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February 03, 2023, 10:59:29 pm

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Author Topic: Some Night Time Rp (MUL)  (Read 2262 times)

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Some Night Time Rp (MUL)
« on: March 24, 2009, 01:43:44 am »
To be honest I do live on the west coast of the US. Still I am something of a night owl here, and I normally get to bed around 04:00 my time. I am hoping that somebody may be able to accommodate me in this way, and be able to post into the long hours of the night with me ^_^

Frankly I am rather open, and will go for most anything except, for obvious reasons, things on my offs list. I do, however have a few ideas on what I would most like to play ^_^
Dragon Prince In Love
An Old Idea I have had about a "Playboy Dragon"
Setting: Medieval style fantasy
Pairing Type: Dragon Male + Goddess Female
Plot: Aneliare' is known to many, even his own kind, as Father. This has nothing to do with his age, or responsibility, but rather his reputation for impregnating so many women, and fathering so many half dragon children. He is a dragon with an immense horde, one of the only in existence with living treasure in the form of beautiful women. He  is feared  by mortals, and dragons alike, and is on his rise in the great dragon Game Xorvinta'al, a game of dragons similar to chess that plays out in spans of centuries. When one day he finds a young woman in the fields of his territory that catches his eye, and claims her for his horde, not at all knowing that she is secretly the goddess of Luck in disguise as a simple elven woman.  Will he be able to find out in time  to make right his wrongs, or will the Dragon prince fall for the lovely maiden, and let her distract him into true love for her, and the unborn child inside of her?
(NOTE: Aneliare' will be being played by me, and no, he doesn't have to be in dragon form when any sex scenes come up.)

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Drow
Yet another Idea I came up with a while back.
Setting: Modern Magical Style (Magitech World)
Pairing Type: Male Drow + Female (Most races are fine)
Plot: Fete D' Sil'in is the drow saint of the god Coisir, the great Celtic god of parties, and music. As Such the  young drow man lives a rather wild lifestyle, mastering song magic, and living life as a party boy. The only problem is that he refuses to slow down, and in a desperate act his family arranges to throw a woman into his life to slow him down. Naturally the marijuana smoking, rock obsessed drow is not as pleased as he normally would be with a woman quite literally thrown into his home, but he will deal with it. Will this young woman be able to handle Fete's lifestyle and slow him down, or will she fall into a similar situation, and find that life on the wild side is not as bad as she had previously thought?
(NOTE: This Story can go both ways. Depending on what the female character's player wants Fete can start to slow down over time, or the female in question will eventually swing to his lifestyle. I would be playing Fete.)


The Revolution Is Coming
A newer idea that I have been wanting to test out
Setting: Modern Magical Style (Magitech World)
Pairing Type: Male Vampire + Female (Most races are fine)
Plot: Leo D' Revolution is a "middle aged" Vampire that, through the course of many years, has become more than detached from his  heritage. Through Biomancy, and Medical Magic Leo has engineered his body to withstand sunlight, running water, and crosses. Garlic is now a favorite  food of his, and holy water affects  him so little he  could take a bath in it without the slightest bit of pain. Now he believes he should start a revolution, one that will span across worlds, and create equality through all races. No longer will Vampires need to avoid the sun, no longer will werewolves need to fear going out of control on the night of the full moon. Humans, and dragons can share the same abilities in time if they are to accept the great revolution that Leo is set to bring upon the world. The only problem is that some people wish for this to not happen, and a certain woman is sent to stop the Vampire lord from starting his revolution. Will she be able to keep Leo from reaching his goals, or will she fall prey to his notions of an equal world, and give up on the organization that sent her to stop Leo from completing his plans to build a perfect world?


The Futanari Goddess
Been wanting to try this out for a LONG time
Setting: Modern Magical School Setting
Pairing Type: Futanari + man, woman, or futanari (most races are fine)
Plot: Asakura Sumika is next in line to be the headmistress of Nero Academy, the greatest magical school in the multiverse. There is only one thing barring her way to inheriting such a title, however. Arthur Manteren, the previous headmaster will not appoint Sumika headmistress unless she finds "love". Sumika, a scholar rather than a lover of any kind, knows little of love of any sort. The fact that she is known throughout the school as "The Futanari Goddess" does little to help her in her case of finding love. Sumika is faced with the interesting problem that although most of her is very female her male "endowments" are ridiculously over-sized, and overall the fear of the whole school, rumors often being spread that if one messes around in her class the Futanari Goddess will "punish" naughty students with her member. How can Sumika Find love when everyone that knows her, and her habit of losing control when she is aroused will run at the sight of her. Even the teachers seem rather against helping the Futa find love despite the fact that they all agree on her right to claim the title of headmistress.

Note that I am willing to take on other scenarios, these are just the main four that I REALLY want to do ^_^
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