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January 21, 2021, 08:24:12 AM

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Author Topic: Historical Fantasy [F for M characters]  (Read 256 times)

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Historical Fantasy [F for M characters]
« on: January 07, 2021, 07:41:40 PM »
Introduction to Me
(My) Aspirations for You
Plot One
Plot Two

Who I Am

Mid-twenties female writer with a passion for intellectual and detailed writing. I exclusively write MxF at this time. I like to think I have a sense of humor, I probably use too many commas, and I'm one of the more vanilla writers to populate E. Please glance at my O/Os before you proceed. No, really, please. I'll write your character's pants off, but I enjoy romance and character development first and foremost. Please know if you work with me I'll work for you. The better I know you and the more comfortable I am with our writing relationship and roleplay, the more flexible I might be willing to get.

Who You Are

A communicative writer who prefers long-term roleplays which contain thoughtful multi-paragraph posts. You do not have to be a man or even a native English speaker, you just need to know how to build and maintain a story with clear and proofread writing. You like love character development and you understand that writing teasing, bickering, and tension is all apart of the delicious build-up. You respect boundaries and read O/Os, and something about this thread caught your eye. I like folks who know how to plot, take criticism with grace, and give criticism with tact. I try to bring these qualities to the table myself, and I prioritize knowing my writing partners at minimum superficially.

Important Details
  • Please PM me if you like a plot. I'll update this as regularly as my schedule allows.
  • I tend not to write the same exact plot twice, but I'll do varieties of the same plot outline.
  • Face claims are great but well-known celebrities make it a bit weird for me, sorry.
  • I prefer to write over E forums or PMs at this time.
  • My replies will typically be somewhat to very lengthy. The longer the better. Quality over quantity.
  • I'm open to being approached with ideas not listed here!

MxF: Pirates, Fantasy, Historical
Plot One: But peaceful sleep is ever there, beneath the dark blue waves.

My character is the eldest daughter of a wealthy merchant living in a seaside town. Despite her proximity to the ocean, she has never had an affinity for it. When my character was a young child, her family fled their country by boat and came to this land as refugees. They were beset upon by pirates close to harbor; they ultimately made it to safety, but the attack cost my character her mother's life.

Although the enchanting lure of the sea has always been there, my character has since refused to ever board another ship. Her father refuses to speak of their home country with similar stubbornness, and has since made a name for himself despite the town initially regarding his family as outsiders. My character is largely unconcerned by her heritage, and even though she does her best to blend in, is still considered one of the exotic fixtures around town. My character has no plans to travel or expand her world view beyond her comfy home, and is excited to inherit her father's mercantile business when he retires. She has a mind for business and no time for nonsense, just like her father, but her reluctance to go near ships has proven her ascension to a place of power in her father's business... Difficult.

In the dead of night, a suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. Pirates make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. They have never been to this port before, but this is not the first time the locals have seen pirates. The militia stationed in the town are quick to react against the seafaring marauders, and a fierce battle breaks out. My character's father does his duty to go fight for the town they've chosen as home, and despite several protests and having a worthy fighting spirit of her own, my character is made to stay put and lock the doors.

With the fight raging in the center of town, the captain of the ship, your character, heads for the most opulent manor.

Your character breaks in to my character’s home and begins to raid her late mother’s jewelry. In an attempt to stop your character, mine holds your captain at sword point. Although my character is not wet behind the ears with a sword, she is also not a seasoned fighter, and she is ultimately overpowered by your character. Upon taking a closer look at my character, yours decides that they are worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. So your character offers a proposition: in exchange for ending the bloodshed and leaving port, my character must come aboard his ship as a captive.

My character accepts for the greater good of her remaining family and to save the fate of the only town she's ever felt at home in. There is little enthusiasm in her acceptance however, and thus begins a difficult and antagonistic relationship. The captain has bitten off more than he can chew, and my character is more clever and determined than her impetuous nature insinuates.


There are lots of directions this could take. Here are a few options, which I'd love to chat about. We could even use these all as plot points in a long-term roleplay, or blend elements of them together:
  • Your character could be ready to rid himself of this pretty little prize with a smart mouth by selling her off. However, they run into an issue at the next port of trade because they're not far enough away that she is not recognized by merchants close with her father. This creates some professional inconveniences for your captain, which sets them back at sea for an undetermined amount of time. They flee to sea, until they're far enough away my character won't be recognized again at the next port. This creates ample time for them to get to know one another more and clash in all the best ways. Bonus points if his crew either wants to have a taste of their human cargo, or get rid of her because of superstitious nonsense - so she winds up sharing his captain's quarters because he wants his money's worth when they finally sell her. And damaged goods don't go for much these days.
  • There is a maritime battle with a rival pirate ship not long after they leave my character's seaside town. My character can be snatched up in the midst of battle, meet her new captors, and become very motivated to make her way back to her original captor for reasons she will refuse to acknowledge just to be a brat.
  • This battle could be with a local government ship that is bound and determined to send my character back to where she came from, to a land where she barely still speaks the language. But your captain wants what's his, so he'll track down where his exotic prize has gone and steal her back, whether she likes it or not.
  • Your character could coincidentally take my character right back to where she's originally from, where everyone discovers in a hurry she's more than a simple merchant's daughter. Instead, she's the rightful heir to a throne that was torn from her family through subterfuge and blood. Fleeing to that quiet seaside town all those years ago was the only reason she lived to adulthood. To some in her old country she's worth more dead, but to others she is a queen returned to her birthright, making her a very valuable and high risk asset for your character.

