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March 03, 2021, 02:43:18 pm

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Author Topic: The Life and Times of a Teenage Superhuman Super Stud  (Read 292 times)

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The Life and Times of a Teenage Superhuman Super Stud
« on: January 19, 2021, 07:04:46 pm »
Welcome to my Request Thread. Like anyone, I am a unique individual with particular wants and needs. I hope to illustrate what I'm about, what I'm looking for, and what I expect from a role playing partner. I think I'm comfortable admitting that my preference is sex over story, or smut over plot, but I'm not shy when it comes to flexing my writer's muscles. I can handle multiple characters and multiple genders. I can fabricate worlds and cultures, invent characters with established backgrounds, and otherwise devote my creativity wholeheartedly to suitable role playing collaborations. I believe I have an advanced command of the English language, I'm a fast typist, and I have plenty of free time for the hobby. At the end of the day, though, it's just an exceedingly elaborate means of getting off.

Before we go further, I suppose it's important to get my availability straightened out.
- I live in the Central US Time Zone, or GMT -6.
- I get off work at 4:30pm. I'm available to RP from roughly 6pm to 10pm, give or take an hour.
- Regardless of work, I can communicate and post intermittently throughout the day, and am not limited to brief encounters at unpredictable times.
- I prefer RP sessions that last a solid block of time, rather than daily or weekly posts. However, I can be flexible and accommodating when practicable.
- My preferred means of communication is through Discord, though I can certainly work with Private Messages.

There are consistent threads of interest that connect all my role plays. I have a strong predilection to incest, slice-of-life scenes of erotic domesticity, Coming of Age stories that feature First Time scenes, and the social scenes of teenage and young adult characters. I wouldn't say realism is something I'd prescribe to the sexual worlds of my imagination. No, I'm not looking for broken and believable lovers doomed to a failed relationship rife with drama and heartache. I would rather see happy and healthy people have happy and healthy sex with each other, albeit raunchy, deviant, perverted, and hedonistic sex. I've always wanted to follow a character's sex life from their first time, then further into their exploration of being a sexually active teenager and young adult. This should include threesomes and moresomes, group sex, orgies, public sex, casual sex, romantic sex, masturbation, group masturbation, mutual masturbation, and all the fun shit you can capture with smart phones and digital cameras. In the worlds of such activities, I contend that STD's simply do not exist, and birth control is so prevalent and effective that unwanted pregnancies are unheard of.

I like it when a family is conveniently wealthy, and I love to describe rich locations in lavish detail. Clothes are another thing I like to illustrate in my writing. I spend a lot of time visualizing a character's appearance, and I enjoy the challenge of painting their pictures through words. I like to highlight their most striking features, and give nods to the way they talk, or the tone of their voice. In this way, no one I write is just "American". A person's region and state has a huge impact on their social mores, and the nature of their behavior. Whether a person is Christian or Atheist, Liberal or Conservative, Rich or Poor is something I always consider. What their parents were like. Who their siblings are. What their dad did for a living. These wandering thoughts don't have to always be spelled out in a role play, but they're at the back of my mind regardless.

In general, you could say my primary pursuit is Wish Fulfillment. I want to play a characters that are young, attractive, capable, resourceful, and overall excellent at succeeding in life. They make good grades, they land good jobs, and they have lots of satisfying and fulfilling sex with multiple partners. I understand this is boring to many players. I'm well aware this probably makes me look pathetic. I maintain that everyone has the right to pursue what they want out of the hobby, and this is plainly what I'm looking for. It is very important that my potential partner has the same need for emotional warmth and sexual gratification that I have. Because of this, I don't want my role plays to have a definite end. I'd like to see them go on as long as possible, so that I may live vicariously through the events of my character's lives. Sometimes you need to shift the camera's focus from one location to another, just for a change of pace, or a different kind of air.

There are just some things I can't do. I have a hard time working with players who do not share my instinctive command, and natural love, of the English language. It's not hard for me to know where to put punctuation in the right place. The rhythms of a paragraph come easily to my fingertips. I simply don't have the patience for more simplistic writing styles, or players who are casual with their grammar. I want responses to be entertaining to read, with the quirks of the author's genuine character apparent in their narrative voice. I don't want to read a robot's dry accounting of events. Are my standards really that high? Well, I do believe there are others who take Role Playing more seriously than myself, but it's definitely not a casual pursuit on my end. As such, I don't do anything Short Term.

One of my more polarizing limitations is my refusal to use image references. I don't have face claims, and I don't spend time collecting photographs or illustrations to share with partners. I don't want my partner sharing images with me, either. I prefer detailed written descriptions of characters over image references any day of the week. It's more immersive, and it allows my vivid imagination to create more striking visions. I am a somewhat competent artist, however. If I like a role play enough, and I'm feeling motivated, I will draw my own pictures of characters, and will gladly share them with my partner. I just cannot find works made by other people that match what I can picture in my head with greater clarity.

