Exalted Vs WoD: Dawn of the 7th Age. (F/GM. Exalted Vs. World of Darkness)

Started by Lustful Bride, April 18, 2021, 06:44:59 PM

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Lustful Bride

Before the Great Flood,

Before the Mythic Ages,

Before the Impergium,

before the Sundering,

before the Shattering, there was... something else.

It was an age of the EXALTED.

It’s the world you know: neon shining in puddles, tired-eyed people waiting in laundromats, smog and bad paychecks, student loans that teach you more about Sisyphus than any of the world mythology classes that they paid for, apartment buildings huddling in the shadow of the glass-and-steel towers of the mighty.

But it’s also not the world you know.

Look in the shadows: There’s a vampire looking through the laundromat window, sizing up the potential meals inside. Across the skin of the world, ferocious warrior-wolves throw themselves howling into battle against the corrosive spirit of the smog. In a well-appointed office you can’t find with mundane directions, a magician spins numbers into power, converting your loans into binding chains of control you can never, ever escape. The last faeries huddle and dream in the apartment building, while ghosts and demons drink in the sins of the skyscraper.

This is the World of Darkness, a dark reflection of the modern age where monsters and magic hide away in the shadows.

But it wasn’t always like this. Nor does it have to stay like this.

There has been an awakening. A power has been unleashed into the world. Something snapped or broke or maybe was even shattered on purpose. Now an ancient power is loose in the world. The time has come to light up the darkness and to change the world for the better, or maybe for the worse. The end of the Sixth Age is here. The final nights have come and none can know or say how things will turn out as the clock ticks ever closer to the time of endings. Whether it will be the final dying of the light or the start of a new age of wonder and glory, can only be determined by the players of this great game and the actions they take to lead the world to salvation, or perdition.

Monica Gonzalez is among those chosen heroes. She never set out to be one, to do anything grander than maybe working at the a library or at her local Pentex Subsidiary and push papers for the rest of her life. But life took that choice from her. Monica's younger sister Isabela had gotten into a bad crowd during her own try at college. She'd started missing classes, and ended up being expulsed for throwing some kind of temper tantrum and smashing up her dorm room.

When Monica picked her up, her normally happy and bubbly sister looked like a Junkie who was desperately itching for a fix. She twitched and scratched at herself, whimpering how she needed to meet her new boyfriend and how she didn't want to go back to her parent's house. Monica had to almost fight to get her to eat anything, and she'd descend into screams if Monica tried to take her to the hospital. It took a handful of sleeping pills to get her to calm down and rest. Monica had no idea what to do with her sister and her parents weren't really in a financial position to afford rehab. Neither was she. But Monica wouldn't abandon her sister.

...until he came. Her sister's 'boyfriend' came late one night, knocking for almost an hour and calling out to Isabela until she came running into his arms. Monica wanted him to leave, but as soon as he opened his mouth, she'd been under his spell. He was pale as death, cold to the touch when they shook hands. All smiles and platitudes, surrounded by other devotees  a silver tongue and Satan's eyes in his skull. Something deep inside of Monica told her to resist, to not listen to the man as he came to claim her sister, promising to take good care of her. His words convinced her, even as her heart cried out for her sister. She was stuck in a fugue for almost a week, until the news reported a young woman with her throat torn out.....it was her sister.

The shock of it broke her free of the spell, and let Monica endure the full agony of what had happened. Her life collapsed in on herself, as Monica couldn't forgive herself for failing her little sister. Neither could her parents. They cursed her for failing Isabela, and wanted nothing to do with her. They laid the blame solely upon her shoulders for not being her sister's keeper and failing Isabela when she needed help the most. Monica knew it wasn't true though, she remembered the cold man that had come in the night, and she started to hunt him down. She wandered around the city day and night, refusing sleep or food, looking everywhere and truly seeing the city for the first time.

There were monsters all around. Creatures wearing the faces of people, feeding off the suffering. She wondered if she was insane as she watched a homeless man being sucked dry of blood, or caught a glimpse of a ratlike man scampering into a sewer drain. How had she not seen them before? The city was littered with them and they must have owned the police as she witnessed one of them (mouth still wet with blood) having a laugh with two uniforms.

Monica saw the world for what it really was...and it inspired hate in her. She had to do something, because no one else would. She sold everything she had, fell off the grid, and prepared for a full year. She watched, she studied, she read, she prayed, and she trained. She'd only get one shot, and she'd make it count.

On her little sister's birthday an unmarked white van stood outside of a dance club that was opened late into the night, yet all those who came to it were either dead, or servants to the dead. She'd studied them long enough from afar, had seen the way they avoided sunlight, and knew how they made a living, feeding off the innocent, destroying lives and sitting back to laugh it off with dance music.

At this hour no mortal victims would be around to get caught in the crossfire, which was good, as Monica drove the van right through the front entrance of the club, jumping out at the last moment (and nearly breaking her own knee) as she blew it once the van was inside.

The blast was deafening and took the breath from Monica's lungs (even hurting her knee further to the point she wasn't sure she could properly stand on it). It was the perfect birthday present to her fallen sister. A funeral pyre to burn away the boogeymen that took her away. Made with nothing but some household items in the proper proportions and a heavy dose of accelerants to sped up the process.

