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Author Topic: Rotten to the Core (Disney Descendants)(All Gender Pairings)(Light-EX)  (Read 594 times)

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Been watching the movies lately and reading the books, so craving some more Disney Descendants writing. I'm partial to the pirates, but I'm interested in doing Isle/Auradon pairings. So someone from the Isle with someone from Auradon. Especially pairing up villains with their heroes. So a child of Jafar with a child of Jazmin/Aladdin or one of Lady Tremaine's grandchildren (the evil Step Mother) with a child of Cinderella/Prince Charming. I'm okay with original characters, but I am also happy with canon characters. All stories would take place after the third movie.


Harry Hook/Audrey -
The Hooked Princess
After the barrier was taken down everyone began to celebrate. It was easy to get caught up in the moment, even for someone like her. She found herself twirling and nearly ran into someone. The stranger caught her before she could crash into him or fall. She'd gasped softly and he said "hi" to her as she looked up at him. Bashful at first, she said it back and gave him a small curtsy. He'd offered his hand to her to twirl her off with a smile. Audrey accepted it, but a sudden urge came over her. It was the excitement of it all. She'd not released his hand and instead, when she twirled, she pulled him with.

It wasn't like Harry to feel sheepish. He was a fairly confident man in everything he did. Yet the sudden celebration and the mingling of so many people caught him off guard. So did the sweet girl who spun into his arms. She was unlike anything he'd ever seen before. Her long blond, blue, and pink hair looked soft and the sweetness of her little "hi" made him feel...soft. He wasn't used to girls behaving that way around him. They were usually very strong and dominating like Uma and Mal or very meek and pitiful like the girls he used to bully on the Isle. They weren't soft, pretty, or sweet like this pink-clad one. Harry found himself feeling strangely looking at her. When he sent her to twirl off, he was taken by surprise when she didn't release his hand. He half yelped in surprise as he was pulled off, nearly dropping his hook to the ground.

  • I'm willing to play as Harry Hook or as Audrey.
  • Takes place after the third film.
  • Audrey will find herself drawn to Harry's energy and wildness because it's something she'd never got to experience before in life. After going all evil queen, she finds herself at a loss of what to do with her life. She's no longer going to be queen, she's forever going to be known as the princess who lost it, and she'll never be able to be the perfect princess again. She's finding herself drawn to Harry's free lifestyle because it's so much the opposite of anything she's felt before.
  • Harry finds himself drawn to Audrey because she's the opposite of the life he's used to. He likes having a pretty princess around and slowly making her a 'bad girl', but he also likes how soft she is. He secretly likes when she makes him do things properly, like using a fork to eat with instead of his fingers and stuff like that. He finds himself enjoying how she dotes on him since that's not something they do on the Isle. He likes being taken care of.
  • Would like there to be random spurts of intense passion. Like hard, fast kissing that one of them suddenly stops for one reason or another. Heavy petting that gets suddenly interrupted. Things like that.
  • Would like to have little adventures, like Harry taking her on a boat trip where she has to deal with life among a pirate crew. Or she inviting him to her family castle and he shows up with the whole pirate crew while Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora are away and they trash the castle.
  • Would like to explore the lasting effects that Maleficent's magic staff might have on her. Like the whole Queen of Mean persona seeping out and Harry having to be the soft one to ground her and bring her down.
  • Rating can go anywhere from Light to Bon and even to EX, but no non-con.

Harry Hook/Uma
Harry Hook/Gil
Harry Hook/Mad Maddy (Madam Mim's Granddaughter)
Harry Hook/OC Male or OC Female
Harry Hook/OC Merfolk -
The Pirate and the Sea Monster
It was easy enough to trap the villains and their known minions on the Isle of the Lost, but the ocean is a deep and dark place. There were plenty of places to hide below the waves. Ursula herself was like most villains. She didn't hide from the world, but that didn't mean all like her were the same. King Trident, in his past, wasn't the greatest of rulers. He didn't like merfolk who didn't fit into his idea of what merfolk should be. It was part of what had lead to Ursula's original banishment. She wasn't the only to be cast out of Trident's Kingdom though and banished to the open seas. To the deepest and darkest places of the oceans. All manner of merfolk exists in the oceans. Eels, squids, whales, angler fish, and even sharks. Most keep to themselves and never caused any (or enough) trouble to warrant being sent to the Isle of the Lost like Ursula was. Despite that, darkness and loneliness exist in their hearts.

