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April 22, 2021, 01:10:25 pm

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Author Topic: Another Story I was hoping to do over AIM  (Read 797 times)

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Offline Coolbod8Topic starter

Another Story I was hoping to do over AIM
« on: March 21, 2009, 07:59:38 pm »
The idea for the stories I like to participate in usually go along the lines of a women in a situation getting coerced into sexual experiences reluctantly.  For example, a woman getting drunk and hooking up with a co worker at a company party.  These stories then often lead into other situations such as gangbangs.  All the roleplays I do dont' necessarily require drinking, perhaps it could be a women who wants to get a raise or needs a job.  For example, an actress who wants to land a role decides to go past her limits and partake in a "casting couch" segment.  One way or the other the women is always coerced or pressured into awkward situations that she doesn't feel comfortable doing and wouldn't normally do without the circumstances being present.

In addition, any type of sitcoms or movies that could be spun to fulfill this type of roleplay, I would be interested in.  I'm open to any character or setting that someone is familiar with, and will make myself familiar with the same material.

For these stories it doesn't really matter to me if someone is male or female.  However, their are really only two roles that are played in these roleplays.  The first being the female, and the second being all the other male characters.  I'm a very descriptive person and would like the same from someone I roleplay with.  Also, as you might of been able to tell by now, these types of roleplays usually take quite a bit of time, from my experience usually 2 or 3 hours a session.  So if you have the time I would love to here from you.

For any questions or concerns about this please feel free to PM me and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible.  Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Ok so here's the idea I was thinking of:
Carla is a single, women in her late 20's early 30's.  She's been trying to get a promotion at her job and has pretty much spent her entire life working at her career instead of dating and trying to make a family.  She has had sexual experiences with guys before but more or less was contained to typical college encounters.  Currently she's in a very stressful position trying to get this promotion and decides to go out for a drink after work at a local bar with one of her girlfriends.  As her and her girlfriend get some drinks, they realize that the bar has a mixed varied amount of ages but think a lot of people are younger than her, a bunch of college kids are there.  After a while a couple of guys come over to Carla and her friend, flirting with them, and introducing them to the bartender who is in their fraternity (both guys are seniors).  After some small talk (mostly about her job and imminent promotion) and some more drinks Carla's friend gets a phone call and has to leave abruptly, Carla, who's been drinking more than she should be (the bartender has also been spiking her drinks) decides to stay with the guys, as they move over to a nearby table.  As the night wears on the guys start to cop feels on Carla and to some degree Carla reciprocates being caught up in the moment.  Eventually the last few patrons leave as the bartender starts to clean up, the guys that Carla has been flirting with decide to up it to the next level by kissing and pawing at her body.  Caught off guard but in a weird mood Carla continues and eventually the two guys and the bartender all get a piece of her.  During this the guys video tape some of the action and find out where Carla works by going through her purse.  The next morning Carla is sore as she wakes up at her house, realizing what has happened, after getting upset with her actions she decides it was just one crazy night, remembering back to college how she has had some that were similar but not this extreme.  The weekend goes by as does the beginning of the following week, until Wednesday, where one of the guys comes in to stop by at Carla's office.  She's shocked by his brashness but also thinks this is good so they can clear up some of what happened the other night, figuring she can put an end to any type of puppy love he might have for her now.  Once he's in the office with Carla he tries to make a move with Carla moving away, telling him that the other night was fun but a mistake and can't continue.  He tells her that he has something she might want to watch as he makes his way to her VCR and TV setup, sliding in the tape.  Carla is caught by surprise at how roughly she is used on tape, unsure of what to do but caught up in the awe of what she is watching, unable to believe what she is witnessing.  The guy then moves behind her, again making a move on her, whispering to her that she wouldn't want this to get into the hands of her boss.  The guy eventually bangs Carla over her desk roughly and as he's leaving tells her that this Friday he wants her to come to the frat house, leaving his number.  Once he leaves, Carla starts to cry, obviously upset over what is happening to her, but then realizes she has to be nice to this guy in order to get that tape from him.  Friday then comes and Carla nervously goes to the frat house, knowing she's going to have to be flirty and fun in order to get her tape, as she takes a few shots of liquor from a flask she has.  Throughout the night she's a lot more open to some of the frat guys touches or gropes and even returns some to a degree.  I'll add more later or when I act out this story, Not sure where I want to go with this one, maybe having the frat guys have a impromptu strip poker game where they all start getting Carla naked, and one of the guys tells Carla she better make a deal with the guys in order to keep some of her clothes on, which turns into her giving out handjobs or blowjobs, Let me know what you think.

Online Darwishi

Re: Another Story I was hoping to do over AIM
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2009, 01:41:25 pm »
This sound interesting. ^^  Though maybe we could throw in a superheroine twist? ^^