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June 22, 2021, 03:32:25 pm

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Author Topic: Sheki's story corner (FxF)  (Read 220 times)

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Sheki's story corner (FxF)
« on: January 17, 2021, 06:12:35 am »
Welcome to my new request threat.

What should you know about me if you are willing to write with me:
I always try to go for story driven roleplays, not smut driven. I write two to three paragraphs and expect at least this much back. Not just one or two sentences please. Grammar isn’t that important as I myself probably will make mistakes.
My characters will always be of Asian descent as I am Asian myself and I love to use this in my own stories.

I will only take a few roleplays at a time, making it so that I won’t get overwhelmed with to many stories and I can keep giving the replies I want without having to cut into the quality and quantity of them.
I also prefer my stories to have a romantic plot and that there is seduction in it.

The rest of my preferences can be found in my on/off page.
Also please send me a pm if you like to do an rp with me, don’t post in this thread.

Now here are some of my ideas I have:

Does she fall or not?

The setting of the story is modern times mixed with fantasy.

A young woman is having the worst time of her life. After being fired from her job as part of a downsize, she goes to her partners place to find her partner has been cheating on her with the boss that just fired her earlier that day.
When she tries to go home, she finds her apartment just burned down. And to make things worse, when she goes to a hotel, her credit card gets refused as the bank somehow made a mistake and all her cards got blocked.
Without any other choice she goes sit in the park, wondering how she could have such a bad day.
While she sits there suddenly a silver ring falls down in front of her. Picking it up, she wonders where it came from.

Ten minutes before the ring fell in front of the young woman, a massive party was going on up in heaven.
All the Gods were celebrating some kind of event that was all except one. After all she still wasn’t recognized as a real God yet.
The reason for this was simple, she never had been down to earth and she couldn’t control her powers well.
Somehow she always either overdid it or didn’t put in enough strength when using her powers.
Therefore she was the laughingstock of the other Gods and instead of being invited to the party, she was told to do an inventory of magical items stored in the vault.
Off course taking this opportunity of being alone to practice her powers instead of doing what she was told, the minor goddess somehow managed to get one of the most important items to fall down to earth.
The ring that fulfills all the wearers desires and wishes.

As the other Gods find out about her mistake, they punish her and send her down to earth to get the ring back.
The thing is there are three conditions tide to her retrieving the ring.
 First the person owning the ring at this moment, must freely hand this ring over to her, she can’t just take it or steal it.
Second she must retrieve it without revealing what she really is, thus keeping her powers hidden.
And the third condition is, she has to retrieve it within one month or else she will lose all her powers and become human.

This is the basic plot I have for this story, how we will make both char’s meet up and in what situation , we can talk over as we hash out details in ooc.

Once upon a dream

Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest
White is cold and always yearning, burdened by a royal test
Black the beast descends from shadows
Yellow beauty burns gold

Each night she goes to sleep and each night she keeps on having this recurring Dream.
This beautiful blonde woman is lying in the snow while red rose petals fall down on top and around her.
Then there is blood flowing from out of a large wound on her stomach, coloring the bright white snow red.
The only sounds that can be heard is a chilly wind and her soft labored breaths as she stares straight at you.
As the life flows out of her, she keeps staring at you and only utters one word.with her dying breath.
It's your name. And as always then you wake up.

As if that wasn't strange enough, each day on your way to work as you go to pick up your daily coffee/tea/beverage you run across her.
The woman from your dreams crosses your path in the coffee shop each day yet doesn't even show any sign of recognizing you.
Now what do you do as day after day you keep being haunted by the same dream.

The Royal Wedding

For as long as they can remember humanity and monsters have been fighting each other so the hatred for each site is deep.
But both sides also start to realize this war can't continue on as it's clear no victor is in sight and by now it's all meaningless bloodshed and loss of resources.
That's why after years of talking in secrecy, they have decided the only way to really stop the wars and form peace, is to form a connection not easily broken.
This connection being a royal wedding between the first heirs of the rulers of both sides.
Though somewhere, something went wrong and turns out both heirs are female.
Still the rules have been laid out so the plans have to continue if peace is going to prevail.
However how will both parties react to each other, how will they feel about having to marry someone of their own sex and can they forget about the bloody history of their kind and come together in peace?

Some pictures I would love to play but have no real ideas for, if you find anything you like, feel free to contact and we can discuss  about it :)