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January 23, 2021, 05:36:12 PM

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Author Topic: Fandoms, Monsters, Original Plots  (Read 153 times)

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Fandoms, Monsters, Original Plots
« on: January 13, 2021, 12:08:45 PM »
Quick Introduction

Hello there welcome to my thread please take a look around :D I'll keep this concise, I'm new to the site, but I'm an experienced roleplayer of 6+ years. I've completed university so would say I have a good grasp on the English language, all my replies are checked for grammar and spelling, though I'm only human. If there is any fandoms that you wish to roleplay in that aren't on here just ask, I might know them.

  • I prefer about 1-4 paragraphs I can do more if you want but, nothing less than a paragraph.
  • Literacy is a must if you have poor spelling and grammar I won't be a very good fit as a partner for you.
  • Story is a must, of course, I expect a fair amount of erotica in the RP but I'm looking for background and build, otherwise, for me the smut gets boring very quickly
  • I only roleplay in the third person, and will expect my partner to do the same.
  • Don't be shy, I try to be as friendly and polite as possible if you have any ideas or kinks on your mind that aren't listed just tell me. I'm totally fine with just taking one idea from any of the plots listed or pairings and coming up with something new.
The Choices so far:
  • Naruto
  • My Hero Academia
  • Bleach
  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball
  • Avatar the Last Airbender / Legend of Korra
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Code Geass
  • Steins Gate
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Marvel Comics
  • DC Comics
  • 2000 AD stuff
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • Valiant Comics
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Witcher
  • Resident Evil
  • Devil May Cry
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Street Fighter
  • Tekken
  • Guilty Gear
  • Warcraft
  • League of Legends
  • Legend of Queen Opala
  • Bayonetta
  • Steven Universe
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Hades
Original Plot Ideas

The Rajah is Dead

So this one would be set in Ancient India like 1000BC, centered around the Rajah(King) of India who has recently died in a war against the Emperor of China. His only heir and son has taken the throne. However there is dissent in his court the kingdom is pretty much close to imploding with various warlords,generals,nobles wanting to just break off this war and form their own miniature kingdom rather than be part of a unified India, especially with this war against China .

This Roleplay would have a good portion of slice of life/war time drama, as well as the main relationship being between the young son and now Rajah and his mother, This plot is fairly loose so can go a variety of ways, from a redemption story of a young man growing into a legendary leader of his people, to the complete opposite with everything falling apart around him. Again I'm open to any changes or suggestions for this.

Wife Swap
YC is happily married to the husband and everything goes smoothly. At the same time, the neighbor couple is fighting all the time.

One day the two ladies are talking about the issues, and the neighbor lady suggests a “couple swap” for 1 day only. Like they do on TV. To see if this game helps with the relationship. YC doesn’t want to do that and leaves the decision to the husband, who agrees to the game much to Akari dismay.

I want to try it out maybe make some twists to the story, this wouldn't be super planned out other than the premise and the first scene. We can see how the characters react to the situation.

The Boss

YC is a newbie female employee that gets assigned to a business trip with her Senior, Mister Nakata.

She is sort of naive but exceptionally beautiful and the boss Nakata is fully aware of that, but he is also an asshole and has very little patience to deal with her. Something that becomes very obvious from his lack of manners.

In return, she hates the guts of this boss but being encouraged by the boyfriend (who supports her constantly via phone calls) she decides to do her best to pass this trial. Because after all, it’s just for one night…

Another plot here that I'm okay with changing a little so it is more stretched out, and we can add even more drama and tension.

Incest and the Sea

The premise of this one involves quite a few dark themes,one of the main ones being the father of the story being quite abusive towards the mother, both verbally and emotionally. The father works away as the captain of a fishing trawler quite successful actually, so the family overall are quite well off. But the mother is very sheltered in that the father of the story, forbids her from going out wearing anything too sultry etc. Over the years the son has grown to resent his father, even after he has started working on his fathers ship. The main elements would be hurt/comfort between the mother and son for this one.

Fantasy Plots

Adopted Monster

This plot would be about the kingdom of Exodia, ruled over by an Elven King and Queen (Can be human) in the brutal campaign of 578 DE with the kingdom expanding into the dark forests of Arden, the King finds a baby monster (Your choice which one) and takes him in raising him a son. Fast forward to 20 years later the prince/monster is now a young adult and hormones are hitting hard, unfortunately for the Queen and his adoptive mother he sets his sights on her doing anything to mate with her.

Although the plot sounds fairly smutty, I was looking to do a fair amount of political intrigue, and slice of life around the war going on against a neighboring kingdom, with the mother and son being the main focus.

