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F Seeking M for roleplay

Started by StryxRiver, December 28, 2020, 02:16:09 PM

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Greetings and Salutations all!

Hello Everyone! I'm Stryx 35/F looking for a partner to roleplay with.

  • My strengths lie in writing the following genres: fantasy (medieval/Victorian/modern), romance, slice of life and school/college life.
  • My writing strengths lie in: writing for female characters, writing in 3rd person My favored genres consist of: romance, fantasy and sci-fi
  • Generally I can write a paragraph of 3-5 lines, potentially more depending on scene/character mood

What I am looking for:
A partner who is 21+
A partner willing to play more than 1 character.
A partner who writes in 3rd person.
A partner willing/open to a character driven romance/friendship

What I am not looking for:
A purely smut driven RP
A fandom RP
A one-line party

What I can offer you:
Enriching characters that are not OP
New(er) scene concepts and diverse plots
Decent OOC conversation/banter