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October 28, 2021, 01:21:20 pm

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Author Topic: Twisted and Depraved  (Read 322 times)

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Twisted and Depraved
« on: February 03, 2021, 10:31:32 am »
Hi all! I encourage anyone interested in the plots below or just in a darker more twisted roleplay than the norm to read my o's which can be found here. 

Hope to catch some of your interest!

  Plot Bunnies of Ransom...

Now as far as plots go I prefer to build up something directly with a partner, I like to CRAFT my plots rather than simply play roles. That being said here are a few plot starters that could interest you...

"Bad Gotham"

Gotham has no laws anymore... The Batman has gone 'dark' and nobody is safe. You would play one of the famous female rogues trying to make their way against a city full of criminals who see you as meat and a Batman who might just decide to kill you these days.

"Evil Twins"
Brother and Sister have been together forever, they've kept each-other alive when things were bad and when their parents died they kept each-other sane. When they were forced to live with their abusive uncle they found escape in the strange journals full of mysteries they found and in each-others arms. Eventually they grew up to understand that they could only rely on each-other and used the occult knowledge they had gathered to make a pact with an eldritch being. Now the pair of them lead a cult in that same mysterious town, manipulating, murdering and having their way with their followers while the mystical power of the sister slowly unwinds her mind and the brother seeks a way to break their pact before his sister is lost completely... Except she likes the power.

"Jack's Back!"
So what? I like serial killers and am a wannabe Ripperologist! Leave me alone!

Samples of Ransom

"Sample One: Warning - Gore"
"Sample One: Warning - Gore"
"Sample One: Warning - Gore"

Club Banshee, Redmond Seattle - 10:30pm

The music was loud, pounding and incessent. Some NuTronica insanity beat that set the blood on fire and made it impossible to understand anyone unless they were intimately close to you... Intimately close was a good way to describe the club in general really. Not from lack of space, the twenty-five thousand square foot building had all three floors furnished. It was the bodies. Bodies packed in at the bar. Bodies packed onto the dance floor. Bodies writhing and surging against one another like breakers against the lone lighthouse that was the DJ's booth at the center of the flashing, strobing techno-geddon.

The clubs industrial strength air conditioners were silenced by the music but even still pulsed onward, waging a vain war against the heat of the metahuman revelers. People would die in here tonight and most likely it wouldent even be malicious, just some poor SINless with the breath crushed out of their lungs by the press or some rent-girl OD'd in the toilet while her friends drink and party themselves into oblivion. But this is what these people wanted. They wanted the reality of a place like this. People came to the Banshee for this. It was why 'HE' had come to the Banshee.

It was not something he always did... Truth be told on most nights he favored places like club Skeleton or Dante's Inferno, places where the music and the crowd was more subdued and elegant. Places where those of class went to be seen as much as to party. Here at Banshee though you were just one among hundreds. You were as anonymous and alone as you wanted to be despite the metahuman press around you. It was a sensation he appreciated, at once being absolutely isolated in a sea of people and simultaneously a part of a huge writhing organ of sound and light. He was dressed well but did not particularly stand out, Banshee attracted all types. From Johnny Corporate slumming it or trying to forget the tribulations of the latest board meeting to go-gangers drinking and psyching themselves up for some score. There were even shadowrunners about if you knew how to look for them.

He was on the shorter end of the human norm, 5'5" and had a lithe body that moved well on the dance floor. His dark leather pants hugged his hips and his toned thighs, artfully accentuating a bulge that occasionally drew an eye or a passing hand on the dance floor. His skin was smooth with a Persian complexion. His short hair colored in an ombre of black and a shocking electric blue that matched with the shading of several bright LED-toos across his exposed shoulders, more soft blue light pulsed in time with his movements on the dancefloor beneath the fine-link chain shirt he wore. His arms were slender and only the deepest observer or someone with a ware scanner would be able to tell that both were artifical, even the high synskin covering the augments was high class. His bio-sculpted eyes were a richly unnatural ice-blue that stood out against the color of his skin and the dark kohl around them.

He had been dancing for hours... The perks of his particular blend of augmentation and initiation and his skin sheened with pheromone laced sweat. One girl in particular had been dancing close to him for some time and after a while she had made her move. Sliding in close and grinding down. She was a pretty tusker who clearly knew what she wanted and was not shy about it. Her apple sized breasts were capped with hard brown nipples that showed through the sheerness of her tight white sleeveless and her kilt and combat boots made her look butch as hell. There were no words on the dance floor. Just movements and intent. He liked that... So when she smiled at him he smiled right back. He liked it this way. Putting himself out there, dangling like a piece of bait on a hook. It was appropriate beacuase he had never thought of himself as a hunter... Hunters went out looking for their prey. He was a trapper working his art.

Several blocks from Club Banshee, Seattle - 2:30AM


The words were hot and breathy and accompanied the rustling and clinking of a scuffle. They had left the club a while ago and only made it this far before the ork girl had pulled him into this alley. He liked that she was bold and that was taking what she needed. He liked the way it hurt when she shoved him up against the wall beside the foul smelling dumpster and pulled his chain shirt up and over his head to be discarded on the filthy ground. He liked the way her hands were calloused and roamed over his chest, playing with the piercings in his nipples.

