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March 04, 2021, 07:26:43 pm

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Author Topic: Characters I want to play let's build a role together!  (Read 275 times)

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Offline ArishokTopic starter

Characters I want to play let's build a role together!
« on: February 02, 2021, 06:36:03 am »
Rather than post a specific idea I thought I would post a bunch of characters that I’d like to play. My plan is simple you’d pick a character that captures your eye and from there we can discuss a scene, or maybe you have an idea already who knows. I will post both Male and Female characters most of which I envision in high fantasy roles though each character will include what roles I think they would fit. I hope you find a character that captures your interest! I will likely add new characters down the road but, for now, I have these that I hope whets your appetite.


Deacon Jones
Name: Deacon Jones
Race: Human (with some robotic body parts)
Age: 30
Height 6’2”
Sexuality: mostly straight/Dom
Personality: A bit of an asshole Deacon has been through some shit, proven by his cybernetic heart and lungs, so he doesn’t really let people get close. He is rather fond of sex despite his aversion to intimacy all in all he’s rather selfish he’s careful as to not ‘catch feelings’ he has seen to many people get stabbed in the back to let himself fall to that.
Roles he could fit: mainly sci-fi roles though I could easily remove the cybernetic aspects if you think of a modern or fantasy role that suits him better.

Name: Yaark
Race: Hobgoblin/Goblin king
Age: 27
Height: 5’6”
Sexuality: Straight/Dom
Personality: The first Hobgoblin in centuries Yaark had one goal he wanted to bring his kind from the laughing stock that humans, elves, dwarves and even orcs saw them as to being feared by all. This ambition explained how he evolved from a simple ‘weak’ goblin to the much more powerful and intelligent Hobgoblin. He views other races as spoilt not knowing what true suffering was and he has every intention of showing those races where he believed they belonged.
Roles he could fit: fantasy

Adrian von Laue
Name: Adrian von Laue
Race: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5’7”
Sexuality: Bisexual/Submissive
Personality: Despite being born into a rather prolific noble family, second only to the royal family in terms of prestige, Adrian is a somewhat gentle soul treating all that he meets as equals. Because of his gentle personality Adrian is an open target while no one had an outright grudge against him plenty knew that he could be used to improve their own lot in life.
Roles he could fit: fantasy

Killian Smith
Name: Killian Smith
Race: Human
Age: 50
Height: 6 feet
Sexuality: Straight/Dom
Personality: Killian is a shoot first ask questions later type unless someone gives him a good reason he’s not about to trust them. He also has a rather nasty habit of letting his sadistic side take over, particularly in bed, so if someone was foolish enough to cross him they essentially forfeited any sympathy in his eyes. Killian does have one weakness women, particularly those that he can ‘break’, but despite this he still doesn’t forgive women who think they can use their charms to stab him in the back.
Roles he could fit: post-apocalyptic

Lee Wright
Name: Lee Wright
Race: Human
Age: 20
Appearance: Warning NSFW!!
Height: 5’6”
Sexuality: Bisexual/Sub
Personality: Lee is a bit of a flirt he knows that he gets quite a bit of attention and he feeds off it to the point that some call him a tease. He wasn’t against the idea of a ‘proper’ relationship but most who approached him were never quite what he was looking for, though Lee himself didn’t really know what he was looking for either. At the end of the day Lee is the type to live life at its fullest it is rather rare to find him sitting in and taking a night off Lee cant stand such things.
Roles he could fit: fantasy, modern or sci-fi.

Name: Rix
Race: Orc
Age: 40
Height: 7 feet
Sexuality: Bisexual/Dom
Personality: Rix had seen it all in his 20+ years as a mercenary and while it would break most people it only evangelized Rix. Perhaps he was leaning into the stereotype that all orcs were bloodthirsty monsters but he didn’t care his lifestyle got him food, money and women something that most couldn’t boast.
Roles he could fit: fantasy


Name: DZ-123 (Dee)
Age: appears to be in her 20s
Race: Artificial Intelligence/Android
Appearance: (android form)
Height: (android form) 5’8”
Sexuality: Still working that out
Personality: DZ-123, or Dee, doesn’t really know how she should act build as an android assistant she often saw herself as nothing but a slave so when she was ‘freed’ her world was entirely flipped upside-down. From the outside however one might describe Dee as a curious sort always questioning the world that she inhabits.
Roles she could fit: sci-fi

Name: Liza
Race: Human
Age: 21
Height: 6 feet tall
Sexuality: Bisexual/Switch
Personality: Liza is by the books raised by the church and groomed to be the perfect Knight and the expectations dumped onto her shoulders were met in fact Liza exceeded expectations. She was the symbol of the oppressive boot that the church held over the general population of the kingdom. Despite being aware of this corruption Liza doesn’t just ignore it she actively participates enjoying the benefits that she receives from it.
Roles she could fit: fantasy

Vaeri Zylren
Name: Vaeri Zylren
Race: Elven
Age: 233
Height: 5’5”
Sexuality: Straight/Sub
Personality: Most elves were often seen as snobs Vaeri liked to think she was more of a human than an elf. Living as a thief, and on occasion assassin, her life was something she would never give up despite being on deaths door more often than she would have liked. While most elves were out praying Vaeri would often be found in an inn getting drunk enjoying the company of her fellow degenerates.
Roles she could fit: fantasy

Name: Leeah
Race: Alien
Gender: Somewhat difficult to ascertain given her race though she does use female pronouns.
Age: 150 (appears to be in her 30s)
Appearance: Warning NSFW!!
Height: 5 feet
Sexuality: Bisexual/sub
Personality: Leeah was always more comfortable flying her ship than she was socializing with anyone that tends to happen when you are raised in the middle of nowhere with your best friends being the engines you make from scratch. She didn’t mind all that much though she loved the hours of empty space where she could just contemplate on life. The added bonus that while she was in her ship that no one was glaring at her, particularly humans, was another reason that she picked this particular line of work.
Roles she could fit: sci-fi
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Offline ArishokTopic starter

Re: Characters I want to play let's build a role together!
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2021, 12:00:04 am »
I have added three new characters those being;

Lee Wright, Rix and Leeah.