Realistic bodies are another thing I just can't do. Specifically, I'm not interested in normal or average breast and penis sizes. I want to see truly incredible assets, ones our characters can take great pride in. 12" is my minimum cock size, and DD is my minimum breast size. Size play is a very important kink to me, and I love it when a character is recognized for being a particularly impressive specimen. Incredible bodies of form and shape, ones that transcend reality and shift into the idealized world's of the artist's imagination. Those can captivate my attention, especially when they drift over into hyper territory. As you'd expect, excessive fluids lends itself into the equation. Pitiful cum shots that barely wet the bottom of a glass just won't do it. I need pints to liters of cum, gushing precum you can drown in, and thick showers of squirting juices.

Dark Themes that involve murder, torture, humiliation, and degradation are pretty much off the table. I'm not attracted to Dom/Sub relationships, and BDSM has largely failed to arouse me. I am very much vanilla in this regard. I like it when two or more characters are attracted to each other, are open to intimacy, and end up having happy and satisfying consensual sex. I know, that's boring to a lot of lovely people out there, but it's all I'm really interested in when it comes to sexual encounters. I do love lots of build up and foreplay, though. I love the wild ride that leads two characters to end up in bed together, becoming fast friends and lovers.

I do not pursue pregnancy, primarily because I'm not attracted to pregnant women, and I do not like babies or children. They are a hindrance to a sexually liberated life style, and because of site rules, their presence in a scene negates the possibility of any sexual activities. However, sustaining a legacy does interest me. One of the more taboo kinks I'm inclined to is inbreeding, at least as a background to the primary characters. Have a brother impregnate his sisters on several occasions, then have his inbred children double on the inbreeding, but without the physically and mentally detrimental effects. No, in this fantasy world, incest only makes a bloodline stronger.

Right now I just want to tell the story of one young man and his sexually promiscuous life. From the day he looses his virginity, we'll follow him on his adventures through high school and college. Not only does he have a huge penis, but he has two. That's right, our hero was born a beautiful, full-functioning mutant who is literally twice the man of any swinging dick in the room. He has sex with his mom, his aunt, his sisters, his cousins, his neighbors, his schoolmates, and of course his girlfriends. He's not entirely straight, so there's room for bicurious exploration with his best friends. They might share a girl together one hour, then jerk each other off to porn the next. Full on sodomy between men is something I've been hesitant to jump into, but my interest has been piqued. I just heavily prefer women. I certainly wouldn't mind a hermaphrodite somewhere in the mix, and dick girls are still on the table. The details can be ironed out later, but for now the structure is fairly simple, as this is a light hearted, feel good romp in a dreamland of American excess.

So, who is this guy besides a Superhuman Super Stud? Well, I was an art student myself, though my major was animation. This guy's interest is in photography and film, and has the talent and ambition to turn the porn world upside on its head. Maybe he started early, selling his underage incest tapes on the black market to high paying dark web patrons. When he turns 18 he'll release his first legal sex tape online to worldwide acclaim, as he can make otherwise impossible feats of sexual prowess a tantalizing reality. He and his partners in film making have the bodies everyone dreams of, and can coat each other's bodies with gobs of sticky juices simply through their naturally gifted biology. It's inexplicable, highly improbable, but they prove such Hentai Sex Tropes aren't impossible. In a way, this turns sex into the plot, but I don't want to ignore all the technical aspects that go into making movies, let alone pornographic ones. Finding locations, getting the lighting right, adjusting the speed and aperture on cameras, editing the footage, and bringing all the disparate parts together into a cohesive work of erotic art. This guy's porn is just that fucking good.

There's other stuff I could put here, but no one's really showed much interest in the past. I doubt anyone will be interested in this stupid idea, either, but there it is.

I can write in third person, second person, and first person, but the plot mentioned above might work better in Third Person Past Tense. You see, I want to expand upon the traditional 1x1 pairings found in most role plays. I want my partner to have equal control over all the characters, locations, histories, and current events in the story. I want us to share in duties of role playing. Rather than presenting an action or bit of dialogue, and then waiting for our partner to write their character's reaction, we take turns writing chunks of the same cohesive narrative. Cohesion is essential here. It's imperative that both players are on the same page, are after the same goals, and are willing to use the same methods. Naturally there will be different narrative voices between posts, but that's a small price to pay for a posting method that will, theoretically, prevent all my Pet Peeves from surfacing.

So it goes without saying: I'm looking for a multi-paragraph poster, one who enjoys writing smut as much as role playing it. Your gender is irrelevant, though I suspect I'll find more IRL men willing to give this a shot. No disrespect to anyone of any given gender-- I'll give anyone a chance-- it's just that men tend to like the same things as other men. That makes sense, right? Regardless of who you are, if you'd made it this far I'd love to hear from you. You can send me a PM and we can start chatting. I'm amicable, I'm not in a big rush, and I'm open to other ideas and plots you wish to share. I'm even flexible when it comes to the way we post. If you don't want a collaborative story RP like I mentioned above, I'm sure we can work something else out.

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Re: The Life and Times of a Teenage Superhuman Super Stud
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Re: The Life and Times of a Teenage Superhuman Super Stud
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