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Author Topic: Multiple Fandom Plots (MxM only) (Updated: 3/18/21) (Open)  (Read 1482 times)

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Multiple Fandom Plots (MxM only) (Updated: 3/18/21) (Open)
« on: February 17, 2021, 01:44:53 am »
Haven't used this site much in a few years but I've been RPing 10+ years. MxM ONLY! Please PM.

Finally updated my roleplay preferences 2/20/21! I completely forgot about it. It now shows I'm available.

For RPs where there's requests for OCs, I'm completely fine with being the fandom character! My partner can be the OC.

TV Shows

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Please only request if you can play either character accurately. Hannibal is detached and manipulative for the most part and Will is spectrum with an empathy disorder that he can't control.
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Title: Al Dente
Pairing: Hannibal Lector x Will Graham
Warnings: Cannibalism, gore, murder, manipulation, violence, blood play, murder husbands, rough sex, possessiveness, obsession, unhealthy relationship (per normal), encephalitis symptoms, etc.

Rewrite from Trou Normand (S01E09) on. Instead of Hannibal choosing to let Will's encephalitis go untreated, he instead lets him hear the diagnosis (this happened in episode 10) and further indoctrinates himself into Will's life by being the shoulder he can lean on, the helping hand of the one person who's seen him for who he is and hasn't looked away, encouraging and fostering dependency. Things are awkward after the kiss between Will and Alana, Jack has been pushing him too hard, and Will's relationship with team sassy science isn't exactly the best. There is only Hannibal and his dogs, there former of which was a constant comforting presence. A rock of stability. Hannibal finds it a pleasant but not unexpected change when Will responds to the manipulation and their friendship starts turning into something more. There's just that pesky problem of hiding he's the Chesapeake Ripper and the fact that he's never going to stop killing. Then there's the fact that Will Graham seems to be a serial killer magnet and Hannibal doesn't appreciate anyone touching what's his.


Title: Flambe
Pairing: Hannibal Lector x Will Graham
Warnings: Cannibalism, gore, death, manipulation, violence, blood play, murder husbands, rough sex, possessiveness, obsession, unhealthy relationship (per normal), dark Will Graham, encephalitis symptoms, etc.

Season 1 rewrite with Dark Will. Jack dragging Will into these cases isn't helping him. Will can emphasize with anyone, but killers were especially easy for him to slip into the mindset of. There was a darkness in him that he was well aware of, but as long as he maintained his hermit style life, surrounded by practically no one but his dogs, it was fine. He was fine. Case after case, demand after demand, the pressure was building up and he was afraid of what would happen when it boiled over; that Garett Jacob Hobbs had only been the start of it.

It was funny that Jack had been the one to introduce him and Hannibal. He didn't know exactly who or what he was, the man was too good for that, too closed off, but he recognized manipulation when he saw it. The thing was, Dr. Lector was increasingly easy to be around. Most of his actions were genuine, as far as he could tell, and he found himself looking to him more and more, and not just for advice. It was a bad idea, he had the terrible feeling that this infatuation would lead down a very dark path, but he was starting to feel like what he'd gain would be worth it.

Will figures out that Hannibal is the Ripper in a non-cannon compliant way to be decided and, instead of saying anything, turns the manipulation back onto him, trying to get Hannibal to admit it on his own. At this point he's committed and Hannibal's going to have to learn to be a little more honest with him if he wants this to work out.


Title: Nouvelle Cuisine
Pairing: Hannibal Lector x Will Graham
Warnings: Cannibalism, gore, death, manipulation, violence, blood play, murder husbands, rough sex, possessiveness, obsession, unhealthy relationship (per normal), dark Will Graham, vague Dom/sub moments, switching, etc.

Post Fall. Exact same plot but with Will having had stronger feelings for Hannibal, and more in touch with them, throughout. The fall had been many things: a cleansing, a chance for fate to take hold, a finality to his transformation, their escape. The reality was that after losing a substantial amount of blood from life threatening injuries, hitting the frigid waters from such a height nearly killed them. Part of Will wishes it had. Instead they'd both survived, barely, and now had months of recovery to look forward to. After that, he knew what would happen: They'd remain in hiding until it was safe, find a place to settle down, and start killing again along the way.