After the barrier comes down, Harry wants to stay with his Captain to help with the day to day life of bringing the two lands together...yet he can't ignore the call of the water. It had always been his dream to set sail and explore the world. To have a ship and see all the waterways and oceans of the world. With a promise to both Uma and King Ben to behave himself and not act the bad pirate, Harry is allowed to set sail for the first time. He'd never sailed anywhere except around the Isle, so he gathers up a small crew and takes one of his father's smaller ships to start his travels.

He expects to see exotic islands, pretty women, handsome men, taste new foods, and maybe discover some long lost treasure; what he doesn't expect to find is a strangely alluring mercreature.

  • I'm willing to play as Harry Hook or the OC Mercreature.
  • Mercreature can be male, female, non-binary...gender doesn't matter for the OC merfolk.
  • Type of merfolk can be discussed, just so long as it is not the traditional mermaid/merman. Think more of how Ursula was an octopus.
  • Merfolk seem to all possess at least a small amount of magic. Maybe not able to fully transform into a human form, but possibly grow in size, speak to aquatic creatures and things like that. We can discuss the level of magic they can use.
  • As an exiled creature, they might not be "evil", but more bitter/lonely/cold-hearted. Not easily swooned by Harry's style of charm.
  • Any intimacy can go from "only in human form" to us figuring out a way to make it work in a more exotic way. We can discuss what direction we want to go with that.
  • Ideally, I'd like Harry's goal to turn into him wanting to find some little island somewhere where he can set up a sort of pirate safe haven. People who want to live in a more "free" way and don't quite fit into the Auradon lifestyle, but don't exactly want to be "evil". So not full-on pirates who pillage, plunder, and that stuff. Think more of the pirate village from the Robin Willaims "Hook" movie, but less shooting people. Somewhere that his new mercreature lover can live nearby.
  • Rating can go anywhere from Light-Exotic to Bon-Exotic and even to EX, but no non-con.

Mercreature ideas:

Harry Hook/OC Sailor -
The Pirates Curse
It's been twenty years since a pirate sailed the seas of Auradon. The merfolk rarely traveled to the deep parts of the sea and the Auradon sailors and fishermen had little reason to go out that far. Many had long forgotten why that was. They had willfully forgotten the terrors that lie in the deep. There is a reason the old Captain Hook chose to stay on the Isle of the Lost even though the barrier was taken down. He blamed it on old age, but there was something most sinister that he refused to speak about. Something hi sold crew only knew whispers of and chose to stay as well. It was surprising when many of the pirates begged their children not to leave the Isle or to stay on the mainland. It was a surprising amount of affection shown by those who were thought to be the worst parents on the Isle. It wasn't care or love though. That's not what put those words in their mouths. It was something else instead.

As part of the agreements set up between those on the Isle and those on Auradon, those young enough to attend school was sent to the various schools over Auradon. Those who were of age were allowed to apply for the various colleges and universities and a scholarship fund was set up for them. However, schooling wasn't the best option for all of the children that came from the Isle. Those of the first generation, those who were just shy of their twentieth birthday didn't feel that schooling was for them and instead searched for long-lost family members and started finding jobs for themselves. Harry Hook was in the middle ground. He could still go to college if he wanted to, but he was old enough to try to support himself. Being just eighteen, he still had a wild streak within him. The sea called to him.

As much as Harry saw himself as a pirate, pirates had no place in Auradon. That much was made clear to him when he started getting the urge to sail off. With his sailing experience, knowledge of ships, and fearless attitude; King Ben found him a place aboard a fishing crew set with the task of charting out the available islands where new homes could be built. It wasn't quite what Harry had always imagined, but it was better than sitting around all day.

At least it was until the smell started showing up...

