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May 14, 2021, 04:54:50 pm

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Author Topic: The Red Countess and other fantasies [FxM, MxM, FxAny]  (Read 436 times)

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The Red Countess and other fantasies [FxM, MxM, FxAny]
« on: March 02, 2021, 12:01:13 am »
Seeking partners for fantasies along the lines of the samples and scenarios in this thread.

The Resettled Elves try to fit in in suburban America...
Imagine a world where the Elven homelands have been decimated by a natural disaster and they've been forced to resettle. One such family, the Fanas, struggles to fit into their new suburban slice of paradies. They have plenty of money (as do all elves), designer clothes, and killer looks, but it's hard to fit into a society where one doesn't just take what is rightfully theirs. Oh, and the pretty much free-form sexuality and lack of fear of taboos isn't helping, either.

This is heavily inspired by images created by Calm [very NSFW link]

Battle Royale Wedding
It's like Battle Royale/Mocking Jay meets the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Jabba's Palace Gloryhole
I can't decide if I'd like to be a dancer, a bounty hunter, or just part of Jabba's entourage but this settings has always fascinated me.

Village Festival Offering
A village celebrates its ancient tradition every year in which everyone born in the village and their families assemble to celebrate their good fortunes with a massive gathering at the end where a lucky attendee atones for all of their sins. Elders whip, strip, and sodomize the "sacrifice" who is then banged by anyone who will step up to take their turn.

Our characters go through the celebration drinking, dancing, and fornicating before one of us (or both) are chosen for the ritual. The other is chosen to assist in the ritual in some way.

Kinks: Group, public, humiliation, bondage, painslut, pee, cumplay, voyeurism/exhibitionism, and many more

The Red Countess

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I'd consider this quasi-Warhammer themed. No in depth knowledge of the actual game or lore required but it's helpful if you're into "high count" style vampirism, sadism, and hedonism. Countess Isabella's story and character are not closely followed below.

The Threat

If you want to keep your lands, send your son.

The parchment was hardly dry when the raven relinquished it to Isabella's grasp. She unfurled it and then scowled.
After the Empire finally felled her beloved Count Vlad, she knew the Elder Counts would come for her land and her faithful servents. It was unknown to the treacherous fools that Vlad already handed down his signet ring to his only son. Now, Isabella groomed the young Mannfred to rule all of Sylvania and complete the work his father began generations earlier.

Isabella drank from her blood chalice to alleviate the rage inside her chest as she re-read the demand. She swore she almost felt a heart racing beneath her cold breasts. She wailed and watched as the naked bodies of the living prisoners chained to her massive dais writhed from the agony caused by her banshee-shriek. A maiden-servant tried to comfort her mistress but was met by an open hand slash that sliced ribbons into her undead face. The maiden retreated and that was when Isabella heard the voice of her cherished son.

"Mother... what will be left of Ione's face if you continue to lash out against her? As much as I love punishing the help, you know Ione's face has been one of my favorite toys for decades..."

Isabella would hear none of her son's chastisements. She flung her chalice toward the throne - it righted itself in midair and landed on the right arm where it knew she would return for its nectar soon- and threw herself into her son's monstrous outstretched arms.

"They think they can control me. They believe a woman is a woman no matter how many generations she lives, no matter how many armies she leads, no matter how many villages she burns...."

Mannfred pulled his mother's pale face to his chest and unfurled his finger nails and ran them through his mother's wavy silver locks.

"I like when you leave your hair down," he said. "It is so difficult to know how to comfort you when it's up in that.... thing..." Mannfred reached an open palm over his head to mock the pouf she often styled her hair up into.

Isabella snatched Mannfred's hand from above his head and inspected it. His fingers were pink.... very pale but there was definitely a hue.

"You've eaten without me!" She raged.

"Just a bite," Mannfred apologized. "What? I got hungry. I see you've ordered a fine choice of meats for us tonight, though."

