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March 05, 2021, 08:17:45 am

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Author Topic: Kindle the flame [MxM, MxNB, NBxNB]  (Read 133 times)

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Kindle the flame [MxM, MxNB, NBxNB]
« on: January 12, 2021, 05:37:58 pm »

Hello and welcome to my request thread!
You might be interested to give my O/Os a read for some basic information on what I like.

If you find anything that is of interest for you or have any ideas you think I might be interested in, please send me a PM! I also have discord available to plot and such, but I prefer giving that out on an individual basis.

Now, to get to the point: These are my current interests, I'll denote the role I'm particular interested in by bolding it.

Thank you for reading!

Craving of the moment

Spoilt, bratty boy (18+) domming the hell out of someone taller and stronger. Maybe to be put into his place later.


Single dad/Single dad
Single dad/Kid’s teacher
College Professor/Student
Closeted + Closeted
Actor or Musician/Fan
Actor or Musician/Agent
Escort/Regular guy

Abusive partner/Regular guy
Abusive partner/Abusive partner
Serial Killer/Victim
Serial Killer/Apprentice
Serial Killer/Law enforcement

Bounty Hunter/Target

Android/Regular person
Experiment/Regular person


What's love, anyway?


A is an android created as the perfect companion. His looks, his personality have been created entirely up to his owners specifications. On the outside, he seems to be as perfect as advertised.
There's only one problem: He absolutely can not stand his owner, a fact that shouldn't even be possible.

Hiding in the night

Serial killer/Partner

On the outside, A and B live the perfect lives. They own a wonderful home, have an expansive circle of friends and by all accounts, they should be incredibly happy.
But with A "working" increasingly long hours, B has become lonely. Temptation presents itself in the form of a handsome collegue only for B to discover the truth about A's heavy workload: He's actually a quite prolific serial killer.


Serial killer/Partner turning killer

A and B have a turbulent relationship. Some days they can't get enough of each other, some days they're at each others throat. Things change however when A discovers, one way or another, that B is apparently a killer in disguise.
A can't hide from the dark temptations lurking in the darkness of his mind, but how long can the chaotic pair keep their escapades secret?


Note: I prefer writing OCs in fandom settings to writing canon characters

Star Trek
Star Wars
Elder Scrolls
Critical Role