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January 26, 2021, 02:21:18 AM

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Author Topic: Midnight Sun's Wishlist  (Read 142 times)

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Midnight Sun's Wishlist
« on: January 10, 2021, 07:42:48 AM »
I have been RPing on and off for about fifteen years, so I'm well-versed. I'm an avid typer- I average at five paragraphs per post, but have easily written twice that amount if not more- I am looking for someone who can match me. I like to focus on story, character development, and world-building. I always write in third-person, past tense, and I try to reply at least every other day. I have many fandoms I would like to explore- to name a few:

Harry Potter
The Vampire Diaries
Phantom of the Opera
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I’m also interested in Historical Romance, Slice of Life, and use OC’s on occasion. I only write as F- I don’t mind playing M as a background character I just suck at writing as M. I also only write MxF. I fully support LGBTQ+, both in reality and in fiction, I just have no experience with it myself.

So now that all the nitty gritty is out of the way. A few ideas I have had for roleplay:


#1: This takes place in alternate timeline. Edward and the Cullen's never returned to Forks in New Moon. While Bella does get over Edward to some degree she definitely is suffering from some PTSD. It picks up with her in her freshman year at college in Alaska. There she bumps into Jasper in a coffee shop. They start out gradually as friends, he helps her let go of her negative feelings of longing for Edward, and eventually they fall in love. We could even have Edward find out further down the line from a vision from Alice (who released Jasper to find her true mate) and he could try to fight Jasper . There's room for a lot of fun. drama and romance in this one.

#2 would taken place Freshman year of HS, only instead of meeting Edward, she meets Jasper. I haven't thought much other than that.

Harry Potter:

#1. Head Boy/ Head Girl- Dumbledore makes Draco Head Boy in hopes to get closer to him and also thinking Hermione could be a good role-model for him. They share a dormitory and are in charge of all school functions, so their titles require them to spend a lot of time together. This one is a slow-burn and all about seduction on Draco’s part. I really like the idea of them bringing out the best/worst of each other and falling in love. This would also work well with James and Lily, but it would be much lighter, more of a opposites-attract, fire and ice type deal. With both I enjoy witty banter, slow-burning romance, and a great deal of comedy if Lily/James.

#2. After a particularly nasty row, Dumbledore punishes James and Lily by magically bonding them together by an invisible rope. When they fight, it pulls them closer together, and relaxes and stretches when they don’t. With completely different personalities, its not long before they are practically entangled. Eventually they grow closer and begin to lament the distance that the charm is allowing. After some time they fall in love and Dumbledore admits the spell wore off weeks before and they were with each other of their own free will. This would be light, romantic and full of comedy and entertainment. Lots of witty banter and all about the chase.

Of course, I’d also be willing to share (for lack of better term?) custody of other important characters to spice things up in any of these RP.

Here is a small writing sample(based off first Twilight idea):

Bella shuddered and folded in on herself, not from the cold, but from the wounds it reopened and the memories it brought to the surface- Edward. She allowed herself this moment to speak his name in her mind only, to feel the consequential warmth and coldness that came with it; it had been almost two years since Edward had left, taking with him everything but what she could remember.

Almost two years of pain, nightmares, and sadness. Only just recently had she started to feel- something other than numb, that is. But that was good- it meant she was healing… slowly. The pain that once consumed her entire being now burned slowly beneath the surface. To anyone else, she would seem perfectly at ease… cheerful even. The average college student… a bit antisocial, but average nonetheless.

She sighed audibly once she reached her destination- the Espresso Express. It was not a long journey- the café was just across the street from her dorm, and only then some- but in the frigid winds of Alaska even the shortest journey can seem like a lifetime. She could see the fire crackling merrily through the windows and was immediately engulfed by its warmth and the inviting smell of coffee and syrups when she walked through the door.

The café was small, cozy, and warmly decorated in shades of gold and brown, with pops of green in knick-knacks and plants. The fire brought light and warmth to the large room; two walls lined with bookcases, students lounged, socialized, and studied among the many sofas, armchairs, and beanbags that surrounded the area, sipping their favorite hot beverages.

“Your usual, Bella…” the handsome bartender greeted her as usual with his most charming smile, his voice hopeful that perhaps this time, she would return his flirtations with more than just polite friendliness, as he held out a latte in a mug that was big enough to be a bowl. It was still steaming, the ceramic edges hot when he handed it to her, just the way she liked it.

“Thanks, Joe!” she replied gratefully, completely oblivious to his advances as she handed him the money and placing a few ones in his tip jar before heading towards her favorite armchair by the fire. In classic Bella fashion however, the large hood to her parka slipped over her eyes, obscuring her vision.

She felt herself lurch forward and bump into someone, the coffee falling hard from her grasp, the mug cracking and its contents spilling everywhere. Her cheeks burning with embarrassment, Bella grabbed the shattered pieces and straightened up, placing them on the nearby table as she sputtered her apologies.

“I’m so sorry, are you o-?” Bella gushed, removing her soaked, jacket before meeting the strangers beautiful golden gaze and stopping dead in her tracks. A tidal wave of buried emotions rose to surface and threatened to crush her- fear, anger, sadness, crippling depression- all the things she thought she had carefully hidden suddenly broke the locks and sprung free.

After all, it wasn’t a stranger before her. It was Jasper Hale. And if he were here, then surely the others would be too..

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Re: Midnight Sun's Wishlist
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2021, 03:52:15 PM »

I came across your post. I'm primarily a fan of slice of life RP's. But I really liked your Twilight idea even though I have only seen the first one haha. I also love the Harry Potter one as well. Would really like to write Draco :)

Looking forward to chatting.