Dolly's Ideas ( FXM or FxF pet girl idea , Viking/goddess idea inside)

Started by abandoneddolly, February 12, 2021, 10:04:52 PM

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Hello. I'm back, and looking into doing some writing.  My schedules pretty busy, so if your looking for fast post  I'm not going to be able to provide that.
I can give you at minimum a couple of posts per week, maybe more. I'll most likely post on the weekends.

What I like to write:
I like to explore the emotions a character is feeling. I also like to put characters in tough situations. You know the kind that either destroys them, or makes them stronger, or more likely a bit of both.  My favorite kinks are non con, humiliation, and pet play.

Here are some ideas that I have right now.

The Temples are burning 

Plot Your character is a Viking or other group that invades a new land. They go about destroying buildings, and pillaging and enter a temple. You heard a rumor of a weapon in the temple that can heal or kill with a bright light. You search for the item and come across a secret room. Inside the room is a girl with bright golden eyes, wearing a white dress, and a collar around her neck. The girl says she's a goddess and she will help him if he spares her life.

The goddess is more like a demi god and she has been in the temple most of her life. She has a collar the priest gave her they said to help her control her powers, but its really so the priest could decide when she used them. She has mostly healing magic, like cleric type spells.

What I need Some one to play the Viking type person. I will play the goddess. While the story will center on this two I would like to build out the world some, so someone who wants to create a good story together. I think that other priest from the same type of temple but in a different area know about the goddess and when the temple burns down and they go hunting for her.

Good Girl

Plot A law was passed where people who are in a lot of debt will be relieved of there debt by becoming a pet. Since its clear these type of people make bad choices and are not good at caring for themselves. They are taken to a processing center where they are turned into pets and all of there assets are sold. They are no longer considered people. The law was just passed and a group of test pets has just been released in a pop up pet store. Your character works with the media and has come to the pop up store to do a report over it. When your character sees one of the puppy girls looks familiar. Its a girl that they had known from high school. They had been close once but drifted away after graduation. You decided to adopt the girl .

What I need Some one to play the character the works with the media. I'll play the pet girl. this story could either go fun cute pet girl story. Or more a darker route where the friend can take advantage of the girls situation. Either way I also want to explore a world where this just got passed into law, what are some things that have changed. Some ideas are the friend could take the puppy girl and do pieces on her about what its like living with a puppy girl, taking care of your pet girl, things like that. There could also be like a dog show, or something like that.