The blast was so strong several vampires were blown to ashes just by the opening salvo, while others came out screaming as they burned, before final death took them and they turned to ashes, to a strange sludge, or to bones as whatever unholy magic kept them alive was undone by the oldest of human inventions. Fire.

Many more vampires came out though, injured and putting themselves back together, or feeding off their own pets to gain strength, as they looked at a single human woman, laughing and declaring 'Happy Birthday Little Sis!" before she pulled a gun. She'd hoped that she could be able to run to a preplanned fall back position where she'd have better access to arms. But her injured knee had ruined that plan. They looked at her with a kind of hatred in their eyes that promised a slow and agonizing death if they got to take her alive.

Monica didn't give a good goddamn what happened to her next. She'd gotten her payback, she'd humbled the vampires, she'd reminded them that humans were not cattle. The only choice she had now was if she wanted to swallow a round before the vampires got to her, or spend every last bullet to try and take just one more monster with her.

Then she saw that bastard...the one who took her sister. He was still alive. So she ran into the oncoming vampires, fighting through the burning agony within her, and chose to go down fighting. Begging whatever powers that rule the universe to grant her the power to vanquish the evil before her.

The universe answered, as her shots became like canon rounds, her fists struck like sledgehammers and her body burned with brilliant light. The one who killed her sister looked so afraid as she brought her boot down on his head, screaming with an ancient primordial fury that made the other vampires turn tail and run.

She'd proven to be the best mankind had to offer. Wiling to lay her life down even when holding the line promised her agony the human mind could not imagine. For this, she was rewarded, as a Chosen of the Sun. But she didn't know any of this. All she knew was that for a few nights she tore through vampires and avoided police pursuit, even as she burned through her newfound power faster than it could recover. She wasn't going to last like this, yet she was more than happy to burn out and die if it meant taking more blood drinkers with her.

Thankfully, others intervened, and during a battle about to go bad some Vampire Hunters came to her aid. They didn't know what she was, but in a few weeks she'd done more damage to the vamps than they had in a few months. That alone made her worthy of their respect, but she'd kicked the hornets nest and every vamp in the city was out for vengeance, which meant the hunters were in danger as well. So they gave her an ultimatum. Come with them and kill some more vamps, or leave so that the heat died down and they could get back to the job their way. If she refused, then they'd treat her like any other monster they have fought.

She has been with the crew now for almost two months. They've been traveling the back roads of America and through its heartland. They have wiped out three roosts of vampires so far, with 35 confirmed vamp kills to their name. They strike in day time if they can, hard and fast, dealing with Ghouls first before dragging the vamps out into the sunlight, sometimes if the intel is good they might even strike in the dark, though Monica is always on point then.

They aren't the best people around, crude, rude, loud, and sometimes can be major assholes. But Monica was starting to appreciate them by the time that they were down in Texas on a hunt. Some small town just north of El Paso had been reporting a rush of disappearances, and the other hunters of the Union group were passing out a request for the rising star of Monica and her group.

They showed up just before dawn, finding a group of a dozen Vampires, and struck like God's own wrath. They kept the pressure on the vampires until the sun rose and did the rest of the job for them. Many cheers were had...until they saw a newcomer rushing at them. It moved as fast as a vampire, and hit hard enough to flip one of their trucks. But the sun seemed to have no effect on it. the bastard even had fangs but tore them apart as the sun shone down on it. Not even Monica's strength could save her team.

It wasn't a vampire, there was no way it could be. It was something new...something like Monica. But it fought on the side of the monsters she'd worked so hard to exterminate. She had no idea what the hell this being was, but it tore through her and her team, with her as the only survivor, desperately emptying magazine after magazine of bullets into empty air before she was down to punches and kicks, and even then she was brought low. Her limbs broken, her blood cooling on the ground, as the creature screamed at her for killing his master.

This seemed to be the end of Monica's story, until a bright light came from above, and a single man in a priest's collar struck. He moved just as fast as Monica and the new creature, but unlike the two of them he wasn't spent or drained of energy. Each blow from his fists seemed to burn the creature as he called out to God for strength and denounced the abomination they faced.

In the end the new creature fell, and the strange priest collected Monica to bring her to his church to heal and explain to her what he knew. Sadly he knew little more than she, only that God had gifted him with powers for standing up to some kind of ghost and blessed him with the ability to vanquish it, as well as a vision of Monica in danger.

God sent him to find more like him. More of the Chosen, the Shining heroes, the Exalted few who shall make the world right again in His name and for His glory.

Only problem is that God didn't tell him what to do once he found her. The lord works in mysterious ways after all.

The world is a dark and cold place, but two lights have now found each other, and begun the process to burn away the evils that plague humanity, and usher in a bright new dawn, for everyone.

So this is the latest inspiration by my muse. A game of Exalted Vs World of Darkness using the fan books based around the entire concept. I don't really have any plans for this beyond what you see here. I'm more familiar with Exalted than I am with World of Darkness so I am easy to surprise with stuff from there. I'd be okay with going more system lite with this as well if it helps any. Or even using the version of Exalted Vs WoD that uses the Powered by the Apocalypse System.