Scud's Blood [Killer for Slow Corruption] (mxm)

Started by Scud, February 07, 2021, 03:56:22 AM

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Please do not reply to this thread with any interest - DM me instead as I plan to add more to the thread as my ideas and interests change.

What's cookin' home skillets? I'm pretty much coming to you with exactly what's on the label. Apologies in advance for the not-so-sparkly thread, I'm currently doing this from my phone so formatting and the like are going to take a backseat until I can sit down with an actual computer.

Here's the skinny: I have a killer I'm interested in playing in a slow corruption plot with another male character, essentially over time molding him into a killer himself (think the TV show Hannibal if you've ever seen it.) This would likely include elements of gore, snuff, NC content, and mental manipulation. It could also include themes of torture and other branches of violence depending on how comfortable with that you are.

Still with me? Dope. Here's a few things about me you may need to know:

  • I'm nonbinary, but I don't care what my writing partner is.
  • I don't do one-liners, but I know how funky muses can be. I have the potential to write absurd amounts of paragraphs, but my muse can die if I feel forced to write a bunch when I don't feel the post needs that much.
  • I'm on the West coast of the US, so my active times are in Pacific Time.
  • I am a SUCKER for OOC banter. Get to know me! Send me your favorite dumb memes! Tell me about how your day is going! I love making friends especially with those I'm writing with.
  • Im not a giant stickler for grammar, but I need to be able to understand what it is you're trying to convey to me.
  • I may not reply every day to our RP, but often I am down for basic chit-chat all the time. Being a student sometimes saps all the creative energy out of me and makes it difficult to write, but OOC chats I'm usually of enough Mental Spoons to handle.
  • Above all, just communicate with me. If I am having one of Those Days and can't handle writing, I will absolutely let you know. If I feel like maybe things aren't working out, I will absolutely let you know. If I need to take a hiatus, I will absolutely let you know. All I'd like in return is the same kind of dialog and courtesy from you.

There's probably more I should be adding to this and if I manage to realize what it was I wanted to add I'll be sure to update this.

Again, please, do not reply to this thread itself, please DM me with any interest.
Currently in the process of returning from a 5 year long hiatus, please bear with me!