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October 28, 2021, 12:47:19 pm

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Author Topic: Quill's biggest cravings (F for M characters, any gender partners)  (Read 327 times)

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These are the story pitches I'm up for right now. I must ask not to have any other pitches proposed to me, as I have limited time right now and thus, I am reserving that available time to try and get some of my deepest desired cravings.

Might I add as well... my birthday is in eighteen days. Some cravings met would be the best birthday surprise ever ^.^

Orc Warrior’s Bride

(Abduction and maybe depending on my partner and how they feel about NC, NC beginnings)

MC, in the life she walked away from… or rather frantically fled… was the daughter of her village’s mayor, she was the light of her father’s life and she lived a luxurious carefree life of privilege where she was free to pursue her passions rather than concern herself with how or where she would get money to survive.

Her life was perfect… until it wasn’t…

Her father announced to her on the day of her sixteenth birthday that she would wed the son of the neighboring villages mayor… the young man in question was a horrible and vile despicable beast of a human being. She had heard all about his cruel treatment of the opposite sex.

Unable to sway her father or even get him to tell her why it was so important she marry the brute… MC decided she had to do something drastic if she was to protect herself from a horrible future of abuse and perhaps worse…

She decided to run away… she stole her late mother’s jewels and the inheritance from her grandfather that was to have been her dowry and she fled… she kept to the forests and sideroads until she felt confident she had gone far enough to become unworth the trouble of pursuing.

MC found a prosperous village to sell her mother’s jewels and then purchased a tiny plot of land on the edges of town, she even hired a carpenter and his son to build her a small but very comfortable cottage. Right beside a sleepy forest, everything was calm and peaceful, she finally felt safe.

Two years later… MC begins finding gifts of freshly prepared meat, gathered berries and pieces of jewelry or little bags of coins upon her doorstep…

She assumes the carpenter’s son has resumed his efforts to court her… but why all the odd gifts and no visits?

My idea is that over the two years since she arrived, she’s been watched by an orc warrior and he has fallen in love with her… the gifts are mating offerings, appeasements to persuade her to be his wife…

And she has this far accepted them all...

The Camera
The Camera

Let me tell you a little story from the very early 1900s… a story about two brothers divided between dark and light, a cult of black magic practitioners, their charismatic ambitious leader and a scheme gone horribly wrong…

Once there was a wealthy prominent family of very old money, regarded by many as among the families considered American royalty of the era, the highest elite of all elite, one of those families you went to bed praying you’d receive an invitation from for some kind of fancy event.

The heir to this family was Charles Brineheart, handsome and charming, a good hearted individual that enjoyed giving back to the community every once in awhile in gratitude for all the good fortune his name afforded him.

Charles and his family were also secretly practitioners of white magic,their coven took it upon themselves to act as a bulwark against evil forces that might seek to bring their families and friends harm. Charles himself headed this coven, The Circle of Consecrated Light.

Charles’s father, Lionel Brineheart however was not without any sins, he did have a rather scandalous skeleton in his closet… like a drunken affair he’d had twenty years ago, just after Charles was born… an affair that resulted in his one time lover Francesca Antolli (a frenemy of his wife, no less) giving birth to an illegitimate son. YC.

While Charles grew up adored and loved… his illegitimate brother (YC) grew up in the shadows, unimportant, stained with the scandal of his mother having him out of wedlock… envious of everything his obnoxious ‘perfect’ illustrious older brother called his.

Little did anyone else know, but Francesca’s family were the leaders of a cult of black magic practitioners, the shadowy and anonymous sworn enemy of the Brinehearts.

When YC turned sixteen,  his mother died of mysterious circumstances, prompting Lionel in decision fueled by horrific guilt, to reveal himself as the boy’s father and take him into his home.

However… all of this was according to plan… YC had gotten himself behind enemy walls… he was determined that everything that Brineheart’s possessed, would belong to him.

Years went by, YC secretly grew more and more powerful in the black arts, eventually elevated to the position of leader within the cult, a position held for him since his birth, for when he was seen as worthy.

After he turned 21, YC decided it was now time to take action, to seize everything that should be his…

He and his cultists took inspiration from the new invention of the portable camera and created a magical pocket space within their acquired device, an exact replica of the Brineheart mansion and an acre of forested grounds all the way around it that would act as a prison.

Sure, he could just kill his brother… but that was too messy and he didn’t want any evidence around that might point in his direction… no, his brother simply needed to just vanish… and then, the Brineheart’s would have no choice but to declare him the Brineheart heir.

Once he had control of the Brineheart money, power and reputation, their cult would rule the whole damn city. That was the ambition. Power, glorious power and control.

Little is known about how the altercation went down… but what is known is that when YC attempted to take his brother’s picture to trigger the magic, Charles managed one well timed spell to make YC lose control of the camera, causing it to flip at the last second and take his own picture instead. Sealing him within the pocket space intended for Charles.

The cultists managed only to seize the camera back before making their escape, plotting one day to free their leader and have their revenge against the Brineheart family forever.

