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April 01, 2023, 08:08:51 am

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Author Topic: The Girl You Must Not Fuck (M for F)  (Read 410 times)

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The Girl You Must Not Fuck (M for F)
« on: April 06, 2021, 11:27:41 am »


This story has been percolating in my mind for a long time. The names here are just for illustration; the setup is also flexible, but I offer it to give you the idea. Also, I love it when the characters take over the story and take us where we might never have imagined, So, with that:

Dan and Brenda are best friends with Larry and Randi -- as close as two couples could be without sleeping together. They had all met in college, more than 20 years before. Dan and Larry are partners in their very successful consulting firm; Brenda and Randi handle marketing and communications for the company. The men were each other's best man at their weddings; the women maid and matron of honor. They see each other every day, have drinks and dinner a few times every week. Their lives and fortunes are wrapped up in each other.

At 42, Larry is fit, smart and very kind and generous. He performs random acts of kindness whenever he can and he is grateful for everything he has, realizing that his life could easily have gone another way. But this trait that everyone else thought endearing has begun to wear on Brenda. She has begun to poke at him, try to pick fights over nothing. It confuses Dan, but he won't fight back. Instead, he has tried to engage with Brenda, but she would just claim that he has no passion, doesn't understand her and probably never will. Her anger that she cannot provoke him eats at her. Their sex life has withered, and that gives Brenda something more to complain about although she has never been that interested in sex.

At this time Larry and Randi's daughter, Joan, has just returned home -- could be for summer break if she's in her late teens, or perhaps after a breakup with her boyfriend, if she's in her mid-20s. Joan is a little bored, sees the chill between Dan and Brenda, and decides to have some fun with him. She can see that she is in every respect the girl he absolutely, positively must not fuck, and this tantalizes her.

She starts to tease him by wearing sexy sun dresses and scandalous bikinis. When she catches him looking at her legs she takes advantage by showing them off whenever she can. She flirts with soft touches on his hands, arms and thighs, leans in to whisper, her breath warm in his ear. He is a little stiff about it, especially at the start, but she can see she's getting to him.

Dan tries to relieve his arousal with Brenda, but she shuts him out. Finally, on one warm evening when the five of them have been swimming at Dan and Brenda's pool, her parents go home -- it's just a short walk -- and with Brenda snoring on a lounge chair, Joan makes her move.

I would like to write a story that's heavy in plot and has a good zotz of angst, but also includes a lot of guilty but fun-loving and very satisfying sex. We could share the NPCs, or each write them as required in our posts.

Both Dan and Joan will need to address their feelings of guilt and disloyalty:

Dan will feel as if he's turned into someone he'd scarcely recognize. Not only does he start backing away from Brenda, but he can hardly look Larry and Randi in the eyes. They think it's because of Brenda's recent prickliness. Larry and Randi are delighted, however, that Joan is spending so much time with them and is so friendly with Dan and Brenda. They never suspect a thing. Almost from the start Dan knows he should stop it with Joan, but he can't. She's awakened something in him that he'd never known existed, and he is glad of it. But would he be as glad if it cost him his marriage, his best friends and most of what he owned?

Joan might suddenly become afraid that just because she was bored she has started something that puts her parents' happiness and fortune at terrible risk. And what about her feelings about Brenda, whom she's known all her life. Doesn't that count for something? She should stop it with Dan, but she finds she doesn't want to. There's something about him, maybe his kindness and generosity, or the fact that they share their unholy adventure, that makes her want more, makes her want all of him.

There's a lot here, and I'm looking for a female writer who can look inside herself to access Joan's excitement, fear and guilt, as well as convey frank sexuality. Also, I have an idea to discuss with you in which this evolves into a romance, with a twist we can use for a happy ending.

I only write in the E forums but like to plot and chat on Discord as well as in PMs here. I tend to write long, and while I don't ask you to match me, I appreciate partners who will give me several paragraphs in their posts. It helps to keep our story moving and also gives me something to read! I will say that when it comes to writing the sex act I've become more about the buildup than the in-and-out, although sometimes a lot of detail is necessary in the context of the story.

My kinks are in the list that's linked below, but aside from the usual sex acts I'd like to pair with a writer who can convey sensuality as a means of seduction, with a healthy dose of slutty behavior and sexy dressing. My limits are few, mainly having to do with violence, blood, gore, vore and scat. I don't see those things being a part of this story, anyway.
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