The new Count of Sylvania was young, only in vampire years, and could count three generations to his lifespan. He inspected his meal options as his mother watched. He knew his way of laughing off scoffing at the most serious situations drove his mother mad and yet she adored him for it.

"Oh, nice thick thighs on this one, mother.... you know how tired I grow of the skinny waifs in most villages we raze," he commented on the curvy raven haired woman chained to the dais. She shuddered when he slapped her thigh and tried to turn away. "...And a ginger headed twink... no doubt tempting me to play with my food before eating..." he said, swinging the young man's bare pink cock like a pendulum as he walked past. "And now, the most tempting of all..."

A heavy-set man was shaking and drooling on himself in the final set of chains. Someone or something had put this one through hell, already, by the looks of the brands on his slumped over back and from the bright pink skin with bloodied dots where hair follicles used to be. This one's physique could only develop through a youth of physical prowess followed by years of gluttony and sloth.

"Looks like they've made sure Lord TweedleDee over here stayed nice and plump for us... oh what a treat. How I wish they'd left the hair on you, though. Nothing like mounting a burly old bear to let him know he was just cattle all along.... Shall we mother?"

Isabella perked up at the invitation. As much as she loved playing with and torturing the peasants and the small folk, her son's skill had grown beyond her mentoring in such short time. Her pride swelled and she stretched her creaking bones, then levitated several feet in the air and spun. The prisoners took small solace in the breeze created by the Countess's gown. When they looked to her position, they realized she had returned to the dais looking far more relaxed than when she first entered. She was covered in sheer fabrics that hardly covered her full never-yielding breasts, and her hair was now pulled back with a red bow.

Soon they would discover the Countess always pulled her hair back before dining - she hated how long it took to remove the bits of flesh and bone.

Alternate appearances for Isabella

Suggested appearance for Mannfred (feel free to change the name and appearance):

Where We Play: It's fun to play in public and it kind of shames people into posting. Open to doing OOC or "drafts" through PMs or Discord.

Post Frequency: I can wait around but I appreciate it when people let me know they need a break. Take time to think through your contributions. Let's not run each other out of steam.

Length of Replies: I may have overthought the premise. Don't think this is every post from me. I'm a 2-3ish paragraphs at most per post writer.

Communication: I welcome plenty of dialogue. Don't feel pressured into posting your side of the story only. Let's get to know each other a little. I only bite if you want me to...

O/O Thread
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Re: The Red Countess and other fantasies [FxM, MxM, FxAny]
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2021, 12:17:26 am »
Never got any takers on the Red Countess story line (maybe I come off a little intense?)

Looking for takers for kinky and aggressive plots. Premises below:

The gloryhole at the end of the universe
There's a little club way on the other side of nowhere where people can really be themselves. For me, that always involves crawling into the confines of the little cube where anything with an appendage can find a hole and see if I can get them off.

Kinks: "Aliens", different types of sexual organs, submission, exhibition, let your imagination run wild...

Are you my master?
In a world where spouses are seen as property, a husband sells his wife (me) into slavery after she fails to meet his needs on their wedding night (I was his sixth wife, so it's not like he's desperate). A cabal takes me off his hands and begins to break me so I can be auctioned off. Willing to play out any part of this fantasy with someone playing the dominant side. You could switch characters as we go to keep it spicy.
Kinks: restraints, training, punishment, etc

The converted groupie
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Who would have thought I'd be swept off my feet backstage at my favorite rapper's concert? It was only the beginning, though. Over the course of the cross country tour, he taught me what it means to be the best groupie I could be...
You play the rapper (or other musician), and get to treat me as your new pet.
Kinks: exhibitionism, submission, dubcon, interracial relationships (not necessary "raceplay"), group sex

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Re: The Red Countess and other fantasies [FxM, MxM, FxAny]
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2021, 09:40:53 pm »
Added a few new premises in the OP.