My idea is for my character to be dating the modern day descendant of Charles Brineheart… and finds herself targeted by the cult as YC demands female company to ease his unbearable loneliness until he can be freed… what better option than to further punish the Brineheart family and steal the most recent heir’s girlfriend?

There are three ways I am thinking at this time to go with this…

  • The darker route. MC is YC’s prisoner and begins to form a mild case of stockholm syndrome for him. Eventually at some point, they’ll be freed and begin taking over the town together. (No S&M requests please, I can’t stand S&M).
  • The slightly dark with a light at the end route. MC is YC’s prisoner, but he legit begins falling in love with her, she’d eventually convince him to leave the cult after they are freed and start a new life with her.
  • The hero saves the day route. You could play the boyfriend and YC, the boyfriend eventually manages to destroy the camera with white magic, freeing the occupants and then defeats YC. Happy ending.

The Ghost Bride
Very loosely inspired by Netflix's show of the same name. Mostly by Chinese mythology of the afterlife though. Going with Japan though, because I just fancy Japan more. I can be inspired for China though, if my partner really wanted it.

Lily is studying abroad in Japan for a year everything was fantastic, her grades were great and she was staying with a really pleasant wealthy family… granted, really weird things had a habit of happening around the house and the family was adamant that it was their restless dead son tormenting them for a ghost bride… but not a whole lot ever happened to her and what did was so minor that it wasn’t worth trying to find a place like this to stay that didn’t want any money from her.

Well, shit has finally decided to hit the fan… she just gotten word from her mother that her father’s business partner had stolen every damn dime of their money and her distraught father has taken his own life…

No money for school… her father gone… her mother heart broken and about to lose everything… she’s freaking out with no idea what to do…

Then, Mrs. Umasaki, brings her a disturbing proposal… that may be her only hope…

If Lily promises to be her dead son’s ghost bride, she vows she pay for all Lily’s schooling and all supplies, she’ll see to her mother’s full care as well for the rest of the woman’s life.

Lily doesn’t really believe in the whole Asian afterlife mumbo jumbo, so in her mind, she just has to be married on paper to a dead guy, bring a family some peace of mind and then everything will be alright…

She agrees to Mrs. Umasaki’s request…

That night after dinner, paperwork is signed and the Umasaki’s serve wine to celebrate their son finally finding peace in his afterlife…

Doesn’t take long until Lily begins feeling odd and realizes her drink was poisoned… she dies as Mrs. Umasaki holds her and comforts her, telling her how her son will take good care of her in the underworld…

My partner and I can discuss where Lily appears in the underworld :)

Echoes of the Past
Very, very loose Snow White inspiration.

A tale of ages past:

A long time ago, there was a princess… she was beautiful, intelligent, kind, courageous and more than a little bit stubborn when her mind was made up… her people and her family adored her and she adored them.

However, the princess’s father believed that after a year since the untimely death of his wife, that his family was incomplete… he longed for companionship and for his daughter to have a mother figure again… the princess was largely in support of this, she too wished to see her father’s eyes alight with joy again from the bliss of love. Plus, a baby sibling would be great.

The king eventually found love with a beautiful widowed countess living on the edges of their fair kingdom, he wooed her and very soon married her, adding as well to their family the countess’s son, whom was the same age as the princess.
For two years, all seemed well in their new family, the new queen was good and loving to the king and treated the princess with tender kindness… though her behavior around her son was strange, almost like how somehow behaved when they felt like they needed to constantly look over their shoulder for peril… which struck the princess (her father never seemed to notice) as very odd, given that her stepbrother had never been anything than a perfect polite gentleman towards her since the beginning.

It was the morning of the princess’s eighteenth birthday, the day she was of age to wed, when everything fell apart…

The princess awoke to her stepbrother standing at the foot of her bed… the gentleness gone from his eyes, replaced with a deranged and excited quality… and desire… he looked at her like he was ready to jump her at any moment…

He told her that the time had come for his love to come to fruition, but their parents would have gotten in the way… that was why he had to get rid of them…

Horrified, the princess quickly darted out of the room before her stepbrother could catch her and raced for their parents room, praying it was all just an out of character sick joke and she could punch him in the arm for it later… but alas, she arrived to find both of them lying in bed dead, arrows sticking out of them… dangerous looking men wielding crossbows standing within, looking at her with confused and stunned expressions…

Hearing her stepbrother hollering behind her as he caught up to her, the princess feld further in the only direction available to her, which was up the tower towards the rooftop terrace…

He chased her all the way up relentlessly, shouting at her the whole way about it would be so much easier on her if she would just submit to him and love him like he loved her.

Cornered, frightened and heartbroken, the princess threw herself off the roof, plummeting to her death.

The stepbrother was sentenced to hang for the murders of the king and his mother and indirect murder of his stepsister.

Modern day:

Aaria Pendergast is an eighteen year old high school senior, she has maintained pretty decent grades and is looking forward to a bright future as she applies to colleges for her aspirations of becoming a chef.

She has no idea whatsoever that she is the reincarnation of an ill fated princess… or that the reincarnation of the ill fated princess’s stepbrother happens to be the senior class president and the son of the Mayor… or that his memories unlocked themselves to him two weeks ago… and he is watching her…

I didn’t want to plan any further than this, to give my partner and I some freedom to plot further together.

