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Author Topic: Armageddon: End Times. (System. F/Any/GM)  (Read 469 times)

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Armageddon: End Times. (System. F/Any/GM)
« on: January 04, 2021, 06:03:50 pm »

The sword that reaches him has no effect, nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin. Iron he treats like straw and bronze like rotten wood. Arrows do not make him flee; slingstones are like chaff to him. A club seems to him but a piece of straw; he laughs at the rattling of the lance. His undersides are jagged potsherds, leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge. He makes the depths churn like a boiling caldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment. Behind him he leaves a glistening wake; one would think the deep had white hair. Nothing on earth is his equal-- a creature without fear. He looks down on all that are haughty; he is king over all that are proud. ~Job 41:26, description of Leviathan.

Armageddon is set in an alternate now, a time of war and uncertainty, a world where magic and the supernatural have become a factor in the lives of every living person. Beings of tremendous power walk the Earth once again - the Old Gods of mythology side by side with Angels and Demons and even stranger creatures. These beings have returned to the world to fight an enemy that threatens their very existence - and that of our entire universe. An evil from beyond reality has risen in the East, and has already seized over half of the planet. Led by the Dark Apostle, the Believers of Leviathan want nothing less than the total submission of humankind. If they triumph, reality as we know it will cease to exist, transformed into a reflection of the twisted desires of Leviathan, the Outsider who was cast out by the Creator at the beginning of time when He (in His infinite wisdom) declared 'Let There Be Light'.

The war is being waged in every plane of reality. The forces of the free world, led by the United Nations, oppose the war machine of the Army of Revelation. The most advanced weapon systems of the 21st century, backed by bravery and fanaticism, clash in battlefields in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Most of Europe has fallen already, but a newly formed Underground continues to resist the Dark Apostle and his minions. In the Otherworlds, the war rages as well; the Death Realms, the Fey Kingdoms and the Abodes of the Gods are not exempt from invasion by the followers of Leviathan. Traitors, both human and super-natural, lend their resources to the monstrous armies of Dark Apostle, tilting the balance in his favor.

The prizes of this conflict are not land and resources, but human souls. In the fallen territories, the Soul Police oversee the forced conversion or internment of the conquered peoples. Only when every living human being worships Leviathan will this being manifest itself in our reality, and bring an End to all time. If Leviathan is successful, everything will cease to exist, replaced by its own warped creations. And, slowly but surely, the number of converts is growing. The call of Leviathan is seductive, offering power and the fulfillment of one's darkest desires. Prayers to Leviathan are always answered, and many wishes are granted - at a price. The taint of Leviathan will eventually destroy the believer's sanity and his body and soul until they are no longer human.

Even before the Dark Apostle rose to power, the world had been undergoing severe changes. Magic had become a common force once again, wielded by many, feared by most. Supernatural predators of every ilk lurked in the shadows, hunting the weak or unwary. The Heavenly Host and the Infernal Legions had waged a millennia-long battle to determine the fate of Humankind. Covenants controlled by Gifted Humans pursued their secret agendas. Even now, with the True Believers unleashing their armies against the entire world, and Leviathan's Soul Police hunting down all supernatural beings, the old conflicts are not easily forgotten. Angels and Demons face a common enemy, but they refuse to work together out of hatred or mistrust. The Old Gods remember their old quarrels and remember well their persecution at the hands of the Heavenly Hosts.

Yet with every passing moment, Leviathan gains strength and beats at the doors to our reality. The surviving Free Nations of the Earth have been pushed back on many fronts, with North America being one of the major flashpoints of the conflict. The Army of Revelations is marching North, eating its way through Mexican resistance until a tentative stalemate was formed as Allied Forces stopped the puppets of the leviathan and dug their heels in against the seemingly endless waves of monsters and puppet soldiers.

The main operation against the AoR in Mexico is being called ‘Thunder Run’ and is fairly well known by both the public and the enemy. Only a fool would not know of the forces being massed to liberate all of Mexico, with the main thrust of the plan wanting to push the AoR all the way down to the Panama Canal and then retake it.

But what is truly being kept secret are the two other operations planned alongside it. Operations ‘Rolling Thunder’ and ‘Thunderbird’ are designed to weaken the AoR air power and navy in the region. If even one of these operations succeeds, then the balance of power in the North American theater will have shifted in favor of the Allies and the human forces of the United Nations. If all three succeed, then it will be an easier time chasing the AoR down.

