantation house on the bayou.
Solace was 17 when her family was killed in the Revolutionary war. Their home was invaded while they slept and every man woman and child

killed. Only Solace had remained on as a ghost, unable to leave the property. When she first died she was bound to the house, but as the

years wore on she found that the fuller the moon was the further she could move from the house, until she could walk along the waters edge

when the moon was full. Solace has witnessed the changes in the world from her small view. She marvelled at the automobile, electricity,

telephones and television. She saw cooking go from over an open fire to closed woodstoves to gas and electric and finally to the small boxes

that took only minutes. She saw clothing change from yards and yards of fabric to women walking around with barely anything on in

comparison. And through it all she watched as families came and went, lived and died, in her beloved home.

Story Idea: One day, after the house had been empty for almost two years, a man moves in. He is a writer with his first published novel under his belt

and a contract for a series. He writes romances of all things, under a pseudonym. He has recently purchased the plantation house to get

away from it all and focus on his writing.

Only one thing is different about him than all the others who have come before him. He can see Solace, unbeknown  to her, and hear her.

Small bits at first, things he explains away. But more and more he realizes she is there, and that she doesn't know he can see or hear her.

This is NOT on a first come, first gets the part basis. I will be picky about my partner for this.


PM sent, would you like a possible opening post to judge from?