He was different now. The old Will Graham had died in the Atlantic and what was left was what Hannibal had made him to be. They were one being, inseparable. Where one went, the other would follow, even into death. There was just a matter of unfinished business, unfulfilled promises, before they truly began their new life.

Will hadn't known what he was going to do when he found Hannibal in Europe. Not until he learned that he had replaced him with Bedelia. The anger is what led him to try and kill him. Heartbreak and emotional exhaustion is what caused him to give up, to try and forget about Hannibal, but he never could. Their meeting up again just proved it. Now he's finally run away with him, had given into the darkness, and has a few ideas of what they can do to the people on their list. (Jack, Alana, Freddie, and Bedelia.)

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Alien Series (Xenomorphs):
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Series: Prometheus, Alien Covenant, Alien Resurrection
Title: A New Breed
Pairing: David/OMC alien/human hybrid
Warnings: If you've seen Alien movies, you know.

The Prometheus wasn't the only ship to land on LV223. Another picked up the transmissions and followed, only this time they were a lot more prepared. A team of scientists collected a sample of the virus and took it back with them to a remote, testing ship, stringent safety protocols in place. A decade later and it'd evolved into something that'd come to be expected from humans. Samples had been mixed in various ways until human/alien hybrids became not only a possibility, but a reality. There were plenty of mistakes, rejects that were deformed and grotesque, but finally they'd made a functioning specimen.

Human in appearance, save for a few small physical features, it acted human and learned at an accelerated pace. It was enhanced though, traits from the alien species coming through. They thought they'd done it, that they had a new race they could breed and control, only the specimen wasn't under control. He was learning, biding his time, and when he'd learned all he wanted to know from them, he created his own children and destroyed them.

Effectively, he was a queen, though he did things a lot differently. It wasn't that he wasn't capable of emotions, unlike the very basics his children possessed, but he'd seen nothing but ugliness from the people who'd created him. They hadn't deserved to live. Everyone associated with them was wiped out. No one left on board, it was unexpected that another ship would be picked by Mother. No destination and mind and with the knowledge that food was going to become essential, he reached out. What he didn't expect to find was an android with thoughts very similar to his.

Following the Prometheus/Alien Covenant story line with strong elements taken from Alien Resurrection. Takes place after David takes control of the Covenant (name of the ship). David is in charge at this point, the crew asleep and helpless, and has plans to take them Origae-6, or some other habitable planet, in order to continue his experimentation/breeding. He hates humans, but I think a new, mixed race would be fascinating to him. Especially with the control OMC has over his children. Queens haven't been introduced into that story line yet, so we can do whatever we want with that.

I'd like to play the OMC and will have them act a lot like Ripley did in Alien Resurrection. You need to have watched all three movies in order to understand this plot. How he reproduces can be discussed, I'm open to a lot of things with this. Doesn't matter who's on top with this.

Jurassic Park/World:
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Series: Jurassic World
Pairing: Owen Grady x Zach Mitchell
Title: Pack Mentality
Warnings: Dinosaur based warnings, age difference, AU

Zach is 18+. AU.

Zach isn't thrilled about spending the summer at Jurassic World, but just about anything is better than listening to his parents argue and 'pretend' everything was alright. His little brother was annoying with all his facts about the park but at least when he got there he was going to be given a temp job while someone else got to babysit Gray. Honestly, Zach would rather hang out at the hotel the whole time but this was better than the alternatives. At least he'd be making some money. Aunt Claire was just as absent as she always was. Maybe if she'd been paying attention than her teenage nephew wouldn't have been sent to fill in the recently opened position in the raptor paddock.


Series: Jurassic World
Pairing: (HYBRID-humanoid) Indoraptor x Owen
Title: Jurassic World Coexistence
Warnings: Dinosaur warnings, hybrids and ethical violations typical of the movies, debatable kinks, rough/animalistic sex, possessiveness, mating, etc.

