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June 19, 2018, 02:12:27 AM

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Author Topic: Fox News stirs up the anger of Canadians (Who knew we had that emotion?)  (Read 5436 times)

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Offline Nessy

Except the world leaders are meant to be the ones "In the know" If they got a desk full of reoprts saying that it was sighted coming over europe, you dont ask if it came from bloody canada.

Well if I recall correctly, John McCain used the same information. He's been in the business for years. Obama made a few quaffs in his first hundred days. Japanese officials are telling their population AIDS isn't' a problem Japan needs to be concerned with, it's "over" there, not here. Being in an "official" position doesn't make you impervious to mistakes. Some of it is willful; some of it isn't. It just happens. When the CEO of a hospital misquotes the statistics for the health system he is running, the very report he read the morning of the meeting, the analysts who put together the report don't just jump up and tell him he is incompetent and  should step down. We're not sitting around, rubbing our hands together waiting for a chance to jump up and scream "Gotcha!". It happens ALL the time, mistakes get made.

They make decisions everyday. They read dozens of reports daily, hundreds of e-mail, half-dozen meetings with two to a dozen people all going over a ton of information with them in one setting. They're human beings. And until I see a pattern of misconduct, a pattern of willful negligence, I am going to give the human being the benefit of the doubt. She made a mistake. It was caught, and corrected. Time to move on.
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Offline Serephino

I had not heard this, though I don't listen to Fox news, and ignore anything to do with them.  I lost respect for them during the Presidential Campaign.  They latched onto all the ridiculous claims made by Republicans and reported it as fact.  Then when Obama was elected they were coming out with some kind of criticism or bold faced lie every other day.  The guy was in office 2 days and they were saying he's dooming us all.  *grumbles*

I don't blame Canada for wanting out.  While I have a lot of respect for anyone who serves in the military, this war is bullshit and I don't support it at all.  Billions of dollars are being lost, and thousands of lives.  Terrorism has existed as long as society has existed, and it always will.  There has to be another way to deal with it.

Personally, I wouldn't blame any of the other countries for pulling out.  This isn't their fight and we're dragging them down with us anyway. 

Offline Salernine

At it's core, Canada does not have a war-like minority. The population wants the army out because the mission was supposed to be a peacekeeping mission. At some point during the war, that changed into being at the front line.

By the by, for those who are worried that Canada would be leaving Afghanistan cold turkey, I doubt that would happen. Canadian troops would still be there in a way, only they would not be at the front lines.

Then again, most of you probably knew all of this.

I'm not exactly proud of Canada for reasons I will not get into, but our armed forces is good people, y'all.

Offline Bayushi

I got respect for the Canadian Military.

I've exercised against them(and as opposed to someone's earlier statements, we kicked their asses), and all-in-all, they were some pretty decent guys. Good soldiers, too.

Given all that, there's what, a thousand(maybe?) Canadian soldiers and airmen in Afghanistan? Their leaving isn't going to make much of a difference.

If anything, during my time over in Hill Country, I not once encountered a Canadian. Brits, yes. If anything, the Brits were the most common non-Americans we encountered, outside of the locals(I spent a lot of time dealing with the locals, being HumInt). If I wasn't dealing with locals, I was way out in the bush somewhere, or on standby at an airfield in case we needed to be dropped somewhere(Airborne).

As for Fox News?

If you don't like it.... honestly, don't watch it? Getting riled up over it isn't going to change anything. Regardless of the many thousands/millions of dollars being poured into Media Watchdog organizations, the Media as a whole is bent in one direction or the other, politically. CNN/MSNBC/etc are hellbent to the 'Left'. Fox News to the 'Right'.

You realize the biggest problem is that there is still a Left vs Right mentality? What about 'PLACE YOUR COUNTRY FIRST'? Where did we lose that? We got politicians worrying about their political careers and their funding base(s), and not the country itself. To hell with the constituents.