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April 10, 2021, 09:29:03 am

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Author Topic: Depravity of the Highest Order  (Read 199 times)

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Offline Depraved LucidityTopic starter

Depravity of the Highest Order
« on: February 01, 2021, 07:34:14 pm »
Plots of the Modern Day
Mardi Gras
Father X Daughter, Brother X Sister, Father X Daughters Friend, Brother X Sister's Friend

A husband and wife go down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and unfortunately end up having to bring their 17 year old daughter, and possibly her friend(For those who don't want Incest.). Unwavered they go out into the party scene letting their daughter and friend or just daughter do whatever she wants thinking she might be good and not wild, or perhaps her mother believes it. After some time our paternal father figure would come back to the hotel room, having gotten seperated from his wife and finds his daughter perhaps drunk and passed out, or maybe shirtless and having fun on the balcony getting plenty of beads. Seeing those nice tits and being fueled by alcohol, he makes a move on his daughter or her friend, and before long the two have their own celebration in the hotel room, in the crowd, whatever.

Teaching her, her place
Older Brother x Younger Sister or Father x Daughter

A rebellious teen is sent to either her Older Brother's house or her biological father's place after her mother and father(or step father in the case of it being her fathers she sent to.) get tired of dealing with the teens dangerously rebellious side which has led to her into the other of sex, drugs, and other deviant things in the hopes of her being straightened out.

Unfortunately the little thing has been nothing but a nightmare for the first week or two of her being around with her blatantly wearing skimpy or risqué outfits, sneaking out at night and returning in the early morning, and steal money from her brother or father.

Finally having had enough her father and brother decide to teach the little slut her place by confronting her and fucking her within and inch of her life and making sure she knows the only person who will be having any of her is them and she will serve noone else but them and possibly before long finds out this is what she had been wanting all along.

Summer Fun
Father x Daughter
The story here is that the family has gone on a vacation to somewhere hot and sunny. Those on the vacation are dear old dad, mom, and their slut of a daughter who's completely out of control and looking to score some action with some of the local blokes. However, just before she manages to seal the deal with one of the local beaus her mother ends up catching her in some lewd act or another and confines her to the hotel, and her father is left behind to watch her and make sure she doesn't get into trouble, unknowing of the reason why she's under lock and key. With hormones raging and a heavy caste of lust the little teenage slut begins to notice how well built her father is, and how much that thick rod of his may feel inside of her while her mother is out. This can alternatively be done with a brother and sister pairing.

Trick and Treat
Older Brother x Little Sister
This ones simple, an older brother has to live with the fact that his teen sister happens to be a hot piece of ass that a number of students(And faculty according to rumors.) are hitting, including some members of the football team he himself, is a member of. He gets sick and tired of having to deal with hearing of all the lewd stories of his slut sister and decides he wants a piece of that tight ass for himself. So, at a Halloween party one of his buddies is throwing he decides to get a piece of what everyone else is having and finds his sister is more than willing to let her big brother drill her ass. This alternatively can be done starring a father and daughter pairing.

Father, Stepfather, or friends father x Daughter and/or Daughters Friend
This scene would involve either father, stepfather, or a friends father whom definitely has been keeping himself in shape, and whats more is packing a pretty big package. The theory here is either his daughter, step daughter, or a friend of hers would be aware of this, and perhaps they've flirted some. Regardless it wouldn't be long before our big dicked and well toned father figure would be pounding out that lucky girl or maybe having her ride him to a toe curling, ear blasting orgasm. Age's on partners are variable of course, as well as setting and what not. Let's make something fun happen. This could also be used with a brother/step brother scenario.

Fantasy Scenarios
Northern Adventures
Barbarian X Drow Priestess or Rogue or something.
This story would take place in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting. The idea here is perhaps a Llothite drow or maybe even an Elistraeen one is sent on a quest to the Spine of the world to collect an artifact of great power for her order. The information she's give is sparse and she finds the climate to be quite inhospitable and it isn't long before the trail runs cold and her supplies are running thing. As those last coins dwindle she stumbles upon a lead that a Barbarian encamptment a day or two from the village she's in may hold more information as it is said that they have explored much of the North. So the drowess sets out to the camp to find information, and perhaps a guide and bodyguard. How she persuades one to join her is up to you, and how she keeps him around. This is a storyline that will mix elements of lewd gratuitous sex as well as adventure.

Canon Pairings!

Video Games

Final Fantasy VII
Dark Chocolate
Barret X Tifa

In this story, Cloud ends up making the mistake of choosing Aerith as his date at the gold saucer, much to Tifa's dissatisfaction. Pissed off, and slightly inebriated, Tifa ends up making her way to Barret's room with one thing on her mind. Getting a piece of that big black cock, and making a movie of the entire affair to hurt Cloud just like he hurt her, much to Barret's delight.

Best Laid Plans
Barret x Tifa
This scene would be set to take place inside the Shinra HQ, sort of an AU of the game where Tifa, Barret, and Cloud end up getting caught. Hear, Rufus would see the potential to bring Cloud back into Soldier to combat Sephiroth, and makes a case for his return. Then as an added incentive to give up being with Avalanche, he turns on a live feed to the cell where Tifa and Barret are. Unknown to Cloud is the fact that the cell has been getting pumped with an intense aphrodiasiac that enchances ones pleasure, and destroys the peoples inhibitions. So all he gets to see is Tifa taking Barret's cock like a champ and loving every moment of it.

Mating Season
Red XIII X Tifa
In this scenario, Tifa would be invited to Cosmo Canyon to partake in a celebration involving RedXIII and his kind. What she doesn't know is that it's to celebrate a specific time of the year where his people choose a mate to carry one of their children, and he has chosen her. Something that becomes abundantly clear when she sees him sporting a massive erection and fixing to use it on her.

Final Fantasy X-2

Mating Season
Kimhari x Rikku
Much like the one involving RedXIII and Tifa but this time involving Rikku and everyone's favorite Ronso who's looking to bend that little blonde over and take her like the whore that she is.

Final Fantasy XIII
One night in the Junkyard
Sazh X Vanille
In this scene, Vanille senses that Sazh is distraught over losing his son, and considering she's not been laid in a couple hundred years as she had been frozen as a crystal, she decides to go for a more unorthodox method of comforting the father.



Hard as a rock
The Thing x Susan Storm(The Invisible Woman)
Here we have Sue possibly having found a way to cure Ben of his rocky skinned condition. However, either due to Johnny playing a trick, or a lab tech making a mistake, the serum she injects him with seems to instead be something akin to a super human viagra, and the only target in sight of Ben Grimm, is his best friends wife, looking all the more fuckable each minute. This could be non-con at first, and possibly last throughout, but it can also be consensual all the way through, or turn into it. Who knows, maybe Sue has had a hankering to see just how big Grimm is so she hatches a plot to get him to drop trou, knowing full well he wouldn't do it without some aid.

Hulk Smash!
The Hulk x Susan Storm
This is like the above but instead involves Sue and Bruce Banner, and here the experiment itself backfires. Rather than cure Bruce of his condition, it makes even his baser desires trigger the beasts rise to the top of his psyche, and the thing it desires right then and there? The invisible womans cunt wrapped tightly about his big beastial prick.

Hulk Smash! 2
This one would involve the Hulk and Natasha from the Avengers where perhaps in the first film our primal beast catches hold of Natasha, and instead of ravaging her, he decides to /ravage her/ by introducing her to the giant piece of green meat, and Natasha hoping this might quell the beast allows herself to be taken, but before long succumbs to the deep fucking she's being given.