  • I'm willing to play either Harry Hook or the OC Sailor.
  • OC Sailor can be and gender identity.
  • Basic story would be that the Hooks are related to Davy Jones. Their family is cursed. Eventually, all the Hook family become part of Jones' crew. With the barrier in place, Captain James Hook was spared the curse. With it down, so long as he stays on the Isle, it can't reach him. He fears more his son bringing it to him rather than for the life of his son.
  • Davy Jones and the Kraken is more based on the Pirates of the Caribbean stories.
  • Harry would actually be Davy Jone's great-great-great-however-many greats-Grandson. His goal is to get Harry to come aboard his crew as his First Mate and for them to bring terror back to the oceans of the world.
  • The OC could be either for or against Harry becoming Jones' First Mate and we can drive the story in that direction.
  • Rating can go from Light, Bon, or EX. No Non-Con.

Gil/Son or Daughter of Chip Potts -
Another Broken Tea Cup
Auradon Central was the home of King Beast and Queen Belle. It was not only the main city in Auradon, but it was the home of his own family too. Dad liked to talk about the hunting hall and tavern he used to haunt when he was younger in the city that was now known as Auradon Central. About how the thick forests used to be filled with all manner of creatures to hunt. When they were free to cross the bridge and explore the world, Gil found himself wanting to see if he could learn more about his own family. Dad wasn't exactly big on the details when it came to anything other than himself. He'd asked his older, twin brothers, Gaston Jr and Gaston the 3rd, to come with him; but they weren't interested.

Yet when he gets to Auradon Central for the first time, it isn't quite when he's expecting. It's very large, with a lot of buildings, a lot of people, and very modern. It's nothing like the place his Dad told him about. Still, he's excited to explore. If this had been his father's home at one time, then it was his home too. It wasn't easy though. Bringing the barrier down was just one part of solving the problem. The other part of the problem was bringing the two people together. The nice, pretty, clean, and health inspected places of businesses around Auradon weren't ready for the unruly and sometimes dirty people that came from the Isle.

Gil was too light-hearted and naive to care about the looks he got when he went into shops. He didn't steal, even on the Isle, he'd never been big on stealing, but they kept a close eye on him. At least they did when he could get in at all. Many times, despite the store being full or the restaurant serving other people, they would shout that they were closed and Gil would just shrug and leave. That's how it was until he wandered into a strange-looking shop. It reminded him of the Slop Shop back home. It was some kind of drink shop. It took him a moment to realize that all the cups and pots around him were teacups and teapots.

  • I'm willing to play either Gil or the OC Male/Female.
  • I like the idea of a child of Gaston eventually being romantic with a child of one of Beast's servants.
  • I'd like to explore the history of Gaston's family. Possibly with Prince Adam and Gaston having once been good friends as children and the two of them getting to explore what drove them apart and why Gaston never mentioned it to anyone on the Isle.
  • Lots of cute tea drinking moments.
  • Tense moments would mostly come from the fact that Gil spent most of his life being a pirate and is the child of a villain, so the friends and family members of the OC would be very put off being around Gil. Wouldn't help that it is Gaston's hometown, so when it gets out that Gil is Gaston's son, people might have some feelings about that.
  • Rating can go from Light to Bon. No EX or Non-Con.

Jay/Gil -
The Adventuring Duo
After the barrier being brought down, Jay and Gil decide to go on an adventure together. Gil is a rather simple needs sort of guy. He just wants to see and do fun things. It was fun being with the pirates, but he'd only really been a part of it for lack of anything better to do. What Gil really wanted to do in life was to eat good food, see wild animals, and meet people. He was never the usual Isle person. He didn't like hurting people, he usually said nice things to other people, and he didn't care about having control over anything. It was lucky for him that he was one of the physically strongest on the Isle and decent looking, otherwise, he might have found himself at the bottom of the totem pole. As it was, Uma and Harry had seen use for him and he was invited to join the crew. His position was made better because Harry was, as Uma put it, chaotically bisexual and Gil preferred men.

Jay was always at wit's end with Harry Hook, but he'd never had many issues with Gil Gaston growing up. The two never interacted much before until recent years. The son of Jafar was not one to get caught up in romantic things. He just liked playing tourney and having a good time. He'd been out on a few dates with some of the girls and even guys at Auradon Prep during his few years there, but committing to an actual relationship was not something he really thought about. While spending time with Harry to handle the Audrey situation had been difficult, he found himself pleasantly surprised to enjoy talking to Gil. The strong man had an innocence about him that was rare on the Isle, but it wasn't that prissy innocence that most Auradon people had. Gil was excited to eat grapes and talk about penguins. It was actually sort of refreshing.