Certain elements of Rolling Thunder and Thunderbird will be working together to ensure the success of their objective, such as the joint raid on the AoR held Guantanamo Bay, to retake the airfield and use its complement of fighters against AoR positions and air forces.

The AoR is fully expecting a D-day style landing by the Americans to retake Gitmo, as well as liberate Cuba. The battle for it will be bloody, but the Allies know what they are doing, and they know better than to put all their eggs in one basket.

Part of the allied invasion plan is to push down towards the Baja Peninsula, as the enemy will be trapped between the allies and the sea, before air dropping in boats and landing craft to then conduct an immediate assault upon the more vulnerable side of Mexico.

The AoR will be focused on the main thrust of the attack on the border, leaving their sides vulnerable to the other two operations that will seek to hit them with a pincer move, and cut off the main AoR defenders from their reserves just long enough for them to be crushed and making the entire invasion proceed faster than the enemy expects. With any luck the Allies may even be able to capture a great deal of enemy materials and use them to reinforce themselves and further assault the enemy until they can push them back all the way to the Panama Canal, or (God willing) down beyond it. Liberating country after country as they go.

To do this, some of the more aquatic based Inheritors and other Paranormal allies will be launching assaults upon key ports on both Baja, the Mexican mainland, and Cuba. Mexican partisans and irregulars already know the plan and will be causing as much chaos as they can amongst the AoR forces, to buy the allies as much time as they can to strike at the heart of the enemy and smash their lines.

Other allies will be assaulting islands and strategic positions in order to turn them against the enemy. Even if Thunder Run fails, allied control of either flank of Mexico will open up more options to attack the AoR, and more supply lines to keep the allies fueled, fed, and armed.

Come what may, the operation against the AoR will change things, either in favor of the Allies, or be the last gasp of the free world. All that matters now is the planning that has been put into place by the Allies, and the individual initiative of those brave enough to be rushing into the hell of the battles to come.

Thunderbird: Taking back the Guantanamo Bay airbase (and by extension liberating Cuba) will go a long way to taking back the Caribbean from the forces of Leviathan. Many hard line Catholics, Vodou, Santeria practitioners and local native religious worshippers have refused to surrender their souls to leviathan but have not had a chance to rise up. The AoR has made itself comfortable in the various islands they have set up in, thinking they have kicked the people down, and that the Allies will only try one tactic, which will fail against the coastal defenses set up by the worshippers of Leviathan.

They underestimate their enemies though.

The Allies have not been idle or stupid in their planning. They know that trying a D-Day style invasion will end in bloody casualties or even failure.  The attack will be in the dark of the night. Occurring seven hours before Thunder Run is supposed to begin. And it wont come from the surface water, or from the sky. But from underwater, and in something alot smaller than a submarine. The Allies have cobbled together as many non human or para human allies as they can in preparation for this. Sons of Poseidon, Daughters of Scylla, weather wizards and witches. If they can use water to their advantage or can breathe in it, they will be assigned for Thunderbird. The plan is for them to train with special forces tactics until the time comes, where they will literally march their way underwater, from Florida to their designated strike zones in Cuba, where they will walk up and out of the water in darkness, and assault enemy positions, to clear the way for the main invasion force that will be deploying to take the island in force with a mix of Marine landings and Airborne paratroopers.

The waterborne forces will try to capture as much useful material as they can and destroy what they cannot, with a primary focus being on ports, command positions, and airfields. They need to capture as many usable positions as they can to push deeper into the island, and use local airfields to deploy bombers and fighters deeper into Mexico to weaken the AoR for Thunder Run.

Just as with operation Rolling Thunder, the two will begin simultaneously and seek to weaken the flanks of the AoR positions, before using the initiative to strike at newly vulnerable targets to soften things up for Thunder Run.

Gabriella Sanchez has just barely made it through her Green Beret training when she was called up and reassigned for Thunderbird. She had no idea why, but it all made sense when she heard where she was headed to. Her father (as far as she knew) was some sort of ancient tribal fish god who liked to go on land and have one night stands with mortal women. She has a natural bloodlust to her that makes her wonder if perhaps her father was a Shark or related to Piranhas in some way.

Her reaction to the plan was at first to openly laugh at it, but as time went on and she saw the variety of skills on display and found herself won over. The enemy was fully entrenched for a conventional assault, requiring the allies to think outside of the box.

