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January 25, 2021, 06:07:14 PM

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Author Topic: Shy Male Seeking Power-Bottom/Soft-Dom Females for Long-Term Erotic Stories!  (Read 65 times)

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Offline SilentFoxTopic starter


Hello there reader, thank you for taking the time to click on this thread and read it! So, to begin with I'll just give you a general idea of what I am after in this introduction so you can figure out if you want to dive into the rest of the thread.

What I am looking for is a writing partner who enjoys playing either a soft-dom or power-bottom female character with my shy, nerdy male character. Most of the scenario's I'll be adding later into the thread will likely be Modern/Slice-of-life settings but I am definitely open to most other genres too, sci-fi, fantasy etc.  I am also open to a variety of themes, some of them likely more taboo than others but if you think they will add to the story I will gladly consider them (aimed more at things like incest and the like.)

So, if you like the idea of seducing the shy, nerdy guy then, by all means, read on! And hopefully, we'll be able to set up a fun, steamy story we will both enjoy writing!

To clarify my characters tend toward shy, bashful, even awkward personalities but they are generally curious enough to not just sit there like a tree stump. As this is a common issue people have brought up in the past I figured I'd address it at the start.

In general when it comes to the less fun but still essential parts of an RP, I can generally post 1-2 times a week at present and generally prefer longer replies so I tend to favour mediums such as PM's, emails and threads. I am, however, open to the possibility of using discord as a means of RP'ing via a server just at a similar pace. I can write in either first or third person and have no strong preference for one over the other so don't be afraid to state a preference.

This thread is very work-in-progress, so don't be afraid to point out any errors!

Scenario's & Openings

In regards to any scenarios in this section, none of them is set in stone and the characters can be tweaked and changed as we like just think of them as inspiration and a writing sample mostly. Also, note I'll be adding new ones over time!

Unlikely Affair [Modern/Slice-of-Life]

"Are you sure this is for real? It seems a bit too good to be true to me." Miles said to his father who initially only nodded as he wound the car through lunchtime traffic before replying more fully to him as he could still scarcely believe it. Finding a place to live for college had proven troublesome enough for Miles and he thought he'd have to brave the dorms which did not appeal to him in the slightest due to his awkward nature and the relatively cramped rooms he had seen on his tour six months prior. He lurched forwards in his seat the car came to a stop at a red light allowing his father to speak without breaking his concentration.

"Absolutely sure, look I know it sounds almost too good to be true but sometimes you just get lucky. This is one of those times, I'll explain more once we are out of this damned traffic." The light turning green almost as he finished speaking which left Miles to his thoughts, watching the familiar shop fronts and buildings pass by as he realised soon he'd be in a new place surrounded by strangers which made him more anxious than excited now that the moment had actually arrived and it had become time to leave the safety of home.

"Now, you'll be living on the estate of some rich and powerful folk, so mind your manners first off. The head gardener there is an old friend of mine who's getting on in the years so he needs a hand, they do know you are going to college so they won't be expecting you to work all the time. The perks being you get a modest wage and a place to live, it's a tiny little cottage as I understand it but has all the amenities you could want, yes including the internet." Miles nodded slowly, still feeling it sounded a little too good to be true but he wasn't about to turn down an offer like that and if it was an old friend of his father's that was good enough for him.

The rest of the journey passed quickly, a mix of small talk, curious questions and Miles father making sure to remind him a dozen times to remember to call at least once a week as Miles mind began to wander to what his new home and job would look like. Even his vivid imagination did little to prepare him for the sheer size of the estate which he would be living upon, it looked like something out of a movie, dozens of rooms and a massive tract of land and Miles quickly got the feeling the gardening job was less of a perk than he first thought. There was even security at the gate making him wonder just how powerful the owners of this vast piece of land actually were.

Miles luggage was checked and soon the elderly gardener he'd be working for appeared, talking to his father as Miles tried to lug his bags along behind as they walked and he saw the cottage itself. It looked like it belonged on a postcard, a thatched roof and ivy-covered walls as his father and the older man approached. "Right, I better get back. Do me proud, Miles, you hear?" Miles nodded as his father clapped him on the back and left him with the gardener. "Well, you must be Miles then, I'm Edward Swan but before ye get started with any Mr Swan business just call me, Ed, eh? Let's drop your bags off and give you the tour shall we?"

The next two hours felt like a blur to Miles as he was shown around and told what he'd be doing, to call it a lot to take in felt like a gross understatement to Miles as he learned it was some governor or other such official and his wife that owned it. Stables, two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, sauna and more were among the things that stood out to the almost overwhelmed student. Just as Ed was explaining that the flower beds and potted plants on the lane up to the front of the house needed watering every day and that would be the one task he'd have to make sure he did every day Ed's attention was pulled elsewhere as two people emerged toward a limousine. "Ah, good evening Mr and Mrs Stone, off to a function are we?"

