The Dark Ravings of a Lunatic. (M for F)

Started by RegularRaskolnikov, February 14, 2021, 03:15:27 AM

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I know you're out there, like me. You pretend to be "Good." A moral, upstanding member of society who does the right thing. You might even be known as the nice one, the demure and unnoticed one who doesn't like to make waves. Perhaps you're married, hiding inside of your marital vows and going to sleep every night next to a loving husband who bores you to death. Inside, beneath the mask, I know that you're different like me.

Under the mask, it's dark and bloody and grim. I know that secret, sinister thoughts slide sensuously through your sense (apologies for the alliteration). You like to hurt, and cause pain.  You like to manipulate and use others because it feels good, and that's all that matters to you. Modern psychology would call us  psychopaths or sociopaths... the real world is much more poignant and suitable: Evil. You're evil deep inside. You like to watch pain and suffering, you like to watch the abuse and degradation of others and the fact that their suffering is all for your cheap orgasm just makes it all the more delicious.

You're who I want to talk to. I want to talk to the clever and sinister lurker in tall grass. I want to know every dark thought that creeps through your mind as I confess to you my worst thoughts and sins for your excitement and pleasure. I want to engage in a wonderful correspondence of like minds of the most despicable sort. I want to scare you, but I don't think that I can.

If you're interested in contacting me for some prompts based on these ideas, please let me know.

I simply did something that I was too stupid to realize I couldn't do.
((ons and offs because I cannot make hide nor hair of this internet sorcery))