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May 10, 2021, 08:36:28 pm

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Author Topic: The Land of New Gods (Interest Thread - Action&Adult Roleplay 1 on 1 M for F)  (Read 206 times)

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Intro: Welcome to the interest thread for The Land of New Gods. This is my first roleplay in a little while, so pardon the awkward introduction. Before getting to the plot, there are a few things that I'd like to make clear so you know what to expect from this roleplay and what you can expect from me as a partner. The first thing you should know is that while this roleplay does include adult scenes and themes, it is not the focus of this story. I'm hoping to create an experience which allows you to stretch your imagination and to let your character to grow and change in ways you may not have expected! There's going to be action, adventure, mystery and all that good stuff that enriches a story and experience.

In terms of a time commitment from me? At this point in time I can post once a week reliably. Maybe twice a week if I've got enough time to devote to some good ol' fashion rp. If that's something that you can roll with, then by all means, read onwards!

Oh, I should note that writing a character sheet is not necessary. Just come up with something you're happy with and let the character unfold into your posts and through the storytelling.

Genre Fantasy/Action with Adult Themes and Situations

Setting At the start of the story, our characters are going to be in a mountainous region that has small towns scattered throughout. This is an age prior to technology and has just begun to experiment with gun powder. So when you're imagining what towns, cities or houses look like, think of dirt and natural roads, modest housing made of wood, paper, clay and stone. Cities aren't that large but enough to be a small urban center.

Basic Plot: For centuries, the realm of the Goddess and that of humans have existed separately. The veil between the two only observable by the Goddess and the scores of gods and goddesses that knew her as "Mother" or "The One". Only in times of great strife or need might a god or goddess traverse the veil to the land of humans and impart their protection or wisdom for a while. However, none were ever meant to stay and so they returned when their purpose had been fulfilled, leaving behind legacies which turned into schools of thought, war and worship. It was said that should a god or goddess remain in the realm of man, their influence would be corrupting, consuming and lead all of humanity to ruin. So, it was with great surprise to all when the Goddess decided to send ten of her children through the veil and into the land of man.

On the eve of their departure, the Goddess told her children that they were to choose a mortal life to be bonded with. She drew them to a great oculus and cast their gaze upon all the humans below. "Choose," she said, "choose and know that the one you pick will be forever changed and you too shall be ever changed." Though the gods and goddesses were puzzled, they obeyed her instructions and chose the human who would be their vessel. Once it was done, the Goddesses lead them to the veil and cast them through in spiritual form so that they could bond with their hosts. Among them, her first son and his wife, sent to act as the guiding hand for the others. The eight which followed picked from their domain as most suitable to for the Goddesses designs.

Yet, there was something else that changed that day. Something that would, at the time, go unnoticed even by the Goddess. Slowly at first, creatures that should not exist in the world of men began to appear. Even though only appearing for a brief time, these creatures caused panic, chaos and destruction wherever they manifested before disappearing just as suddenly. Yet as time went on, those creatures began to linger and sometimes, allow for the passage of even more nefarious characters. For there was not only the realm of the Goddess and the realm of humans, but a third that had woken from a timeless slumber.

What's next? So you've read the plot and you're probably wondering, "where do we fit into this story?" We take up the role of two of the eight humans who were chosen by gods/goddesses and under the watchful eye of the leadership (the son and his wife) are now being tasked with seeking out these malicious creatures/beings and defeating them. Of course it's not always gonna be a straight forward bop-till-they-drop sort of thing, but we're basically dealing with the threats that they pose, the impacts that they have on the places where they've taken residence and so on. Sometimes it'll be more mysterious, sometimes it'll be more overt. Either way, there is a pattern of escalation and we have to learn how to overcome that adversity.

What about your character? Character creation is a two part affair. You pick both the host and the god/goddess and think about the process of their bonding and the outcome (the new god). The way that I've thought about it is that each host was in some sort of dire situation when they were inhabited and the energy/presence of the god/goddess was an invigorating force which saved the host and began an change in that person. Basically, it's a sort of rebirth for the host. Their appearance changes, their manner changes, they gain new perspective and new power. Feel free to have fun with this!

Anywho, if you've got any questions feel free to send me a PM and I'll answer to the best of my abilities!

If you are interested in participating, shoot me a PM with your idea for a character and we can talk about what the next steps are.

Thank you for your time and consideration!
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Re: The Land of New Gods (Interest Thread - Action&Adult Roleplay 1 on 1)
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  • Update to plot for clarity
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