Slice of Life/..Wife creates OnlyFans page (M & F seeking another M)

Started by s6xs6x, April 05, 2021, 04:12:31 PM

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Update: looking for 3rd to play male Fan or Fans. Wife/Husband characters have been claimed

Have you heard this recent news story?

Would love to take this idea and add a twist.  The Husband (MC) would jokingly suggest to the wife to create an OnlyFans page as a means to earn a bit of income (Perhaps as a full-time mom, her career was put on hold to have kids, take care of Home).  Husbands career has all but dried up and the family is in debt.  Perhaps the OnlyFans page takes off, to the Husbands surprise, more than expected, and the wife now has to choose between the very generous tips and payments vs her promises to her husband not to do certain things. Will the new found financial freedom and lust for money cause the wife to spiral out of control, including but not limited to maybe real life interactions with her most persistent/well tipping fans?  Will she hide this from her Husband, or come clean?

I'd like to explore the emotional conflict both the Husband would face, as well as the wife.  Money is the root of all evil, and breaking promises and morals.   Just how far will the wife go?

Looking for someone to play the Wife, and Open to have a 3rd person (Male) play some of the "Fans".   Husband and Wife characters have been claimed, need somone willing to play a Fan or Fans

DM to discuss ideas, plot, and anything you feel is missing that would make this story appealing:)

Equal Parts Temptation & Seduction!:)


Update: seeking a 3rd to play thr male Fan(s). Wife/Husband roles have been claimed.
Equal Parts Temptation & Seduction!:)