Desperate Times

The King of Exodia is dead, leaving his young heir and his wife to be Queen Regent. 2 Kingdoms the fierce warriors of Dune and mountain tribes of Kumona have declared war and are ravaging the lands, the army has managed to force its two bitter enemies into a slow stalemate although they are slowly losing lands and people, should a third kingdom enter the war the entire land will be lost.

Therefore what choice does the Queen Regent and her advisors have? But to allow monsters into their lands, to make dark pacts with old gods and things that go bump in the night to save their homeland. But what will the price be of all this?

Downfall of the Queen

So for this plot I would be taking on a GM role in a certain sense in that I would be playing multiple characters around YC whilst you would just be playing the Queen, possibly a few more if you wanted to. The plot would revolve around a fairly new Queen I was thinking something along the lines of a Warrior Queen of sorts, uses her strength and combative abilities to lead and grow the kingdom. The the Kingdom she rules was founded by her father the first King of Exodia, who conquered the small rival lands under an iron fist and hammered them into a single kingdom. Though her father was an extremely cruel and evil man, he committed unspeakable horrors to put a crown on his head, and his govermental system is generally pretty nasty. With the new Queen I was thinking she makes some drastic changes, isn't particularly evil at all even if she is a warrior queen.

Though the fatal mistake she makes is she pisses off a lot of nobles and people whom her father put into powerful positions, the biggest one being her own grandfather who is a warlock and helped nurture and guide his son to becoming King. Though now his son is dead and his daughter rules which would be fine with him, except the new Queen has no time for her grandfather, disregards his advice believes his methods are too cruel, his magic tainted and generally shuns him from her court. Thus he decides to 'put her in her place' if this sounds like something you're interested in we can discuss more.

Help my Monster Wife has been stolen!

So this plot is set in a fantasy world and can involve various monster race girls paired with a traditional human male, it will of course involve heavy NTR themes. A small list of possible monster wives that could be stolen:

Minotaur: Despite their large size and imposing features the minotaurs are more than happy to find a mate amongst the smaller races, despite their strength they are generally very caring and peaceful. When dating other races they prefer to pamper and give pleasure than receieve it, though unless one is hung like a horse or is a male Minotaur its near impossible to satisfy them through penetration alone.

The males of the species are very jealous creatures, so you can be sure if they see one of their females stepping outside their race they will become a target. Typically targeting a female when she is in heat, where the usual nurturing motherly sex cannot satisfy her primal urges. With their musc alone its possible for a male to seduce a female in heat, long enough to breed her.  She will immediately regret it of course , but it will be too late. Though have her instincts been awakened?

Orc: There are many misconceptions about orcs, and few people know they actually live in matriarchal societies. Behind every Orc Warlord, there is a powerful matron ruling over him and her dozen other sons. While females usually live a sedentary lifestyle, it can happen for some to leave the tribe and find themselves a mate among other races. A female Orc is softer than a male but just as assertive. If she finds herself a suitable mate she will push herself on him and flirt violently until her "prey" finally submits, even if she has to capture him in the end. Female Orcs usually prefer softer, smaller men - "unmanly" would be the term - as husbands, astark contrast compared to the rugged and virile males of ther own species.

Interracial marriage within Orc culture is traditional but one-sided. Basically, the submissive partner is expected to stay at home, take care of the house, food and kids while the dominant one is free to do as they please... including bedding other people.  As long as this "contract" is respected, an Orc can be surprisingly doting and protective with her partner. Some might even grant their husband a relative freedom once they're certain of their loyalty. Orc sexuality is bestial and rough, and few people among other races can actually withstand it. Thus, a female Orc wll usually get sexual relief elsewhere, usually with another Orc, and spend the rest of her intimate moments with her husband being worshipped, caressed and licked everywhere. Orcs are at the top of the sexual hierarchy, a female will inspire fear in others, and no one will dare stand in her way when she exhibits her mate proudly like a war trophy.

Some Pairings I wish to do but with no set plot:

  • Vampire Queen/ Lycan Guard
  • Vampire Queen / Human Prince or Hero
  • Gnoll Hero/Human Hero
  • Female Orc/Male Knight
  • Female Centaur/Male Knight
  • Monster Girl Maid/Master
  • Jungle Woman/Anthro Jungle King
  • Orc Rebellion Leader/Human Princess
  • Evil Queen/Warlock Adviser
  • Demon Queen/Human Hero Bodyguard
  • Demon King/Female Human Bodyguard
  • Demon King's Daughter/Human Hero Bodyguard
  • Orc Female Chief/Human Prince (Arranged Marriage)
  • Dark Elf Queen/Human Knight
  • Queen/Conquering Orc Warchief
  • Orc Warrior/Human Mage
  • Orc Bodyguard / Elven Princess/Queen
The Scary Stuff!