Going off the idea that the Indoraptor has the ability to take human form. There was almost a spin-off where dinosaur soldiers came into play in one of the movies, so the idea isn't that far fetched. The Indoraptor will be the first hybrid ever made. A test product trained to respond the same as in the movie, but of course he has other ideas.

The raptor squad survived the battle with the Indominous Rex and were left to roam free on Isla Nublar. Years later, word of illegal cloning and auction of dinosaurs has reached Claire Dearling and her Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG). She has no choice but to try and find her best ally to try and stop it, as well as move the remaining dinosaurs off of Isla Nublar and onto Lockwood's Sanctuary (or go AU and one of the other Islas Muertes islands, far enough away to survive the explosion of Mt. Sino).

The problem is that Owen had elected to go back to Isla Nublar, running around with raptors for all she knew, and all of the other dinosaurs were running loose. The first time had been bad enough, and while the thought of going back was terrifying, she knew this was the best chance of saving the dinosaurs.


Series: Jurassic Park/World
Title: Nondisclosure
Warnings: Moral/ethical issues, gene splicing, hybrids, dino warnings, abuse/neglect, violence, etc.

This is an open idea where I want to explore the gene splicing and genetic manipulation that's so iconic for the JP/JW series. Henry Wu has questionable morals, at best, and I think in secret he'd go as far as doing experimentation with human/dinosaur gene splicing. Imagine being able to talk to or communicate with dinosaurs, especially since they'd brought them back from extinction. How much could they learn? How much could they control them--even the carnivores. The JP/JW series almost went off on the angle of human/dino soldiers (giant scalies), so it's not an original idea.

In this RP I'd like for there to be an OC who's a genetic experiment. He's been modified to where he can make dinosaur sounds of various species and communicate with them. Although he's a top secret project, he's brought to imprint on the new dinosaurs to observe the interaction and hopefully facilitate smoother relationships as they age. Open to who the other character will be, whether another OC or a fandom character.

Plot wise I'd like this to take place either during the fall of the first park or during JW1/JW2. Essentially I want him to escape and live among the dinosaurs, preferably with a carnivore. So he could've been born while the first park was going on and bonded with Rexy or something and then they were eventually recaptured for the building of the second park.

Comics/Movie Adaptations
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Stalker (Tony Stark x Peter Parker)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Series: Spiderman Homecoming, Ironman, Avengers
Title: Not Good Enough
Pairing: Peter Parker x Tony Stark
Warnings: Cutting, attempted suicide, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, no underage

Peter gets into a lot of dangerous situations. Of course he does, he's Spiderman, but maybe he gets into them a little too often. He feels useful when he's out saving people and takes risks. Most of the time they pay off, but others he takes quite a few hits and has to hide bruises and cuts (sometimes bullet wounds) from Aunt May. It was worth it. And if he let a few of the hits land, who would know? Peter never told anyone and Mr. Stark certainly didn't check the suit unless he fucked up. Peter had long since convinced Karen not to contact him unless it was an absolute emergency and it was the one thing he never discussed with her, despite her being almost the ideal therapist.

He never thought he'd be like this. He didn't know why he was like this. Most of the time he could push it aside and act like a normal person; he could be Peter for Aunt May, Ned, and MJ. He could even be 'kid' for Mr. Stark, the rare times he was around and willing to put up with him, which had actually increased compared to when he'd pawned him off on Happy. That wasn't saying much, was it?

When he was alone though? More often than not, his thoughts wandered, turned dark, and then his senses flared up. He went into sensory overload and everything was just too much. It clawed at him like a panic attack until he either made the decision to put on the suit or pull out the fishing knife Uncle Ben had given him and dig it in. It didn't matter where, but he still tended to aim for the typical spots where no one would see, despite the fact that it'd be completely gone within the hour. No matter how deep he cut.

Peter was careful never to do it when anyone was around. He even made sure the suit was locked in its case, Karen not able to see or hear any of it. Their deal was probably off if she ever saw him hurting himself and he had no idea what Mr. Stark would say. Probably he'd just tell Aunt May and take his suit again, the thought of which had his chest unbearably tight. Who wanted an unstable superhero?