"I like your accent." He purred back as his hand moved back between her thighs, slipping down the front of her kilt to tease at her slit, passed the panties he had pulled aside when his hand had first moved between her legs on the sidewalk. She quivvered and her nostrils flared like a bull when she shook her head, red dreadlocks flicking in the air as her mouth hung open. She growled out another pleasured groan as her mouth came to his and their tongues played. One of her hands left his chest and moved down to grip his cock through the leather of his pants. He allowed a moan to escape himself as well. She seemed to like it because she broke the kiss and sneered down at him with lust.

"Shaddup fag. I ain't for your amusment. Yer fer mine." She gripped him tighter through the leather and he let out a moan, breathy and hot.

"Yes mistress..." He cooed sarcastiaclly, his bright blue eyes locked on hers as a preassure from her grip on his other shoulder urged him down and a grunt told him he was working towards a smack in the mouth. He complied, slipping to his knees in the filthy alley. He pulled his hand from her kilt and smiled as her fingers knotted into his hair, roughly pulling him up as her other hand now shoved her kilt down to expose her fine pussy to the air. Her bush was a little unkempt but he did not mind, the smell of her sweat and arousal made it more primal. He liked it. She liked it even more when his tongue piercing found her clit a few moments later.



Their positions had changed... It had not taken long. She was a horny bitch and the drugs they had shared back at the club had only made her want it more. They affected him too... But not as much. One built up a tolerance...

She was quite athletic for a burly bitch, her left leg thrown over his shoulder, her back against the wall she had first shoved him against one hand on his arm and the other rapidly strumming her own clit like she was a speed-metal guitarist. Her eyes were locked down to where his cock moved in and out of her arse, the position made the view awkward but she apprently liked watching the way her ass would pull a little everytime he pulled back. She was tight but not a virgin... If she had been she might have actually hit him when he slipped it in her backdoor instead of her front.

For his part he had one hand on her ankle near his ear as he kissed and bit softly at her calf and the other with a thumb hooked in her cheek so he could see her tusks better and force her to slur her words in a way he had decided he liked.

"You like this tusker?" He growled back at her with a fevered grin. Enjoying the way she spit and cursed at him when he used the deragatory slang. "You love it don't you? You fucking need it." He growled back licking spit from the corner of his lips where a glob of it had landed a moment ago in response to his latest insult. His smile grew a bit deeper as he could feel his climax beginning to build. He liked it to... He needed it. He needed what was about to happen so bad.

"Fuck yeah. Lets do it... Cum for me and I'll cum for you!" She bit his thumb and the pain receptors in his high-end augment told him that if it were flesh and blood he might have lost it, still synthetic blood would be filling her mouth and she seemed to like it because he could feel her muscles contract and her body start to wiggle in a way he had already figured out was her orgasmic bliss.

His hand trailed down her leg, down across her hips and up across her chest to her neck. It wasent until he felt rather than heard the slight 'hiss' of the razor extending from his palm that he started to cum. It was over in a flash, the blade was so sharp that he knew at first she wouldent even feel it as his palm passed over her neck and slit it open. It was a solid second before her eyes opened, still in the grips of her own orgasm and met his. To her credit she tried to fight then, but the small man she had pushed around so easily before could not be moved and held her with his cock buried in her ass, a thumb in her cheek and with her body pressed so tight to the alley that she could not leverage herself free. She was still cumming as her brain warred to regear it's body to fight or flight. She tried to yell. She tried to speak. But she just wheezed, the blade had gone deep and severed her vocal chords, the blood was pouring freely now down her chest, running like a small stream between her tits as the razor disappeared back into his palm, leaving only a bloody hand to hold her head firmly by her dreads.

"Shh... It's okay baby. It's okay. It wont hurt for long. Your dying and in a few seconds you won't even care. Your still feeling good. The endorphins are still high. Your going out on a tide of pleasure." His voice was like drizzled chocolate as he gazed into her eyes, his cock still pulsing the last hot streamers of cum into her backside. She was twitching and wheezing now, harder and better than any orgasam could summon from a body and it made him gasp in delight.

"You can feel it right? You gave me such a good fucking orgasm. I love you." He bent in to kiss her deeply as the flow of blood began to slacken, he could feel it running down between her legs, running across his cock and along it to his own body surging and slacking with the slowing rythem of her heart It felt hot and sticky and good. "I fucking love you." he cooed again as he broke the kiss, a thin stream of saliva connecting his lips to the womans. He held that pose for a few moment more in that dark alley before pulling back, letting the the woman fall to the ground and his cock spring free.

He stood for a moment, panting and admiring his handywork, the way that now she had fallen the womans head had tilted back showing just how deep the razor had gone, a few inches longer and she would have been decapitated.

"Why did you keep watching?" He asked after several moments.

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Re: Twisted and Depraved
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