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January 19, 2022, 07:15:13 am

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Author Topic: M LF F // My girlfriend's mom is blackmailing me  (Read 170 times)

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M LF F // My girlfriend's mom is blackmailing me
« on: April 10, 2021, 08:37:25 pm »
This is my second year of college. I'm still undeclared, and I've just been drifting around taking whatever classes interest me. Could be philosophy, history, or even theater. Dad doesn't care so long as my grades remain decent, and I'm learning something. Honestly I could live off of my trust fund for the rest of my life-- yeah, I'm one of those rich kids-- even though something tells me I can't just party forever. But damn is it fun while I'm here. I got into all sorts of crazy adventures last year, even pledged for a fraternity. I didn't get in, (maybe I wasn't douchey enough for them), but the initiation was certainly an experience. All those wild parties, and pretty girls, and the booze and drugs and crazy sex. Man, I couldn't get enough of it. But then I met my girlfriend and, well... it's not like she tamed me, more like she refined my perverted nature into a well honed edge of deviant behavior. She's one year younger than me at 18, and a freshman, but she's the hottest, most fun loving girl I've ever met. A real demon in bed, too! I may have my own epic yarns of sexual debauchery, but this girl was the first person to give me a run for my money. I think I might be in love, but I'm just too damn cool to ever admit that out loud. So yeah, things have been pretty great!

Well, that is until that one weekend she asked me to come home with her to meet her mom. It all went to shit when the older woman opened her front door, did a double take, and called me by my dad's name. I was taken aback, but the look on her face said she somehow knew me. Like the woman was finally putting the pieces together on a jigsaw puzzle she had been working on for almost two decades. We go inside to sit down and have a chat, only it's not the warm and friendly atmosphere I was hoping for. This single mother of 18 years told me an interesting story about how she met an amazing man at a dance club in the city, how they shared a magical evening together before he left forever, leaving only a daughter to remember him by. That daughter being my girlfriend. This all seemed to be too much of a coincidence until she showed me this selfie they took together. My dad's fresh and young visage was undeniable-- one that was eerily similar to my own-- and the ramifications of this revelation were starting to dawn on me. I've been dating my half-sister this whole time.

Not that I'm a stranger to incestuous inclinations-- I've been fucking my stepmom and stepsisters since I was 16-- but that's a story for another time. It's more that my dad had a long lost daughter neither of us never knew about, and she just had to be the smoking hot girl of my dreams. So what's to happen now? Well, the older woman, who was still very youthful and attractive for her age, had enough evidence to ruin my dad's reputation. It would only take a few letters to his business colleagues to air out this dirty laundry. I never thought I'd be blackmailed, but there I was. So what was it to be? Money? Favors? No, my girlfriend's mom just wanted a taste of what she had been missing all these years, and since my dad wasn't interested in rekindling a lost flame, I had to be his stud by proxy. A weird situation indeed. And what does my girlfriend think? Well, turns out she has a huge incest fetish, and is more than excited to fuck her real, honest-to-God brother, and swallow his brother-cum, and scream his name while she impales herself over my giant throbbing erection, but her mom won't allow our relationship to continue.

That is unless I fuck my girlfriend's mom once a week. Well, I can't say the lady isn't attractive. She's certainly my type with tits bigger than my head, a tight toned core, and strong silky legs maintained by a healthy diet and constant exercise. Maybe this is blackmail that I can live with, but what about the jealousy between my girlfriend and her mom? Will this cause a rift between them? Will my amazing relationship withstand this conflict and tension? I'm not sure, but following my cock has worked out for me in the past, why would it fail me now?