So I'm not too sure on how to best explain this, but I will try my best. The Horror genre has a special place in my heart, I can't express how much I love a good fright from a movie, or my heart speeding up during a chilling book. Something that makes it hard to sleep is right up my alley, thus my attempt at finding some writing partners that would be interested in writing such stories. Furthermore, I'm hoping to add erotica to this genre, maybe it's a bit strange but I find creepy nightmarish creatures both terrifying and arousing, the nun from the conjuring movies is just one example.

Anyway I've droned on enough if you might be interested in playing some Nightmarish Waifus, drop me a message we can hash something out hopefully.

Massive list of possible Pairings

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Vampire Queen/ Guard
European Knight/Samurai
European Knight/Female Shogun
Gnoll Hero/Human Hero
Greek God Athena/Greek Warrior
Alien Bounty Hunter/Human Bounty Hunter
Alien Soldier/Human Soldier
Egyptian God/Priestess
Egyptian God/Egyptian Queen
Spider Monster Girl/Male Human
Norse God/Female Viking
Female Orc/Male Knight
Explorer/Female Frost Giant
Gnoll Female/Male Knight
Human Lord/Elf Maid
Female Centaur/Male Knight
Monster Girl Maid/Master
Jungle Woman/Anthro Jungle King
Undead Outlaw/Female Sheriff
Undead Outlaw/Burlesque Dancer
Female Police Officer/Criminal
Anthro Jungle King/Explorer
Orc Rebellion Leader/Human Princess
Orc Rebellion Leader/Human Captive
Cowgirl/Equine Anthro
Outlaw/Burlesque Dancer
Outlaw/Sheriff's Daughter
Dinosaur Anthro/Archaeologist
Farmhand/Farmer's Daughter
Zoo Keeper/Exhibit
Crime Lord/Debtor's Daughter
Crime Lord/Mistress
Safari Guide/Wild Anthro
Baroness/Anthro Slave
Caveman/Dino Anthro
Cavewoman/Dinosaur Anthro
Baron/Anthro Slave
Rich Woman/Anthro Mechanic
Rich Man/Female Anthro Mechanic
Martial Arts Trainer/Student or Outsider
Truck Driver/Hitchhiker
Female Police Officer/K9 Partner Anthro
Anthro Activist/Police Officer
Female Gang Leader/Male Runaway
Mech Pilot/Mech Pilot
Mech Pilot/Mechanic
Mage Knight/Queen
Mage Knight/Princess
Legendary Knight/Squire
Evil Queen/Kidnapped Prince
Evil Queen/Orc Bodyguard
Evil Queen/Warlock Adviser
Royal Snob/Peasant Girl
Demon Queen/Human Hero Bodyguard
Demon King's Daughter/Human Hero Bodyguard
Demon King/Female Human Bodyguard
Werewolf Queen/Baron
Muscular Girl/Small Guy
Knight/Warrior Nun
Spider Queen/Knight
Scorpio Queen/Assassin
Goblin King/Fairy Princess
Goblin King/Human Princess
Orc Female Chief/Human Prince (Arranged Marriage)
Dark Elf Queen/Human Knight
Dark Elf Queen/Orc Bodyguard
Dark Elf King/Human Princess
Dark Elf King/Ogress Guard
Plague Doctor/Plague Victim
Necromancer/Reanimated Female
Necromancer/Reanimated Male
Dwarf Female/Orc Male
Dwarf Female/Human Male
Ogress Commander/Prince Captive
Queen/Conquering Orc Warchief
Princess/Conquering Orc Warchief
Werewolf Queen/Baron
Werewolf Queen/Vampire Prince or King
Android Servant/Master
Female Demon/Priest
Female Demon/Demon Hunter
Orc Warrior/Human Mage
Female Orc Warrior/Elven Scout
Female Orc/Elven Prince
Centaur/Human Female
(Harlequin Female)/Prince
Male Monster/Female Human
Sentient Robot/Creator
Sentient Robot/Creator's Daughter
Executioner/Evil Queen
Monster Girls
Orc/Elven Princess or Queen
Orc/Human Princess or Queen
Samurai/Nine-Tail Fox
Human In All Monster School
Female Crime Boss/Bodyguard
Casino Owner/Cocktail Waitress
Villain/Hench-Man or Woman
Butler/Master's Daughter
Car Mechanic/Rich Woman
Female Teacher/Male Student
Neighbor's Wife/Neighbor's Son
Young Male/Older Woman
Boss/Employee's Wife
Cheating GF or Wife

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Re: Fandoms, Monsters, Original Plots
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