The decision to actually go on the adventure they had talked about was easy to make. They wanted to see all of Auradon and neither could think of a better companion.

  • I'm willing to play as either Jay or Gil.
  • Gil isn't "stupid", he's more light-hearted and naive and a product of the Isle. Someone with no formal education. A survivor and a fighter, but in no way actually "stupid".
  • Their relationship would be more light and sweet, very non-committal.
  • I would prefer Jay to be the less experienced one when it comes to sexual experience. Neither would really be the top or the bottom.
  • The story itself would be very adventuring. Them camping out, going to the different kingdoms (Arendelle, Agrabah, Northern Wei, Neverland, Wonderland, Camelot Heights, etc...). Meeting new people, trying food together, and occasionally getting into some trouble since they are "villain kids".
  • Rating can go from Light to Bon. No EX or Non-Con.

Jay/Jordan (Genie's Daughter)
Jay/Aziz (Aladdin's Son)
Jay/OC Male or OC Female

Carlos/OC Male or OC Female

Celia Faclier/Dizzy Tremaine (Older, of course)

Audrey/OC Daughter of the Sanderson Sisters -
By the Pale Moonlight
No one really knows which of the old witches the girl belonged to, they just knew that one day the three witches had a daughter. No one ever saw her as a baby. Instead, the witches made a rare appearance in the market and they had a toddler with them. Some gossiped that they had stolen the girl from someone else, but that was hard to believe. Most of the villains that the Isle was created for were not willing to give up their children so easily. Not because they loved them. No. They made good servants and subjects. Someone to force their ideals on. If the girl had been stolen, she had not been stolen by one of them. So she just became the Sanderson Daughter. Over the years, few saw her and few interacted with her. The Sanderson Sisters were not known for being out and about. Sticking to their little hovel and brewing up the most foul-smelling things, yet bound by the barrier to have none of the disgusting potions actually work.

But then the barrier came down.

Like many of the villains who were now in their old age, the three witches had little life or energy left in them to actually cause trouble anymore. Even if they tried, they found the source of their magic to be weakened. Their dear Satan had given up on them and had moved on. Leaving them as weakened old crones instead of the powerful witches they had once been. For their daughter, she was still trapped. She had grown up under their abusive thumbs and found it hard to leave them. While others rushed across the bridge, eager to see what the world of Auradon held for them, she stayed.

For her part, Audrey felt like she needed to do something to make amends for the trouble she caused. Uma suggested coming to the Isle to help round up any straggling children to show them that it was safe to leave and that this wasn't all some big trap. It was difficult for the pretty princess to will herself into the dirty, disheveled island, but she managed. It was Harry Hook that helped her around. The energetic pirate had become somewhat of an odd companion since she met him. He was a horrible flirt, but once he realized Audrey was in no way ready for a relationship he turned more friendly.

Despite knowing she should follow Harry, Audrey can't help but follow after a glimpse of a tattered jewel-toned dress that keeps disappearing around corners just before she can see who it is. Eventually, it leads her to the edge of the thorny forest on the Isle and Audrey sees the young witch. Just looking at her, she can tell they are of the same age, but the witch is not in the best of conditions. She is thin, underfed, dirty, and pale; but that seems to be common with those born on the Isle during the time of the barrier. Yet when the young woman starts to dance in the moonlight, Audrey is transfixed.

  • I'm willing to play either Audrey or the OC Witch.
  • Growing up on the Isle, the witch wouldn't have much knowledge in actual witchcraft other than reading it. If she does use magic, it would be very difficult for her at first.
  • For her personality, I imagine the witch would be rather shy and skittish at first. She grew up with three child-hating witches who probably told her often how they would one day get their power back and suck the life out of her.
  • Audrey is mostly on a path to redemption and self-realization. She's spent her whole life being prepped to be Queen and now she has no path in life. I'd like both women to find themselves through each other.
  • As for the witch's parentage, I'd like that to be part of the game. I'd like it to be something strange and magical. She could be a "human-chimera" of sorts where all three Sanderson Sisters are her mother and there is no father, she just pure magic. Or she could be the daughter of Satan himself, her being the reason the witches lost their magic even after the barrier was taken down. We can discuss ideas and plots for it.
  • Rating can go anywhere from Light to Bon and even to EX, but no non-con.

