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October 28, 2021, 12:13:43 pm

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Author Topic: A Totesally Cool RP search thread yo (M for any)  (Read 209 times)

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A Totesally Cool RP search thread yo (M for any)
« on: April 10, 2021, 09:57:23 am »
Hewwo. It's been a hot minute since i've made a search thread on here but fuck it I wanna get back into RPing a bit.

You know the deal by now. Let's set some guidelines and such first and foremost

That thread has a pretty basic list of my usual rules and such. So give it a read.

So let's get down to Business.

Assume any link I post from here on out is NSFW. So don't be like on the bus or something, click something and get fat fucking dongs and furry titties and then come crying to me because I told ya so

Genital Swapping: For a young couple, life has been pretty great. They finally got a nice apartment, dream jobs, a good social life but something feels... weird. To put it simply, sex has pretty much been the same as it ever was. They've tried a multitude of things but nothing gave them that 'SPARK'. That was until a friend gave them two charms with the instructions of putting them on before going to bed. After waking up they make a shocking discovery...
The wife woke up with a stiff throbbing erect penis.
And the husband woke up with a moist and hot vagina.
... Yeah you can see where this goes.

Zoo World: In a strange alternate universe, animals have gained consciousness and are able to communicate and speak with humans. yeah you know where this is going. While human and human relationships are still the majority, Human x animal relationships have become more and more popular in recent times. For this story I want to focus on a few couples who have formed an 'animalxhuman' club of sorts.
Also while of course there will be male animal x female human, I do want some male human x female animal and of course some queer stuff in there to.

Your Drunkard Tanuki Guardian: YC has recently inherited in an old house in the japanese country side. It's mostly old folks with a few people your age. But hey free housing is free housing you suppose. However upon entering the house you stumble upon a Tanuki statue and a bottle of sake. After an accident in which the Sake is spilled onto the statue, the statue suddenly turns into a girl.
"Waaaaaaaan~ Dude I was napping so hard ma- eh? Oh? You smell like that old man. Eh guess you'll do. Name's Tsubaki. I'm like a guardian spirit for your family or whatever."
Okay well that wasn't the introduction you were hoping for. But now you have a cute, albeit very lazy Tanuki gal living with you. As it turns out, she wasn't lying. She had been your family's guardian for generations. Using her Tanuki magic to get them out of all sorts of danger and trouble. However more interestingly was that she would often be a companion to members of your family. Using her abilities for all sorts of smutty sexy fun times.

A fun place for all the guys!: YC hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to dating. Either first dates that don't turn into anything else, or simply just being ghosted. MC, their best friend, is getting a bit tired of their whining but feels pretty bad for YC. Now thing is, once every few months, MC leaves for an entire week. He never says where he's going or what he's doing. YC has always been a bit curious about this but has never bothered to ask.
One day MC offers to bring you along with him for one of his 'Week Long Getaways'. He explains that it's usually a members only affair but now and then members are allowed to bring a +1.
And it turns out that 'Getaway' is to a large allmale all nude campground full of hot sweaty man fucking and all sorts of kinky fun.

Public Relief Organization
Big one so i'm putting it in a spoiler
~An organization where workers offer their bodies for citizens to use as relief. Founded in 2025, the organization was created by the Government to deal with increasing anxiety and stress in the modern world.~

The world is changing. Things once thought to be Taboo have become a normal place in Society. But with change comes stress. And when stress comes, we need a release.
Do you have a desire to help people? Are you looking for a career change? Do you want to help your community through the healing power of sex? Well then apply to become a Public Relief Service worker.
We offer
A massive salary of $70k a year with the potential to earn more. Basically, fuck more, earn more.
Health insurance
Paid training program
A company provided uniform
Excellent Work/Life Balance
We are a non-exclusion workplace and strive to hire employees from all walks of life.
401(k) retirement plan and pension plan
A 24/7 security system: We understand this job comes with certain risks. So we have a state of the art security system built into your uniforms as well as a special safety squad that will deploy the moment trouble happens.