The man looked as if he might've been handsome before age and overindulgence had taken over as he approached Ed and Miles before taking Miles hand in both of his and shaking it far too vigorously for his liking. "Ah, this must be the new helper you were talking about, a pleasure to meet you, afraid I can't stop and chat you know what these functions are like." He said almost a little too quickly before his expensive shoes crunched their way back across the gravel toward their waiting transport. The woman seemed the exact opposite to Miles despite the signs of age worrying at the edges of her eyes she held a perfect hourglass figure with a trim stomach and far too much cleavage on show for Miles to trust his eyes as she extended her hand toward him. "I understand you will be with us whilst you study... Miles wasn't it?" Miles just nodded shaking her hand carefully, the soft skin of her palms making the sensation linger almost as much as her eyes did on him. "I look forward to getting to know you in your time here but I better hurry."

What little Miles knew at that point would be just how much of a once in a lifetime experience his time would be and how much danger the lust of a neglected woman would put him in but would it be worth it?

Careful What You Wish For (Modern/Fantasy Elements)

Getting a girlfriend for the prom seemed as unlikely to Miles as winning the lottery, the first girl he had asked at least had the courtesy to let him down gently because she already had a date for the final year prom but the second one had laughed so hard it had shattered Miles confidence into a million pieces. With exams handled and Miles' grades never having been an issue it ensured his mind lingered on that one issue, feeling only the apocalyptic thoughts of never having a girlfriend that only a lonely teen could conjure to fill his time. Stopping in at the local bookstore that he worked part-time at sorting donated books he'd opted to do a couple of hours work rather than going straight home, his mother would be working until the next day and his father had run off with his secretary a year ago so he had little urge to rush home to be with his own thoughts.

"Just one big bastard of a chest from someone got dropped in today, Miles, how did the prom date hunt go?" Asked the rake of an old man who ran the store to a non-commital grunt from Miles who moved into the back room and began sorting through the books within the large iron-bound chest. Most were what he expected old books, encyclopedia's well past the point of usefulness and old novels that would likely be cleaned up to line the shelves of the storefront itself. At the bottom was something he didn't expect, a large, leatherbound tome with a lock upon it and the key set into the front that made it look like a spellbook to Miles "You mind if I take this one home?" The store's owner shook his head, slapping Miles on the back as he did. "Help yourself, lad, I'll be closing up early today so you head on home, you hear?"

The walk home was uneventful and as he'd expected his mother was working late at the hospital again, ensuring a post-it note was planted firmly on the fridge saying that his dinner was just needing to be reheated in the microwave. He ate, finished his homework and then remembered the book he'd grabbed from the store, he managed to pry the key out of the front, it looked as if it had been melted into the cover and unlocked the rather hefty lock at the side and opened it finding it to contain alchemical recipes. To begin with, they started off rather mundane, cures for various ailments but eventually became more seemingly exotic such as liquid luck, Nightvision and eventually, it started to move from alchemy to various rituals including one titled 'The Perfect Lover' which seemed to be some kind of summoning spell which sounded too good to be true, with a chuckle he felt it was still more likely to get a nerd like him a girlfriend than anything else so after a quick shower he gathered the materials.

Laying out a mat across his bedroom floor he followed the spell's instructions to the letter, the circle of salt with an elaborate Y-shape within it, a lit candle at the centre and a drop of blood from pricking his finger which promptly sizzled in the flame of the candle. There was a slight 'poof' of air far hotter than what he imagined a candle could do as the slight gust destroyed the symbol and left Miles with nothing but a mess to clean up.

He flopped into bed in his boxers, quickly forgetting the crazy old book as a fitful anxious sleep claimed him and he wasn't awoken until an eerie pink flash filled his room and he was roused from his sleep. For a moment he thought he'd left his laptop on again but as he tried to sit up a weight on his hips made him look down to a sight he'd never soon forget. Fiery red hair and bright green eyes were matched by a wide smile as the form of a naked woman, fair-skinned and freckled sat straddling him with a look of mischievous amusement. Her breasts were bare, generous looking handfuls crowned with rosy pink nipples, her abs were tight, toned and lead the way to a neat fiery triangle of pubic hair that casually sat atop the lump in his boxers.

"About time, I thought you'd sleep forever, Miles. Now before you go screaming or asking a bunch of silly questions let's get the boring stuff out of the way so we can fuck like wild animals, okay? Good." She snapped her fingers, a flash of embers turning into an ornate looking scroll as she cleared her throat to speak. "I, Lexiana do hereby accept the pact you have offered Miles and am henceforth gladly bound to you for the rest of your life." Miles opened his mouth to speak but was quickly silenced by a finger pressed over his lips as Lexi continued. "Before you ask, I feed on sex and pleasure, not souls, no I don't have a tail, horns or wings. Next, the spell read your mind, specifically sexual desires and such to match you with me so there won't be any awkward asking me to suck your dick for hours or whether I like it hard up the ass, okay?" Miles nodded as her finger remained firmly planted on his lips.