Its insane, untested, under planned. It sounds like something right out of a movie. Which is why its going to work. The AoR isn't known for creative thinking, unless its new ways to harm and torture others. They fully expect the Americans to try and do as they did on D-Day, repeating it like a movie on rerun. They aren't ready for what the Allies have in store, hopefully it will be enough to take Cuba and win the day in both Mexico and the Caribbean.

Rolling Thunder’:
Cassandra Miller never wanted to be a psychic. She was just happy working a boring 9 to five job, typing out progress reports for and helping plan logistics for various allied operations. But when the next round of tests came, she was positive for psychic potential, and was quickly rerouted for the operation to the Baja Peninsula. They need every last psychic and magic user possible for Thunder Run and Rolling Thunder.

For the operation to work, the Allies need to strike hard and fast. Which presents a problem when the AoR has Shaitans every where. Airstrikes can only be so effective against the inhuman abominations, and there are plenty of other targets that need to be hit first, or could effectively be taken out with their munitions. Yet Shaitans can raise hell if they get within allied lines. This was a problem for Rolling Thunder, which depended a great deal on speed and striking in deep enough to drive the AoR into the sea.

So, their best option is to have psychics with the strike force, hidden inside of armored personnel carriers, and working their magic within the enemy lines to better coordinate allies, and to harm the minds of the Shaitans and other similar war beasts. Conventional force can eliminate conventional force, but the esoteric must fight the esoteric. They are going for a full blitzkrieg and using every last trick and card in their arsenal to finally break the back of the Army of Revelations.

Cassandra hopes she can match up to what is expected of her. Her training and skills are not as good as some of the others involved, but the operation is due to begin soon. There isn't time for fear, only action.

Thunder Run’: The main thrust of all allied forces will be a grinding machine that will not be stopped. It cannot be allowed to break. This might be the last chance that the allied nations have to turn the war around and save mankind from an eternal damnation worse than the inferno of Hell itself. A variety of forces will be used to break the enemy lines. Ranging from airstrikes, to artillery, to magic and psychic attacks. The wrath of God, the shouts of infantrymen, and the roar of tanks.

Emily Moreau is one of many new draftees that have been brought in for the plan to push the AoR out of Mexico (and hopefully past the Panama Canal). She's now sitting near the main defense line, waiting and watching as the clock ticks down, as everyone else in her tank prays for victory. She wonders if she is the only person in the entire operation that feels as if they don't fit in.

When she was drafted she had no idea what awaited her, and for the first few days it all went like a checklist. She wasn’t cut out for infantry (unless they wanted her to be a meat shield) and got a terrible airsickness on just taking a plane from one part of the country to another, so the Air Force was a no go for her. She was terrible at swimming and had no magical or psychic ability.  She wasn't clever enough to be a medic or nurse, and the most experience with engines she'd ever had was just sometimes fixing up her own car to avoid having to pay a mechanic.

All that was fine with her, as she’d have been right at home working in the kitchens, or . But somehow her scores and training led her to being a tanker. She still wonders just what in the fuck went wrong for the universe to plop her down in an armored coffin, but she has yet to figure it out. Every day that Thunder Run gets closer, the more she truly wishes she'd have shot herself in the foot to avoid being sent to the front.

She’s set to be in the tip of the spear, the heart of the assault, the first to die and fucking hell she is not ready to go! Her tank group is among the first to race across the field when the artillery and airstrikes soften the enemy up, and the mere thought of it scares her. But she keeps herself going with a burning anger that wells up in her gut and consumes her fear. A hate of these monsters, cultists, and other worldly beings that put her in this situation. If it hadn’t been for them she would have been doing her dream job. But no, the war ruined all of that. The war destroyed her home town, her brother is MIA, her dad committed suicide and her mom is locked up in the madhouse.

The war screwed her over and stole her life. Its only fair that she return the favor by running over a few crunchie churchies in her tank, and blow up some Shaitans with a Sabot round.

She might be scared out of her damn mind, but she is gonna let her tank be the engine of vengeance, let it spit sound, fury, and rage to those that stand before her.

Emily shall fear no evil, no monster, no leviathan, because with her tank, she will be the baddest bitch in the valley.

So I am looking to play a game of the old Eden Studios RPG Armageddon End Times. I want to play out the big operation to break the siege on America and start pushing down to liberate the continent, shifting the initiative in favor of the UN, Humanity, and all the other forces of order, giving the Leviathan a real fight. I'm willing to talk things over and see what works best for us. If you have any thoughts or interests feel free to send me a PM and we can talk it over.
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