Erotic Pokémon Adventure (F looking for M)

Started by Lexi Pet, January 13, 2021, 12:28:45 AM

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Lexi Pet

Hello! I'm Lexi. So I'll cut to the chase on this and just pitch my current craving. I want to play a new female Pokémon trainer who just gets her Pokémon and goes out adventuring to catch the various creatures she finds, defeat the Gym leaders, and help anyone along the way as any good heroine would. I imagine I will be playing an altruistic, yet naïve girl who knows little of what the outside would is like, likely starting in Pallet town to make things nice and simple. What she doesn't realize is that the world can be rough, and she can't save everyone, nor is she strong enough to defeat every opponent. I can see this basic premise going in a couple different directions based on my partners interests, but at the least I know that I would like to run this as a longer RP, not a quick one shot. While I really want some delicious smut ranging from non-con, Beastility, dub-con, romantic, to pretty much anything. I also want it to be have character depth with an actual cohesive story with a beginning and an end, and a partner who is interested and desires to rp somewhat realistic characters, and not simply rush to smut. I guarantee we will get there.

I can see this as me running my character, and you running all the other characters and world if we want it to have a sort of rpg feel to it like dnd. Or we can both play several characters together, or a more standard route with two main characters dealing with encounters and quandaries. I would love a partner to play my characters male Pokémon, and explore a skewed relationship form between the two over an adventure, possibly with some innocent accidents, leading into more intentional forays of carnality that helps them create an extremely strong bond in battle. Please let me know if your interested in something along these lines! I could even see this working with a group so I may post this in other channels as well.