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April 11, 2021, 03:48:45 pm

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Author Topic: Fantasy Based (F for M)  (Read 210 times)

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Offline CefreyTopic starter

Fantasy Based (F for M)
« on: February 21, 2021, 01:18:59 am »
What I am looking for:
The majority of what I am looking for is going to be in a medieval fantasy setting. High fantasy, epic fantasy whatever you would like to call it. Elves, magic and big bad evil guys are what it is all about. I am heavily dungeons and dragons inspired, and although I will suggest some plots I am not married to them. If you have some suggestions for a plot or idea that is similar to what I have listed here, feel free to suggest it. I am more than willing to work together on a plot/world that suits both of our needs.

Now I must say I am much less likely to go along with a setting that isn't fantasy, but I can be swayed by a good plot idea in a more supernatural setting, and even less likely a sci-fi setting. These will be inherently harder to persuade me towards but I am not a terribly unreasonable person, I just know the settings and genres I like to write in.

I am by no means finished with it, but it would be a good time for you to look at My ons and offs, I have a lot of work to do still so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Plot Ideas:

The world is a delicate balance between several endless planes that all provide energy to the fundamental forces of the realm. The plane of nature is losing its connection and the world is suffering for it. The agents of all the planes are in a struggle for dominance. While balance between all the energies is ideal for the average person, there are those who seek to gain power through tampering with the natural flow. Your character would be a druid, or possibly barbarian or ranger. Someone with a deep connection to nature, and with a strong desire to restore that connection, if not for the good of the planet, than at least for himself. My character would be a wizard or a sorcerer. While the connections aren't fully understood, those of the arcane arts have a fundamental interest in making sure that if things are changing they aren't left out. I picture my character as young and not fully aware of how significant her mission is.(There is a lot of room for changes in this, I like to leave plots vague so that they can be fully fleshed out between the two of us, in character or out.)

2: The Paladin and the Warlock
My character would be a young paladin/Holy knight, well trained but extremely green. In her first real mission as a full paladin, she is left as the only survivor as some manner of ancient evil wipes out the rest of her group. Your character a witness to the events decides he is her only hope, but his help doesn't come free or even cheap. As a powerful magic user(warlock was the first word to come to mind, but wizard, sorcerer, necromancer, many different things could fit) he may have what it takes to help her save the world, while not evil he certainly doesn't want the freshly unleashed (insert world threatening menace here) to destroy the world. Over time however they find that both of them will be necessary to accomplish their goals. (I picture this one to be very dubcon heavy at first, with your character being clearly more magically powerful in the beginning. I really like the idea of her vows coming into play and things taking some interesting turns. Feel free to come to me with suggestions for changes, think of these as more plot ideas than rigid necessities.)

3:Elemental World
This is based off a world me and a role-playing partner from a long time ago created. Honestly it is very similar to Avatar the last Airbender, and it might be about as old. Plenty of differences of course, more elemental races, like wood/plants, metal, lightning. One of my favorite differences between the world we created and the world of Avatar, were that some of the air people were born with wings and could fly naturally. My character in that roleplay was one such person. There is no Avatar in this world, each race has a chosen one each generation who must travel to far off lands to stop the end of the world. (This one is very open, and I don't want to recreate the old rp I had. I would rather flesh something new out with similar guidelines. We could discuss tribes of people,what the stakes are and much more. I have just always been fascinated by elemental control and would really enjoy a setting like this.)