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Started by mainsnoires, February 23, 2021, 12:12:13 PM

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Hello there
Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to peek at this request thread.
I am an experienced writer that has been wandering this site for quite some time, with an interest in searching for the right partner to write collaborative stories with.

So, about me :

-I am a male rping straight male characters, and I will pair my characters with female, however your (the writer's) gender is irrelevant.
-I prefer freeform roleplays over system-based ones but:

  • I will consider an easy system that may help resolution of specific actions (fights for example).
  • I will make a character sheet describing elements of play, with faceclaims.
-I really enjoy world-building phases in my roleplays, which indicates I will probably use several secondary characters or NPCs of any kind to enrich the game.
-I am rping dominant male characters when the game is based on D/s interactions, and I aim to write with a sub/switch.
-I am looking for long-term or short-term stories. Still, in both cases, I truly welcome plot and intrigues, my rps are often action-based at some point, because I realized my muse is bad when it comes to slice-of-life storylines.
-I have no preference between canon or OC character when it comes to existing settings.
-Story elements will include : epic dangerous adventures, fights, drama, political intrigues and plot twists.
-Obviously, there will be sexual-based elements :


  • consensual/vanilla
  • bondage
  • soft touches of D/s
  • rope play
  • non-consensual (depending on the partner's limits)l
  • costumes
  • lingerie
  • multiple orgasms
  • breasts/nipple play
  • rough sex
  • outdoor/unusual/public sex

  • ageplay no characters under 18
  • snuff, permanent mutilation
  • zoophilia
  • death
  • toilet play, scat

-I write detailed multi-paragraph, and am usually able to post 2-3x a week.

What I am expecting from you:

-Understanding : sometimes we have priorities due to RL events, and if I will never put pressure to obtain a quick reply from you, I expect the same in return.
-Communication (discord or pm) : s'il vous plaît. Of course, brainstorming a story and communicating about it to have a plot evolve is important to my eyes. I like working with someone for creating a story. As much as I can play multiple characters, I do not aim to be exclusively taking the mantle of GM and driving the plot.

I will also greatly appreciate the warning that a story is not anymore of interest to you and you'd like to end it. I am an adult and prefer to be aware that you want to withdraw from a rp rather than suddenly vanishing. This is just being polite.

Finally, if you know that for a period of time you will not be able to reply, a PM of warning will be welcomed. Again, I will act the same in return.

-Multi-paragraph posts : I am not a grammar extremist, but I expect more than a two lines answer to one of my post, with as many detail as possible.
-No God-Modding my characters : PC or NPCs, the unique exception is if there is an agreement between us that could help the plot move forward.
-No choosing how my character will look or the faceclaim I should have.
-Respect : I will definitely respect your wishes or opinion, and I expect you to do the same, if we are not on the same page, then we should absolutely avoid unnecessary drama.

Now here are the characters I would like to write and the setting of interest :

James bond universe: {MxF} Light
The James Bond universe revolves around the fictional character James Bond, also known as Agent 007, a skilled and suave spy working for MI6, the British intelligence agency. He is known for his impeccable style, wit, and charm, as well as his proficiency in combat, espionage, and seduction.

The stories will typically feature a combination of high-stakes espionage, thrilling action sequences, glamorous locations, and iconic gadgets. Bond's missions take him to various exotic locales around the world, from luxurious casinos to remote islands.

I am open to portraying James Bond by different actors, or faceclaims and writing against memorable villainess, or along spy girl from other agencies, typically.


