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April 14, 2021, 02:25:40 am

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Author Topic: A Self-Indulgent Smutty Pokémon Adventure Request (M x AplayingF)  (Read 285 times)

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Offline Mr. VyceTopic starter

All characters must be written/played as 21 years old if they are not already older.
I like to ret-con the setting so people have to be at least 18 years old before they can become Trainers, Coordinators, or hold any position of authority/influence.

Greetings! Hope you are all doing well! I'm currently seeking some lightheartedly smutty, character-driven episodic storytelling set in the Pokémon universe. Highspirited campy adventure, plenty of humor, banter and romance, descriptive over-the-top Pokémon battles, quiet/subtle moments of character growth, plenty of fluff and slice-of-life-driven kinky funtimes...all that good stuff. Basically, scenarios where the characters can genuinely enjoy themselves, each other's company, and derive some amusement from the journey and situations they find themselves in.

In terms of tone, fun is the word here. Something whimsical with an unrepentant hardedged "Eff you!" positivity where the characters can genuinely enjoy themselves and the situations they find themselves in. Lines with plenty of playful humor, levity and banter to lighten the spirit. Lines with slice-of-life moments, quiet/subtle character growth and over-the-top Pokémon battles (no "Four Moves of Doom" nonsense). Lines where sex and erotica has a feel of playful warmth at its core even if there's whips and bitemarks, being focused on pleasure and our characters building intimacy (not foregoing the love in lovemaking or friends in friends-with-benefits), thus driving events and furthering the plot. That sort of sweet stuff. ;)

Things I Want to Involve:
Descriptive battles (putting creative spins on moves/battles and detailing what's going on in the battle)
Removing the games' "Four Moves of Doom" limit (I want to ignore that in favor of a Pokémon being able to use—and potentially learn—most of their given moves)

Things I Want to Pass On:
Making Pokémon “dark and edgy” (I want to keep the anime's cheerful and lighthearted tone, with a dab of Pokémon Origins)
Pokémon x human sex (just not my thing, sorry)

To shorten this thread a touch, below are links to my general O&Os...
OOC Info | Kink List | Writing Samples

I'm certainly open to hearing a partner's ideas, and I have a few general ones listed below (open to playing in any region):
1. The classic Pokémon journey. If we go this route, I'd prefer an in media res approach where our characters are already fairly experienced, or doing small timeskips when needed. There can be plenty of lewd slice-of-life moments: Our characters making a bet on who wins a given battle, them being in the mood to celebrate after an especially intense/noteworthy victory (or one needing some comfort after a narrow or devastating loss), that kind of thing.
2. A Pokémon capture, tournament or festival battle encounter Meet Cute.
3. Two childhood rivals reunite several years later as adults during an annual meet n' greet for newly-minted Elite Four members/Gym Leaders, or returning as professors at some elite Pokémon academy.
4. Some romantic fluff between a female of high position and authority (Champion/Gym Leader/Elite Four member/Pokémon Prof/whatever) and her husband.
5. Our characters are part of some Pokémon action/spy crime-fighting organization a la the International/Global Police or Pokémon G-Men (or something like the TNT show Leverage), questing and taking exciting missions and such. I admit favoring a campy tone here.
6. Slice-of-life lines among various professions, one--or both--of our characters being Gym Leaders, Frontier Brains, Elite Four members, Top Coordinators, Team Rocket Executives, Pokémon Rangers, adventuring scholars/treasure hunters/rare Pokémon hunters seeking a lost legend of antiquity, whatever. You know, exploring the day-to-day deal behind being one of the greats (training their chosen creatures, dealing with some cocky challengers), or trying to have a romance while being in the spotlight.

Character-wise, I'm seeking a partner who'll play a fiery, assertive, adventurous Action Girl/Dark Action Girl opposite a calmer and more diplomatic/thoughtful male. (Think something like this relationship dynamic, a female-led relationship.) It may be a longshot, but there are a few female canons I would love for a partner to play as opposite a male OC:
  • From the anime: Misty, Jessie, Domino, Lorelei, Delia Ketchum, Officer Jenny
  • Non-Pokémon canons I'd love to see transplanted into the setting: Azula, Ty Lee, Katara (Avatar the Last Airbender); Lita, Mina (Sailor Moon); Peach (Mario); Female!Ranma (Ranma ½); Kitana, Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat 11); Daenyrys (Game of Thrones)​; Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters); Moana, Elsa (Disney)​; Videl, Bulma, Lazuli/18 (Dragon Ball Z); Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)​; Ishizu Ishtar (Yugioh); Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7)​

So if the idea of this Pokémon line appeals to you, PM me with the following (please don't reply on this thread):
  • What from this ad specifically interests you
  • Whether you're looking for a one-shot, short-term, or long-term line
  • Some mutually-shared kinks (if you have a kink list, please feel free to share the link)
  • Any turn-offs and RP pet peeves/dealbreakers you have (so we don't step on each other's toes), and anything else you think I should know
  • A writing sample or link to one (to see if we mesh style-wise, as well as it just showing confidence-this is required)
And above all, both in the RP world and the real world, be excellent to each other! Enjoy these heartwarming images of Pokémon cuddling their trainers.

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Offline Mr. VyceTopic starter

Re: A Self-Indulgent Smutty Pokémon Adventure Request (M x AplayingF)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2021, 03:47:04 pm »
Update bump.

Offline Mr. VyceTopic starter

Re: A Self-Indulgent Smutty Pokémon Adventure Request (M x AplayingF)
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2021, 02:07:32 am »
Update/monthly bump (3/11): Removed OOC stuff, added new plots.