Audrey/OC The Odd Three -
With Us Evil Lives On
Audrey didn't know what to make of the three of them. They were very strange. Not that she was the only one who thought them odd. Everyone did. It was like instead of being three separate individuals, they were actually one collective mind split into three bodies. They all had large eyes and wore black eyeliner and ruby red lipstick. Occasionally, they went more porcelain doll-like and even applied a layer of white powder to their faces. They didn't often speak in unison, but they did finish each other's sentences and tended to get upset when they couldn't make their words rhyme. They are usually followed around by a large orange cat with black ringed golden eyes. It was likely that they were the oddest thing that came off the Isle of the Lost. When asked about them, even Uma and Harry didn't like to talk about them. Said they were weird and even a little scary.

They were the children of the Odd Sisters. No one on the Isle knew what sort of man would bed the three sisters nor did anyone know if the three children of the sisters were triplets or born one from each sister. They certainly acted as if they were one person. Maleficent had banished the Odd Sisters into the thorny forest on the Isle of the lost because even she wouldn't tolerate them. This left their three children a mystery to most.

Starting Auradon University was hard enough after the events of her Queen of Mean stint, but having to a dorm in the room next to the Odd Three was worse. She heard them chattering all through the night as if they never slept. They always looked at her funny and she didn't like it. Unable to stand it anymore as she hears them talking to someone else and having guests past ten was against dorm rules, Audrey stomped over to their door and flung it open. She finds the three of them sitting in front of a large, ornate, and old looking mirror. Their eyes turn on her fast.

"Touched by..."
"...the dark fairy..."
" contrary."

  • I'm willing to play Audrey or the OC Odd Three.
  • Odd Three can be any gender identity. Can be all males, all females, all non-binary, a mix of male and female and trans. Doesn't matter.
  • Also willing to swap out Audrey with any other princess type.
  • Playing the Odd Three would be challenging, but I don't expect anyone to actually try to make everything they say ryhme.
  • The Odd Sisters were very powerful witches and their children would be as well. Though they specialize in curses.
  • Basic idea for the story would be that the Odd Three have taken after their mothers, The Odd Sisters, in their manipulative and mischievous ways. They just happen to be better at hiding it than their mothers were. Their goal will be to try to manipulate Audrey back to dark ways. That her encounter with the Dragon Eye Staff left lingering magic in her.
  • I would like the story to eventually lead up to the Odd Three's redemption. That maybe Audrey only falls in love with one of them and that one starts to become more self-aware and less "part of a set".
  • Rating can go anywhere from Light to Bon and even to EX, but no non-con.

Anthony Tremaine/Chad Charming -
We Deserve Better
Anthony actually didn't mind living on the Isle. Mostly because he tended to be one of the more handsome ones around. He was tall, elegantly featured, with dark hair. Some commented that he looked strikingly close to King Ben. Even his worn and ragged clothing tended to look as if it had been custom-tailored to him. He was raised to speak as if everyone around him was boring him. As the grandson of Lady Tremaine, he hated when people called her the Evil Step-Mother and the son of Anastasia Tremaine; that made him royalty by marriage. Or at least he was told so. He was the step-nephew of Cinderella and that was good enough to fulfill his fantasy that he was better than everyone else. It didn't matter if everyone refused to call him Lord Tremaine, that was who he was and no one could tell him otherwise.

Like many, when the barrier came down, Anthony was in for a shock when he got to Auradon. The world was vastly different from what he had thought it would be like. People held it against him for the way his mother, grandmother, and aunt had treated Cinderella; as if he were the one who had done it himself. He was one of the better-educated inhabitants of the Isle. His grandmother and mother had made sure of it. So it had been easy enough for him to pass the exams to make it into Auradon University under the scholarship program King Ben had set up. But life was hard for him at Auradon University. The other Isle kids didn't forget how he treated them on the Isle and the Auradon students treated him like the wicked grandson. It was actually rather depressing. He felt knocked down several pegs.