A big part of this plot is that my character doesn't hail from the country from which she is taken by your character. This doesn't have to be based in reality - she can be a girl among elves, an elf among fae, or just simply have different human features that are either slightly or very contrasting to her local population. This is not a racial fetish roleplay by any stretch of the imagination, and if that's what draws you to this plot I do not think I will be the right writing partner for you.

MxF: Medieval, Fantasy, Historical
Plot Two: Only the dead have seen the end of war.

A continental superpower defined by its theocratic government, the bastion of the north, has been splintered by its own civil wars. In the face of widespread famine god has died, at least in this country. The ever-hostile nation to the south has trekked northward to capitalize on the ruin of their crumbling neighbor, just like they did when they absorbed territories to the west a hundred years ago. The southern soldiers sworn to their xenophobic, militant state have met the weary but stalwart souls of northern blood - in which ice is fabled to run. War has been officially declared by both sides, and several battles have been fought and come to a surprising stalemate.

The southerners were not anticipating a show of force by the northern army. What they believed to be a rag-tag team of famished farmers was in reality a legion of fighters armed with a most dangerous weapon: desperation. Despite this, the southerners outmatched their neighbor in sheer numbers if not ferocity. The tide was likely to turn in their favor but as winter set in, no side is able to make any moves of meaning until the ice thaws.

It is important to note that the northern country is a more traditional land where women don't fight in war, which is why their numbers can't hope to match the legions from the south. Conversely, the south knows both men and women bleed red at the end of the day.

When your character, a northerner who is a soldier who dodged the draft, a healer, or on the run for his own mysterious reasons [the possibilities are endless], finds a woman in the aftermath of a battle, he assumes she must be a casualty from the north. There are no features to identify my character as a southerner, and so your character rescues what must be a damsel in distress.

As a trained soldier born and bred by brutal southern heat and military discipline, my character is horrified that she's been taken in by a northerner. To make matters worse, she's in no position to flee in the midst of her first real winter from someone who can easily overpower her while she's healing. In order to survive my character must engage in subterfuge, masquerading as a simple northern girl and somehow manage to fool your character, the person who’s been caring for them since she awoke.

Whether or not her companion figures it out quickly is up to us, but regardless your character feels some sense of duty to keep this reckless woman alive now that he's gone to all the trouble of dragging her back to health. The longer they spend together, the more a tentative symbiotic relationship is established, one that is not without turbulence. It can be fueled by prejudice ingrained by their varying cultural upbringings, or a total clash of personalities because your character just can't understand why mine doesn't behave like a good religious northern girl.


This plot is a lot more variable than the first. I intentionally left many things vague, but I'd like to have this semblance of structure for the background and relationship. When I originally wrote this plot, the genders were reversed, and I'm totally ok with doing that version of the plot instead. However, I'm keen on turning familiar dynamics on their head to keep things interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love a soldier and will always love a man in uniform, but there's something fun about taming a woman who is trained to fight. I'm not one to write a shivering flower of a character in bed.
  • The background of your character can be literally anything. His origin can be a whole plot in and of itself. I just provided the rough structure for the world, as well as the idea of the pair of them on the run together. They could run into some of my character's southern comrades and she's forced to defend her northern savior from them - maybe he's forced to defend her against other northerners when they discover the side she's really on.
  • I'm not impartial to the idea that my character was ordered to be caught and infiltrate the other side, but her plan went askew because she wasn't planning on being saved, defended, and nurtured back to health. Love a good internal conflict, or the conflict between duty and passion.
  • Your character could be on the run from his own government because he's a high-ranking priest/official that dissented with the direction his government took. Religion could potentially play a large role in this to add another layer of flavor. A cleric that's had his morals compromised, finding himself abandoning passivity to snarl toe to toe with his new charge, and yielding to his baser instincts - whew. (I am very partial to this particular vein of plot. A stern man who eventually gives in to what he wants? Come on.)

As with above, a big part of this plot is ingrained cultural differences that could be racial, ideological, and/or religious. There is no end to ways people can misunderstand one another and get off on the wrong foot, which is the kind of dynamic I thrive with. This plot is a historical flavor to be sure, but absolutely doesn't have to be based in any reality that mirrors our own. An element of magic, divination from the old gods, or just plain different magical races such as fae, elf, warlocks and so on are not just interesting but encouraged. While maybe repetitive of me to say, this point bears being monotonous: I'm not here to crush religious folks and I'm not going to play a fetishized exotic amazon woman.

Please do not post in this thread. PM me if something catches your eye. ♥

Thank you to dearest friend/OG cowriter/sworn enemy Painless, who gets credit for my continued commitment to E.
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