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April 14, 2021, 03:47:56 am

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Author Topic: Mercy (M for F, sci-fi, biopunk, anthro)  (Read 92 times)

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Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Mercy (M for F, sci-fi, biopunk, anthro)
« on: March 15, 2021, 04:10:44 pm »
Inspired by this

The year 21XX, some of the world’s most pressing problems have been solved by a combination of advancing robotics, space-based solar power collecting and the invention of bio-printing. Hunger has largely been eliminated by venting style printing machines, which can create various vegetables, grains, fruits and some of the more expensive one, meats and alcohol using reserves of base chemicals. Of course there is still a thriving market for organic food, as the synthetic ones don’t really taste quite right and the quality isn’t as good. But no one needs to go hungry, with how cheap the synthetic food can be.

The research into bio-printing meat, combined with machine-mind interfacing technology, has led to a new product, Constructs. Depending on the model, most Constructs are bipedal chimeras, mixing human and animal traits, which can be physically customized within some limits and implanted with personality constructs. Many of these Constructs are used as living mascots, caretakers for the elderly or impared and as well pet-like companions, with life spans of upwards to twenty years, give or take.

However there is a darker side to this advance in technology. Constructs are not legally people or even animals. They are property. It's not against any law to abuse one in any way or even kill them. This has led to an unfortunate rise in people printing Constructs as one night companions to satisfy urges. It's even more unfortunate that some companions have tailored their machines towards this trend, with a list of personalities perfect for more carnal desires. It’s not unusual to see broken, battered bodies tossed in the trash the morning after to be collected by drones.

The trash is brought to what are called biomass reactors. There the trash is sorted and sent to different parts of the facility to be reduced down to component chemicals for bio-printers. Every now and then the body of a construct pet comes through. The workers can tell which ones were mascots or caretakers or pets, versus the disposable ones, the latter tending to be beaten, bruised and bloody, their shorts lives mostly violence with a little pleasure. The former very rarely end up in the trash. Many get buried or cremated like humans do, although there is a growing trend to even have human remains sent to the biomass reactors. However they don’t get sent in with the trash but through funeral companies, with forms and ceremonies.

One day a drone brings in a collection bin for one of the workers to go through and there on top is a construct. The poor little mouse girl has had it rough; swollen eye, bloody nose, missing teeth, her back shredded. Somehow she’s still alive and worse, she’s still conscious. She knows where she’s ended up. She understands what is about to happen to her. She’s going to be tossed into the reactor alive. Maybe it will be a quick death, maybe she’ll know for hours that she’s slowly melting down. Maybe she won't feel a thing, maybe she’ll feel everything.

She doesn’t struggle when he picks her up, she can’t, it’s not allowed in her programming. She does however beg. Not to be allowed to live, she knows she was only ever disposable. No her pleas and offers of oral or to fuck her anyway he wants, are only for him to snap her neck before she goes in.


I can see this plot going a few different ways.

This could be a one shot, where the worker at a biomass reactor does use her, maybe just one break or maybe over the course of the work day, before granting her wish and snapping her neck before putting her into the reactor.

Or maybe the worker was moved by her plight and couldn't end the Construct's life. Instead he takes her home with him, opening up a couple of paths.

A short story, disposable Constructs like her, were never designed to live that long. She might only get days or weeks before her body starts to fail. But that's a lot longer than she ever expected to survive for and in the end, he might just have to face the same choice again, end her suffering or let her linger in pain.

A long term story, the "disposable" Constructs are no different then the pet or caretaker models. Horrifyingly enough, if their not murder-fucked over the course of a night, they could live a full twenty years. However this brings in a whole new list of problems. She has no interests, no hobbies, no goals in life, no experiences, all her programming tells her is to provide pleasure to her human, to have them use and abuse her body. She needs to be whipped, flogged, beaten and fucked. Her human looks like he needs to choke something? She'll offer her throat and encourage him to squeeze the life out of her.

She's in distress after a few days. Yes they've had sex, she almost worships him for saving her but she feels wrong. Everything she knows is telling her she's doing wrong, because he's not taking the whip to her. Because he's not hitting her. Because he's not breaking her. He can't be wrong, he's human, so it must be she who is wrong. Maybe she's a faulty product, if he can't or won't use her. Maybe he comes home to find her curled up in a ball, shaking and crying, convinced she's a bad construct. When he finally gets her to tell him what's wrong, once he gets her past the part about her not wanting to burden him with the fact she's faulty, they have to work out a routine. He's not going to beat her or whip her but spank her? Take a riding crop to her? That he could do, before he leaves in the morning and when he gets back from work. And maybe instead of leaving her free to roam around the apartment, he can get her a stand to be locked into, with a couple of toys and a tablet, so she can watch some vids and so he can play with her on break.

If you're interested in this plot and want to brainstorm more for the setting and plot, please send me a PM. The Construct doesn't need to be a mouse girl, that detail is just a stand in for now.