When word came that Cinderella herself had told her son, Chad Charming, to make friends with him...he was put off. He didn't want friends, need friends, and certainly didn't need someone ordered to be his friend. His blond step-cousin refuses to accept that though. Apparently, this is punishment for him for having basically thrown himself at Audrey's feet to spare himself and turn against Auradon during her stint as the Queen of Mean. He soon realizes his step-cousin isn't the brightest in the bunch and tends to be more of a jock and a joke to others. Anthony has the realization that he can work with that.

  • I'm willing to play as either Anthony Tremaine or Chad Charming.
  • They are not blood-related. There is no incest. They have no common family members and have never interacted until the barrier came down.
  • Chad would be more bi-curious. Canonly, he's always gone after Audrey and lead on other girls, but Anthony's attitude would be alluring to him. Sort of like Audrey's old personality. Anthony is commanding and bossy, which makes Chad want to listen to him.
  • Anthony would be the more dominating one personality-wise and sexually.
  • Eventually, they would have more tender moments. Both realizing they've always felt like they deserved better than what they had and deserved people to treat them better. Anthony will never be a Lord and Chad will never be a King.
  • Storywise, it would start out as more day to day college type life. Eventually, Anthony would start leading Chad down a dark path.
  • Rating will be either Bon or EX. No Non-Con.

Mad Maddy/Artie Pendragon or OC Grandchild of Merlin -
Prancing Dragons
Being the grandchild of Madam Mim wasn't an easy thing. The woman was more than a little crazy and her children and grandchild had to endure it all. Maddy's only outlet was when she was once friends with Mal. They were once the closest of friends as children until people started calling them twins. Both had purple hair and green eyes. Mal viciously pranked her one day by ruining her hair with lye to turn it a murky aqua green color so they wouldn't look alike anymore. The betrayal of her only friend drove Maddy to solitude on the Isle and caused her to transfer to the Witch School when she was young.

When the barrier came down, Maddy, like the others, took the opportunity to leave the Isle. Auradon wasn't for her though. With all its technology and glamour, it's off-putting for the little woods witch. Luckily, not all of Auradon has acclimated to such things. Camelot Heights has avoided such updates and remains much as it has always been. It accepts medicines and certain modern appliances but for the most part they avoid cars, TVs, and prefer a "simpler" way of life. Maddy felt drawn to the home of her grandmother.

Deep in the woods near Camelot Heights, she finds an abandoned stone cottage. It's an old place and dusty, but she likes it. The roof even looked like a witch's cap. Maddy realizes this was her grandmother's home. She'd expected King Arthur would have had the place torn down, but here it was. Still standing and waiting for a new witch. Maddy was just the witch, she thought.

Of course, the fires burning and letting smoke up through the chimney drew attention.

  • I'm willing to play either Mad Maddy, Artie Pendragon, or the OC Grandchild of Merlin.
  • Artie Pendragon is the Descendants canon child of Arthur Pendragon. For this game, both he and Maddy would be at least 18 years old. The OC would be at least 18 as well.
  • Even though Maddy went to a witch's school, she's never really used magic before. She's sort of on her own and figuring out how to take her knowledge and put it to practical use. This could cause a lot of problems and make the residents of Camelot very nervous. Causing Artie or the OC Sorcerer to go out to investigate. Maddy doesn't mean to cause trouble, but she can't seem to help it. She's more clumsy and not intentionally malicious. Though she does have a temper and many of her grandmother's "mad" qualities. Such as talking to herself and rambling nonsensically.
  • The story would focus around Maddy trying to prove that she's not a threat, but mistakenly causing all sorts of problems. Such as "Oh, you need rain for the farms, I can do that" and ends up flooding the rivers. "Oh, it's really cold this winter, let me help" and ends up burning the tavern down.
  • Rating would fall more to Light. Bon possible, EX would need discussion. No Non-Con.