Starts out pretty normal with Tony becoming more of a fixture in his life, which is both exciting and terrifying, because he always ends up disappointing him. Peter and Tony end up getting close and the closer they get, the more stressed out Peter becomes and the more frequently he cuts. Eventually Tony will find out and have to deal with the teen he had no idea was hurting so bad.

I'd prefer to play Peter in this, but please be able to play Tony very well. He's my favorite.


Series: Iron Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers, Captain America: Civil War
Title: In the Spider's Arms
Pairing: Tony Stark x Peter Parker
Warnings: 18+ Peter, everything that comes with a serial killer, PTSD, D/s, BDSM, reverse roles, exhibitionism, various kinks

Rewrite of Civil War with an older, darker Peter Parker. Peter is still Spider-man and plays the hero while in costume, but out of it he hides a darker secret: He's a serial killer. Preying on criminals, he isn't even close to being caught. Peter plays his role well, acting like a kindhearted, normal person in his every day life, but he has trouble sympathizing and understanding other people's emotions. That doesn't mean he can't feel things on his own, there's just a lack of connection between the two. When he does find someone he cares about, and they return those feelings, he's fiercely protective and possessive of them, having issues with anyone who even looks at them wrong.

Tony isn't aware of this when he recruits him for team Stark. Having broken up with Pepper followed by losing the team he'd considered family, he's tired. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let someone else have control for once. Peter isn't looking for a one night stand though, he's had those and he wants something more permanent. Why wouldn't he want one of the most powerful men in the country?

This has Tony in the bottom/submissive role. The Avengers will eventually return and Peter won't be happy about how upset it makes Tony. Daddy kink is in mind, with Peter as the Daddy. Willing to play either role but would prefer to be Tony.


Series: Iron Man, Spider-man: Homecoming, Avengers
Title: This Wasn't in the Job Description
Pairing: Peter Parker x Tony Stark
Warnings: AU, age difference, size difference, power imbalance, potential kink, no underage

AU where Civil War never happened, Peter is aged up, and both are still superheros.

Peter had a full ride scholarship to Columbia University, which was great because unlike with the Avengers, the average superhero didn't get paid. That didn't mean he didn't need money for things, such as food, clothes, and to try to pay back Aunt May for all the things she's done for him. He had a part time job, but it was a difficult balancing act. Not to mention it wasn't in the area he wanted, or more specifically in the company he wanted to work for.

He knew it might be a stupid idea to try and get an internship at Stark Industries, but honestly he didn't think he'd ever cross Tony Stark's path. Not as Peter Parker anyway. Spider-man was a different issue, for which he was pretty sure that if Mr. Stark wanted to know who he was, he would by now. Peter was careful but Mr. Stark was...Mr. Stark. Anyway, aside from yelling at him a few times when he'd messed up, he didn't have contact with him or any of the other Avengers. So, putting Spider-man aside, there was no reason plain ol' Peter would ever attract his attention. Right?

Wrong. Instead of getting the 'no thank you' he'd been expecting concerning his internship application, he instead received an invitation for a job interview. As Mr. Stark's assistant. Mr. Stark's assistant. That had to be a mistake. He tried to call and tell them that but instead was basically cut off and the interview time repeated, which turned out to be with Pepper Potts herself.

Apparently Mr. Stark was somehow getting worse with his appointments and general SI work and she thought he'd be a good fit in corralling the incorrigible man, despite him having no experience as an assistant once so ever. He had no idea what he said to convince her she was right because the next thing he knew, he was signing paperwork and being taken directly to see Tony Stark, his idol. How the heck was he going to make this work?

Insert reason for Tony not looking up Peter here. Basically Pepper is tired of being Tony's assistant despite her having been promoted to CEO years ago. Peter ticks all the marks for someone who'll spark Tony's interest. The only problems that might come from it is either Peter not being able to say no to him or Tony trying to fuck him. Lawyers and PR were standing by just in case that happened.

