I TOLD you I’d get you into bed! Blackmail, revenge... and more! (f/f)

Started by Subkitty, February 04, 2021, 05:18:51 PM

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Hi everyone!  Check my do’s / don’ts, technical points, and pic guidelines at the bottom. I’m looking to play the submissive role in each of the following. Looking forward to hearing from you!

1. I TOLD you I’d get you into bed!

I’m a straight girl in college who’s getting harassed by an aggressive BBW/curvy lesbian that’s infatuated with her. She says she’ll get me into bed someday, she always gets what she wants, and gets even more lewd (I’m going to scream her name, I’m going to kiss every inch of her body, I’m going to worship her ass, we’re going to 69, etc.). She has a big gang of friends rooting for her and willing to help.

I’m shocked and grossed out. There’s NO WAY.

Until it happens!

How does it happen?

A. She blackmails me (lots of ideas, let’s talk it out). She has a lot of friends all over, and she says that if I don’t get into bed with her, maybe my mom, my cousin, or my (legal age) sister might do instead...

B. I go a little overboard at a party. I’m dared into doing a drunken make-out in a closet with a mystery partner (love this one) and things get too super hot and heavy to back out. Maybe she switches out with another partner in a dark room, revenge-of-the-nerds-style!

C. Your idea here!

The longer I can dodge her, the better it is when she finally, FINALLY has me!

Pm me if interested ;)

2. Lesbian Coversion Club

A secret group at college has a competition: convert as many straight girls to lesbian depravity as possible!

Each member has her own skills: seduction, bimbo cuteness, intelligence, muscle, even pure pheromones (‘vibe’).

They have a target list: the busty computer club president, an exchange student, the pseudo-celeb anthropology teacher, a visiting singer.

2APut ‘The Squeeze’ on her...
Some of the targets are more personal.  One member of the LCC is being made fun of by a religious girl and her friends.  How should they get back at her?  Not by targeting the girl herself, but by targeting her (legal age) sister and her mother!

2B. The Game
(Stand-alone or continuation of 2A) A victim of the LCC is blackmailed into dressing up in sexy clothes and prostituting herself in a lesbian bar.  She has to make 1000$ in a night, or she loses!  Losing has its own consequences, and also means you have to do it again!

3. One Bad Neighbor

I’m starting my first semester at an Ivy League college.  I finally got away from my trashy suburb! My mother has been feuding with our next-door neighbor for years, with the situation escalating...

I hear, however, that my mom went overboard, and the neighbor had her arrested!  I can’t believe it.  I have to return home to defuse the situation...

But the neighbor has a list of things I need to do for her before she drops the charges.  Worship her ass... move in... drop out of school!? And weeks later, she said she was going to drop the charges, right?


Do’s: Curvy partners, seduction, sexy clothes, smothering, sexual exhaustion, forced marriage, plot twists, multiple sex scenes as opposed to one drawn out scene, sex in beds, age differences, sexual threats, blackmail, forced prostitution. Not into public sex, but forced public sexy clothes wearing and PDA are big turn-ons. I’m also looking to be exposed to new kinks in this scene, so I’m willing to hear anything out that isn’t listed below!

Don’ts: Underage, Too much traditional BDSM or strict Domme/Sub relationships (including ‘call me mistress or I’ll slap you again’), on-site sex (read: ‘uncomfortable’; on a desk, etc.), violence, threats of violence, knockouts. No all-powerful villainesses, demons/succubi, religious themes, steampunk, magic.

Technical points: Male writers for female characters welcome. I write in first person, but you don’t have to. PM’s, email, and discord at the moment- temporarily taking a break from threads.

*PICS: looking for real, out-of-costume faceclaims for all major characters, adult actresses highly preferred.  If you need help finding quality pics, let me know!