OC Male/OC Male
OC Female/OC Female
OC Male/OC Female
OC Dark Fairy/OC Good Fairy -
All Sharp Edges
Malefiecent isn't the only dark fairy that was banished to the Isle. There were a handful of other dark fairies who had taken her side and were banished for it in the end. They were not powerful as the Mistress of All Evil, but they were fairies nonetheless. When the barrier came down, all the fairies in the Fairylands of Neverland and Pixie Hollow petitioned King Ben and Queen Mal to not allow the children of those dark fairies back into Neverland. Even the Fairy Godmother pleaded with the King and Queen on the subject. However, being a child of a dark fairy herself, Queen Mal felt that these fairies deserved a chance and the King agreed.

In truth, it wasn't the dark fairies themselves the good fairies were worried about. It was a deep, shameful secret of the Fairylands that they were worried about being exposed. In the past, even the Fairy Godmother had been guilty of these crimes. Those deemed dark fairies were deemed so at birth. They were born with green skin, horns, no wings, followed by crows, and all sharp features. They weren't given a chance to see what sort of fairy they actually were and were written off as evil. None of them were given a chance, which made it easy for them to fall in line with Maleficent. No one bothered to find out where these dark fairies came from or how they were birthed by so-called good fairies. All that mattered was that they were different and not "beautiful", so they were written off and sometimes even left for dead. This shameful secret had been stowed away for many years and the elders of the fairies always feared it's coming to light.

  • One character will be an OC Dark Fairy from the Isle and the other will be an OC Good Fairy. I'm willing to play either.
  • The good fairy can be just some random good fairy or they could be the grandchild of either Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather.
  • Gender for both fairies is open to whatever we want to go with.
  • Storywise, I would like it to be the two coming together and finding out these horrible secrets about what fairies of the past have done. Perhaps even going with including Chernabog. That perhaps dark fairies come from those good fairies who get swayed by him and have relations with him. To hide their shame, they abandoned their dark fairy children. That would explain why no dark fairies have been born since the Isle prison was set up, because Chernabog was trapped under the Isle and couldn't seduce any good fairies in that time.
  • Rating can go from Light, Light-Exotic, Bon, Bon-Exotic, or even EX. No Non-Con.

Willing to consider just about any character combination. Those are just some general ideas. The only characters I'm not sure I can pull off would be Mal and Evie. I'm also open to having any character be transgender or non-binary.

I would like the story to be very adventurous. The characters meeting after the events of the third movie while everyone is trying to figure out how to make the union between the Isle and Auradon work. I'd like to work out some kind of quest for them to go on. Perhaps when they meet, some natural disaster happens and they end up on an adventure together to solve the problem.

I'm also willing to play something simpler. Such as Harry or Gil bringing some pretty Auradon girl or boy who is curious to the Isle to hang with the pirate crew and things just kind of spiral out of control for the poor Auradon citizen.

Anyway, if you're interested, please message me.

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Added two plot ideas.

The Hooked Princess - M/F; Light, BON, or EX
The Adventuring Duo - M/M; Light or BON

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Re: Rotten to the Core (Disney Descendants)(All Gender Pairings)(Light-EX)
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2021, 08:14:16 am »
Added two plot ideas.

Another Broken Tea Cup - M/M or M/F; Light or BON
By the Pale Moonlight - F/F; Light, BON, or EX

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Re: Rotten to the Core (Disney Descendants)(All Gender Pairings)(Light-EX)
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2021, 07:47:44 am »
Added two plot ideas

The Pirate and the Sea Monster - M/F, M/M, M/Any Gender Identity; Light-Exotic, BON-Exotic, or EX.
With Us Evil Lives On - F/Triplets (Any Gender Identities); Light, BON, or EX

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Re: Rotten to the Core (Disney Descendants)(All Gender Pairings)(Light-EX)
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Added two plot ideas:

We Deserve Better - M/M; BON or EX
All Sharp Edges - Any Gender Pairing; Light, Light-Exotic, BON, BON-Exotic, or EX.

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Re: Rotten to the Core (Disney Descendants)(All Gender Pairings)(Light-EX)
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2021, 12:33:47 pm »
Added two plot ideas:

The Pirates Curse - M/Any Gender; Light, BON, or EX.
Prancing Dragons - M/F or F/F; Light (would be open to discuss BON or EX, but not likely).

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Still looking.