Star Wars - The Unbroken Promise (Open for a Female Co-Writer)

Started by Shroud of Stars, January 12, 2021, 10:16:48 AM

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Shroud of Stars

Female Co-Writer Sought
Genre:   Star Wars Universe (Alternative)
Role:      Female Protagonist

The Hook:
After years of fighting, after years being hunted across the Galaxy, the Rebellion stood at the cusp of victory.  Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, loomed victorious over the dying Darth Vader and was set to bring the entirety of the Empire down.  He had completed his training.  And they had defeated the Emperor - bringing balance to the Force.

Or so it seemed. 

Luke had only just found his father only to lose him again.  To sustain his father, to keep him alive, Luke attempted to feed him with the Force.  But the power required was too great for the light, too great with him wounded and struggling, and so Luke Skywalker gave himself to the Dark Side, and in his fall so fell his Father.

In Public, Luke claimed the the war over.  Darth Vader, he said, had chosen the Rebellion and been critically hurt standing to the Emperor.  The Rebel worlds, and their leaders, would be represented in the Senate and he would oversee the transition of power.  The Rebellion, and Imperial Forces, stood down.  For five years - there was peace.  Luke, and his sister Leia, started a new Jedi Order.

Luke's power grew.  He was named Consul to the Senate and, after all those Senators that would not be loyal were identified, he struck.  Darth Vader, refurbished and stronger than ever before, was unleashed on the Galaxy with a new army of Acolytes - fanatical followers called Inquisitors who used the Force.  They acted as secret operatives.  Unknown to most of the Galaxy at large.  Leia, sensing she'd been decieved by her brother and growing aware of his fall, turned her back on him and fled. 

The Inquisitors struck from the shadows.  Political enemies were hunted and killed.  Military threats were crushed.  And those students that would not join Skywalker's Imperial Republic as Inquisitors - were mercilessly found and killed.

Their bond as father and son strengthened them both.  Sustained them unnaturally.  They aged slowly.  And Vader, with his new armor and cybernetic enhancements, found his strength greater than it had ever been.

Skywalker's thirst for power grew as his grasp on the Galaxy tightened.  Order, and a form of peace, did settle on the world's at large.  The Jedi Order was washed away.  Rumors of the Force were snuffed out.  And, for those born in Skywalker's rule, the Imperial Republic was a way of life accepted and known.  This was the new world.  And Leia, believed dead, vanished from memory.

In public, Consul Skywalker declared himself a survivor of the Jedi cult, and derided it as superstition and extremism.  The Sith and Jedi were considered one in the same.  All mentions of the Force faded.  And the Universe settled into this New Imperial Republic.  But as it always has - The Force finds its vessels.  And new hope stirs in the galaxy once again.

The Concept:
Our characters have recently become lovers on the sparsely populated Outer Rim world of Sriluur.  Your character's background can be determined through conversation.  Is she a farmer's daughter?  Is she a street-smart tattoo artist/thief?  These things are less important than WHO she is.  And at her heart she is compassionate, kind, and very strong.  The entirety of her life, either way, has known hardships and she has always found herself intuitive, and lucky, in how she navigated it. 

He entered her life seemingly by chance.  A freighter pilot who was known to be an unpleasant grouch.  With rumors about a dark past swirling around him.  Their love started almost absently at first.  Two attractive people on a backwater world passing their time as lovers do.  But something drew them together from the start, something greater, and his shadowed past seems all a part of her bright future.  A romance blossoming, strong and sure, until one day by chance a series of coincidences collide and set them on the path of adventure.

Please, if interested, send me a message and we can start brainstorming.  I look forward to any interest this generates.
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