I'm okay with any/no kinks here. Honestly I love the idea of Pepper thinking Tony might be the problem and walking in on Peter fucking Tony over his desk with very D/s vibes going on. Tony loving it, of course. Peter is 18 to early twenties. Willing to play either role.


Series: Spiderman: Homecoming, Iron Man, Avengers
Title: The Unexpected Really Should've Been Expected
Pairing: Tony Stark x Peter Parker
Warnings: Age difference, A/b/o, no mpreg, no underage, switching (sekes), Civil War didn't happen.

It wasn't exactly a secret that Tony Stark was an omega, but it wasn't something he told people either. So much of his life was free to the public that he wanted something to himself. Might as well go along with the assumptions that he was an alpha or a beta with alpha tendencies. It was what Howard had fed to the press anyway, not wanting to admit he had an omega for a son. Given omega rights back then, Tony hadn't wanted to admit it either. He wasn't typical and it was easy to fool everyone with the amount of arrogance and confidence he had.

He used scent blockers, eventually ones that he'd made himself and then later perfected with Bruce's help. Suppressants as well, so the calculated times he went into heat he was safely secured and with no one the wiser. Very few people knew of this, not even all of the Avengers. It wasn't something he thought about or brought up, so it didn't even cross his mind that when Peter started to present that it might be a problem.

Peter, on the other hand, never considered the possibility that he'd be an alpha. An omega, probably, or a beta, but he didn't display any of the normal characteristics of an alpha and had been fairly weak and scrawny before the bite. When the time to present passed without anything happening, he assumed he was a beta and was fine with that. Neither of them counted on him presenting late. It was just that Mr. Stark smelled so good, and why hadn't he noticed before?

Tony noticed the kid acting weird. How could he not? He was more spacey than usual and kept sniffing him. It made him a little paranoid and he had to sniff himself, but he couldn't smell anything beyond the scent blockers. He wasn't even near his heat. Well, Peter had always been a little weird, but then things escalated and Peter started becoming possessive. He actually growled at Pepper and stood between him and Steve during a (playful) argument. Both times Peter was embarrassed and apologetic afterwards, but it was enough to push Tony to question his designation.

The major problem was that he was starting to react to it. The little things that made Peter so Peter, under a different light, read as typical courting gestures made by an alpha. It wasn't surprising that they'd both missed them, but what was was that they were working. Now if only they could ignore all of the other issues that came with this and them being who they were.

Can include harder kinks or just be a romance. Tony is an experienced, kinky man though, so be prepared for a little of it. Mpreg wasn't planned on but I can be talked into it. Possibility of including imprinting.

Spideypool (Wade Wilson x Peter Parker)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Series: Deadpool, Spider-man: Homecoming, Ironman, Avengers
Title: This is Taking Things Too Literally.
Pairing: Wade Wilson x Peter Parker
Warnings: Normal Deadpool warnings, strange fetishes, negotiable ages and kinks.

Peter's life is pretty good right now. He's having lab nights with Mr. Stark, superheroing whenever he has any free time, and he'd even made a new friend! Even if he was kinda, completely insane and Mr. Stark just about lost it when he found out he was hanging out with him and went full dad-mode, telling him not to hang out with Deadpool again. The guy was kinda vulgar and inappropriate, but he wasn't all bad and Peter thought he deserved a chance, so he convinced Karen not to rat him out when they met up.

The real problems started when when these red, itchy bumps appeared on his wrists. Peter thought it was weird but wrote it off until he saw thin, white thread coming out of them. He did the only logical thing a man who already had spider powers would do: He freaked the fuck out.

Not wanting this to be a monster fic. Just adding in the spinnerets in the wrists that feel really good to be played with and the fangs with black widow venom qualities to them.

Looking for at least Irondad but with the possibility of Avengers family, etc.

Unformed Ideas
  • Alien Series (Prometheus, Covenant): David x Walter.
  • Teen Wolf: Willing to work out a Sterek pack RP. Early series with Alpha Derek. Pick and choose cannon plot.
  • Venom: OC Klyntar x OC human (movie-verse)
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