I'm open to changing my FC if my parter does not like the one chosen, but I am very much set on the FC for the reincarnated stepbrother, I absolutely love Valentin Lucien Winter. So beautiful <3

The Merman’s Kiss
This is set in 1800s Victorian era (England or Americas is fine, I’m good with either)

Arabella Jenkins is on holiday visiting her aunt and uncle while her neglectful parents are away on some lavish romantic get away for two, she has a difficult time bonding with her cousins and desperately wishes to get along with them… it gets exhausting to feel so alone all the time, she’d give anything to have some family that actually wanted her around.

So when her cousins drag her to a circus freak show without the knowledge of her aunt or uncle, Arabella reluctantly goes along with them willingly.

After awhile, when her cousins rude and verbally abusive behavior becomes too much to bear, she goes exploring around the circus by herself… curiosity draws her into a seemingly empty tent… where she finds a huge tank of water… with a man inside it, a man with the lower half of a fish…

A merman. A real merman.

The merman tells her the ringmaster of the circus purchased him from some fisherman that accidentally pulled him up in their fishing nets… the ringmaster plans to unveil him soon to the public and his species will be officially exposed to all of humankind.

He tell her then that if she kisses him, he will be able to take on human legs and be able to escape back to the sea… she agrees without hesitation to help him.

What the merman however does not tell her… was that by kissing him and granting him the ability to change back and forth between legs and tail… she entering into a very special contract with the merman… she became his mate…

Essentially, when she guides him to the pier so he can escape to the ocean, he abducts her and takes her into the ocean with him. (because of the mating contract, she can breathe underwater and is immune to the cold).

Sequel to Don Bluth’s Thumbelina
It's been 19 years since the events of the movie, Thumbelina and Cornelius have an 18 year old daughter named Daisy.

I'm thinking of wanting to do something with the Unseelie fairies starting some shit, my partner's character being their crown prince... perhaps Thumbelina and Cornelius are cursed in some way and Daisy much negotiate with the Unseelie royals for the cure to her parents curse and the solution to whatever drama brought everything on.

This is all really rough draft and I'm hoping to find a partner to help me flesh it out more :)
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Naga ideas
I'm really in the mood for my oviposition kink lately, so I am looking to write a story with a sexy snake man, a deliciously hawt and yummy Naga fella :D

I have a couple ideas for this, bear in mind that they not poorly written, these are just very rough draft and thus leave lots of room for me and my partner to add our own combined style to it.

I'm open to hearing any ideas my potential partners think I may like as well.

Idea 1.

MC was dragged out to a night time party in the middle of the Nevada desert by her party girl older sister... but hating these kinds of things, she decides to take a walk and enjoy some peace and quiet until her sister is done partying... what can go wrong in the middle of the desert when all the people are busy partying, right?

Wrong! Next thing she knows, she'd knocked out and wakes up in a dimly lit cave... and she can faintly see the outline of an enormous snake tail making a circle around her...

Idea 2.

In an A/U Earth where multiple species have emerged from the shadows, the Naga species have claimed control over South America and have ordered all humans to leave unless a compromise can be reached.

MC is a diplomat sent to arrange this compromise and prevent thousands of people from losing their homes... she doesn't see it coming when the prince of these Nagas takes a romantic interest in her... and then arranges for her to 'vanish' when she refuses to react to his flirtations in a way that favors his ambitions...

Idea 3

When Belle Taylor was young, she didn't have a great home life, her parents largely focused on pampering and spoiling her horrible younger twin brothers... apparently they only ever really wanted sons and a daughter was never part of the plan, so when they got their boys... they were only too happy to provide only the essential survival needs to Belle and otherwise thoroughly neglect her.

One day, her brothers found a beautiful snake slithering near the wood pile near the back of the house and proceeded to torment the poor creature, 10 year old Belle intervened just in time to stop them from chopping the snake's head off with their father's wood axe and she took the reptile into the woods, releasing it safely into the wild... though not before the creature wrapped it's tale around her wrist and lightly squeezed, as if it was trying to communicate it's gratitude in the only way it knew how. A red ring with a beautiful scale-like pattern to it was left around her wrist, it never faded away.

Now, 8 years later, Belle is graduating high school and preparing to leave her awful home life behind, her parents and brother being gone on a cruise was the perfect time to pack up and leave. She doubted her parents wouldn't much like losing a convenient servant for their precious boys, so she was grateful they weren't here to make a scene and tell her how ungrateful she was, etc and etc...

As she's going out the back door though... she finds herself face to face with a man, his face more beautiful than anything she'd ever seen, his shoulders broad and strong, his chest, abs and torso toned and packed with drool inducing muscle and... a massive snake tail?

Essentially, the snake Belle saved as a kid was actually a powerful naga deity that strayed too far from it's nest as a hatchling... and the mark he left on her was the equivalent to a human engagement ring... and now that both he and Belle are of age to wed, he has come to collect his bride...

The Nagas of my dreams, pick one maybe? <3
and his tail>>