How it works.
Members of the service are stationed in certain precincts that cover a general area (city, small town etc). It's members patrol the streets wearing outfits that allow for easy access to their genitals, asses and breasts. They also have glowing lines across their backs, their shoulders and special bracelets. The color of these can change depending on the member's situation.
Green: I am offering a full sex session
Blue: I can only offer a quickie right now
Red: I am unavailable right now (for when the member is finishing up their shift or going on lunch break, etc).
There's also an app citizens can use to see a list of current workers on patrol that day. They can even request a specific worker.
However do note that workers can and are encouraged to deny a request if they feel uncomfortable.

So how does one apply to become a Public Relief Service Worker?
Well for one. We do not discriminate. Whether you're male, female, Futanari, trans, non-binary, human or otherwise, LGBT. All you need is a 'Can Do' attitude and a desire to help others.

After applying online, you'll be brought in for a basic interview with our hiring staff. If they succeed then they're brought in for a physical examination. If they score well then they are brought in for one more interview and then given the job offer.

After which You will go through our comprehensive three week PAID training program. You'll be acquainted with our systems, be given a variety of scenarios and so on. Once you complete your training, you'll be given a uniform as well as the ability to create your profile for citizens to view.

Now let's talk about our Safety Squad. While society as a whole has become more accepting of sex and sexuality, there are unfortunately some risks to this position. If you feel like you are in danger, your uniform will immediately notify our Safety Squad who will pinpoint your location and will be on the way to rescue you. While we haven't had an incident in the past four years, it is always a possibility. And should it happen to you, we offer company paid therapy and counseling and paid time off to recover.

So how does it sound? You want to take part in something great? Do you want to help your community? Then contact your local PRS Station for more information!~

The Public Relief Service... helping our community through the healing power of sex.

ROADTRIP~!: One day you receive a message from your old highschool friend Samantha asking to meet up and catch up a bit sometimes. You two were the bestest of best friends so of course you say yes. Well as you two catch up with some coffee, you learn that Samantha has become bit of an internet star. Well she always had a charisma about her that was infectious. She tells you about a project she is putting the finishing touches on. A special 'Roadtrip' video series. While she drops the offer of joining, she doesn't force it on you...
But screw it, you think, let's have some fun!
Well on the day of the trip, she arrives to pick you up in a large van. Inside are mattresses, dildos, toys, lube and cameras. Turns out this special 'Project' of hers is called the 'Ultimate Slut Challenge!' and with your help she plans to complete as many tasks as possible and try as many kinky things as possible! From inviting random men to fuck you two in the van. To going to special sex clubs. To lesbian bars. Maybe even more taboo places...
So for this i'm specifically looking for someone to play a female for Samantha's friend. However I can accept a femboy as well ^_^.

FUCKING BOTH THE MOM AND SON: For awhile now you've been dating a woman whose a bit older than you. You also come to learn of her son, a shy but sweet 16 year old. Soon you've found yourself secretly lusting after the feminine looking boy, and would you know? Your girlfriend has taken notice. One night after a date, she brings you back home for a 'surprise'. And that surprise is her son dressed in a pair of panties showing off his juicy butt and adorable cock.‚Äč

Bug World
Inspired by this image Hidden within a large forest is... a strange society. A large colony made up of strange human shaped insects and arachnids, working together (among other things). This is the story of this strange tiny colony and their fight for survival against predators. And of course the fuckings can't forget that.

Witch Boy's Shop: You're an adventurer whose heard stories of a powerful witch who sells hexes and all sorts of magical wares. Deciding to look into it, you happen upon a large house/store carved into a giant mushroom and happen upon a rather... interesting site.
A large orc having just pulled his fat cum covered cock out of the 'Witch's ass. "Phew that's ten orgasms. It'll take a bit to get the stuff ready so come back in a few days." Suddenly his eyes turn towards you. "Yo~! Welcome to my shop! As long as you got a wang, a booty or a nice puss then my services are yours!"
I've always been fascinated by 'Small World' type settings like Hollow Knights, Secret of Nim and such. And this follows in it's footsteps. Though of course it's much smuttier.
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