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May 10, 2021, 08:38:22 pm

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Author Topic: TWAWs Comprehensive Compendium (Seeking F Characters)  (Read 102 times)

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TWAWs Comprehensive Compendium (Seeking F Characters)
« on: April 04, 2021, 06:26:50 pm »

I shall be using this as my main information page.

About Me; I am a versatile writer. I have many kinks and am open to many different ones - just because something appears one way at first doesn't mean it has to stick to that! Not into a kink? Let me know and we can remove it.

I write 2-5 paragraphs per post (intros tend to be longer). I only play Male Characters involved in Heterosexual Encounters. I am looking for people of any gender to play Female Roles, as Females who are of many different orientations but ultimately end up with a Male.

TLDR: Male Character Looking For Female Character. Open to many kinks and taboos. Favorites include: Improper Relationships, First Times, Incest, Cheating, Adultery, Cucking, Age Gaps, Kinky Sex

All characters 16+

General Pairings:

Teacher / Student - Neighbors - Married/Single - Married/Married - Boss/Employee - Parent/Childs Friend
Siblings - Parent/Child - Cousins - Uncle / Niece - Aunt / Nephew - Twins
Coach/Athlete - Pornstar/Fan - Experienced/Inexperienced

Plot 1 - Father/Sons Girlfriend - There had always been something there, between them, since the moment they had first met. She was his sons girlfriend, a beautiful young woman. She lived nearby and started to spend more and more time at their house. He was her boyfriends father, happily married - but unable to take his eyes off of her. There was just something about her that drew him to her. They flirted, of course, typical banter and she started to dress in more revealing and flirty clothes. She knew he was looking at her so she'd flaunt herself subtly, so only he'd notice. And now she had become like family, like one of their own, perfectly ok for her to hang out even if her boyfriend wasn't around. They had come back from datenight to find the father watching a movie. She was already worked up - her panties taking off and fingerbanged by her Boyfriend in the movie theatre - so she teased him, choosing to sit with the Father as they joined him in watching a movie. But under the blankets? As the boyfriend started to dose off, the Father couldn't help but react. The press of her against his side, his hand high on her thigh and moving was all about to finally boil over.

Plot 2 - Stepmother/Stepson - She was very much a trophy wife, marrying an older rich man and inheriting his kid. The boy didn't like her much at first, thinking her to be a gold digger. Partially true, of course. But she soon found him warming up to her - especially when she started to tease and flirt with him, letting him see more and more skin. It was a little game she started to play with him, seeing how far she could push him, tease him, arouse him. She knew it was bad, that she should stop but she couldn't help herself. She even did the same with some of her husbands friends.

Plot 3 - Three Sisters - Aunt/Nephew Incest
Boy 1 - Aunt 1 - She used to be a pornstar when she was younger, in college. She never lost her love for fucking, or wild sex. And when her Nephew digs up the dirt on her? He doesn't realize just how easily she 'gives in' to his demands for sex.

Boy 2 - Aunt 2 - Girls won't have sex with him. Whenever he whips it out or they touch it, they freak out over it. So he asks his Aunt, a Nurse, to look at him, to make sure there isn't anything wrong. He can't get hard, so she makes out with him and lets him feel her up - just like his dates. Touching him, she needs a closer look...before deciding that the problem is that girls his age don't know how to deal with a cock of that size.

Boy 3 - Aunt 3 - A camping trip gone bad. Soaked, they have to share a tent naked. Cuddling for warmth, he can't help but get hard against her...and she just knows where he can put it to keep it warm.

Plot 4 -

Plot 5 -

Plot 6 -

Plot 7 -

Plot 8 -

Plot 9 -

Plot 10 -

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