Tony Stark (not craving) (light)
Constantine (not craving) (light, cynical)
Thor (not craving) (light)
Aquaman (not craving) (light)
Carnage*** (BON, NC, EX)
Lex Luthor** (BON, NC)
Doctor Doom* (BON, NC)
Desaad*** (BON, NC, EX)
Toad*** (BON, NC, EX)
Scarecrow*** (BON, NC, EX)
Ronan**** (BON, NC

For these heroic settings other characters picked my interest recently :

Kraven the Hunter**** (BON, NC)

Ultraman (not craving) (a Superman originating from Earth-3 with reverse powers and morality) (BON, NC)
General Zod (not craving) (BON, NC)

New keywords to trigger a storyline (for inspiration):
MCU: -Hydra never dies- Break out at the Raft- Jarvis WILD- Welcome to the NY Jungle- Secret Skull Wars- the Kree Church- Trial of the Avengers

DCU:-the undercover Interview- the Scarecrow Carnage Club- Hades claims the living- Studying in Arkham (silence of the lamb)- Marquis Desaad- Eclipses on Earth- Blackest Night

Star Wars {MxF, LIGHT, BON, NC, EX}

I'd love to write stories taking place during the formative years of the Rebel Alliance, showcasing the struggles, sacrifices, and alliances forged in the fight against the oppressive Galactic Empire led by Vador and the likes. The factions of interest could be:

Rebel Alliance: Comprised of various species and factions, the Rebels seek to restore freedom and democracy to the galaxy. They often undertake dangerous missions against the Empire.

Galactic Empire: The Galactic Empire is the authoritarian regime ruling over the galaxy, led by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. They enforce strict control and seek to maintain their dominance through fear and military might. The Empire possesses vast resources, including the formidable Death Star battle station.

Alliance to Restore the Republic (Partisans): The Partisans are a more extremist faction within the Rebel Alliance. Led by Saw Gerrera, they employ guerrilla tactics and are willing to take extreme measures in their fight against the Empire.

Criminal Syndicates: Throughout the Star Wars universe, various criminal syndicates exist, seeking to exploit the ongoing conflict between the Rebellion and the Empire for their own gain.

The Witcher {MxF, LIGHT, BON}

The Witcher universe is a dark fantasy world revolving around Geralt of Rivia, a skilled monster hunter known as a Witcher, as he navigates a morally ambiguous world filled with supernatural creatures, political intrigue, and complex characters. Here are the major factions in The Witcher universe:

Witchers: Witchers are mutant monster hunters who undergo rigorous training and alchemical treatments to gain enhanced abilities. They are part of their own brotherhood and take contracts to rid the world of dangerous creatures.

Sorcerers and Sorceresses: Powerful magic users who have studied at academies and possess extraordinary abilities. The Lodge of Sorceresses, also known as the Chapter of Sorceresses, is a secretive organization composed of powerful sorceresses. The Lodge operates behind the scenes and seeks to influence political events and shape the fate of kingdoms and the continent.

Nilfgaard Empire: An expansionist empire that seeks to conquer and unify the continent under its rule. It is known for its formidable army, advanced tactics, and strict imperial control.

Scoia'tael: A guerrilla group of non-human rebels fighting for their rights and independence. Comprised of elves, dwarves, and other non-humans, they often clash with human forces and are seen as terrorists by some.

The Church of the Eternal Fire:
A religious organization that worships the Eternal Fire and fights against magic and non-humans. They are known for their zealous beliefs.

The Wild Hunt: a group of spectral horsemen clad in armor, wielding otherworldly weapons. They are often described as an omen of war, death, and calamity. The Hunt is said to appear during times of great upheaval and disaster, and their presence is usually followed by chaos and destruction. The Wild Hunt travel across different dimensions, including the human world, in search of individuals with a specific bloodline.

Endnote : If this picks your interest, do not reply in this thread, just send me a PM or ask for discord ID. Precise the tone of the story you'd like, your limits, the character you'd like to portray.


long awaited bump !

Slightly edited with suggestions.


I do have one slot for one more rp at this moment. Selectively looking for a proactive partner interested in the above type of rps.
Thank you !


October's update ! Modifications have been made to the first post.


Bumping this thread, please check the first post for O&o and updated request.


Updated craving - currently looking for one rp -


Hello all, no significant changes to this request thread, just a bump as I try to get back into regular writing. Looking for a few partners ready to brainstorm.