"Now, I am going to try and convince your mother to let me stay here, yes I'll be your prom date once I can get my clothes here and yes I am really real." She finally let up with her finger, the scroll disappearing as quickly as it had arrived as she leant down and placed her forehead to his. "So, what do you want to do first, casual handjob... Or you want me to suck on you with two fingers up your cute little butt pressing the 'cum harder' button?" She gave a nearly feral grin as Miles realised that this was real and really happening making him wonder what else in that book was real. Would this succubus prove a blessing, a curse, both or had he finally quite literally magicked up a happy ending for himself?

My Character

This character is just a rough template to give you an idea of roughly what I would like to play as, he can be tweaked and changed but I will not deviate from the shy, nerdy type too much. Feel free to ask for more details if you need them!
  • Name: Miles Jones
  • Occupation: Student - Subject of Study varies depending on the story.
  • Age: 16-22.
  • Height: 5ft 5in.
  • Build/Physique: Slim without being particularly skinny nor muscled.
  • Complexion: Fair with freckles.
  • Hair: Short, light brown.
  • Eye Colour: Brown.
  • Sexual Measurements: Penis 7 inches when hard. (Willing to play anything from 4 to 9 inches)
  • Personality: Mild-mannered, softly spoken and polite. Tends to get easily flustered around strangers or in situations he is not comfortable with.
  • Other Things of Note: Body hair is optional but typically I play with a generally light fuzz on the legs and the bush.
Your Character

I am generally fairly open to a wide range of female characters, body types, sizes and ethnicities and only have a slight preference for fit/toned looks that is so minor as to not be an issue if you'd rather play a different kind of character.

The only thing I request which is in the intro would be that your character is sexually aggressive. Everything else is for you to decide and for us to chat about during the set-up so the sky is the limit!

Kinks, O&O Link, Erotic Scene Ideas etc!

I'll start off by giving you a link to my O&O, it isn't entirely up to date yet so use it in conjunction with the list below please: O&O Link

The following is as much a list of scenes I'd like to see as well as kinks and examples where possible I'll try to be as thorough as possible.

  • Oral Sex (Giving and especially receiving): My biggest kink is likely on receiving but I do like to give as good as I get. To quote someone I once used to know "A good mouth can do so much for a cock." I prefer the slower more sensual kind than the brutal 'facefucking' variety.
  • Voyeurism/Exhibitionism: I'll lump them both together for succinctness but this is what I imagine much of the early sexual scenes will be, spying, peeping, overhearing sex or masturbation or outright watching. If done right this can be an incredible thing and can add a lot.
  • Outercourse of all Kinds: Blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, fingering, eating pussy any or all are options!
  • Vaginal and Anal: I know the latter isn't to everyone's liking but if you want it included you need only say so. Fairly self-explanatory.
  • Masturbation: This one ties into the exhibitionism/voyeurism kinks, the hearing of fingertips rustling through a neatly trimmed bush, the soft slick noises of fingers working, the gasps and suppressed moans, the curling of toes and shudders of release.
  • Massages: There is something inherently intimate and sensual about both giving and receiving them, everything from foot rubs and shoulder rubs to full body.
  • Dancing/Belly Dancing: Used as a method of teasing or such it can be a fun inclusion, belly dancing just plays into my love of toned abs on women. *hides*
  • Risky/Public Sex: A footjob beneath the table at dinner, a quick rut in the bathroom with others in the next room, a blowjob behind the kitchen counter whilst trying to talk to someone etc.
  • Clothing of All Kinds: I love it when people like to include and describe clothing and it's removal/use in a roleplay. Everything from a simple bath towel after a shower to classy lingerie and stockings. Summer dresses, tank tops and yoga pants and more the sky is the limit.
  • Multiple Orgasms: Something that is rarely done but always appreciated, wheres the fun at stopping with just one? Tends to play around with the increased sensitivity after an orgasm which I was going to make a separate listing but I'll put it in here.
  • Edging/Teasing: Taking someone to the edge of orgasm over and over again or just teasing them with pleasure that isn't enough to finish them off.
  • Rimming (Giving and Receiving): Pretty much just an extension of oral but I know it's not for everyone.
  • Licking: The tongue is a very sexy thing.
  • Detailed Orgasms: Something I always like to see and try to give in kind!
  • Casual Nudity: There's just something appealing about a body confident woman showing off her physique as if it's the most natural thing in the world.
  • Sexually Aggressive/Assertive Women: It's a rare thing to find but it's always appreciated.
  • If something isn't on here or my F-list then just ask me, it's likely I may have never heard of it or be entirely neutral/indifferent toward it. As with everything in this thread, feel free to ask questions if something needs clearing up.