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April 17, 2021, 04:33:45 am

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Author Topic: [M x All] I'm looking for slow burning, tension filled, detailed utter filth.  (Read 195 times)

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Offline DetailedDavidTopic starter

The title sums up what I'm on the hunt for but let me expand. I'm not looking for cyber sex or a quick story to bash through in an hour while I furiously masturbate myself into a friction burned shell of a man. I need a story to sink my teeth into. Characters with a reason for acting the way they do. A plot that develops over time and drives a story forward. That's not to say I'm not interested in sex. Oh goodness no. I'm big into the sex part. I'd even go as far as to say I'm good at it. But I need a healthy balance between the two. I need my characters to act naturally. React in ways they would really react in different situations. I don't want to play someone who's answer to every question is 'which hole is my penis entering?'.

I am looking for partners who share similar values as I do. I also expect some standard of spelling and grammar. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but if every other word looks like someone headbutted the keyboard then I struggle. No text talk either please. People should be typed as people and not 'ppl' for example.

I'm not one for writing out war and peace for every reply I send but I avoid one liners at all costs. I usually stick to around 2 or 3 paragraphs per reply unless I really get carried away with myself. I'd be looking for similar in my partners responses.

Kinks wise I'm pretty much open to most things. The ones that jump out would be revealing/slutty clothing and dress up, incest, cheating, cum play, rough sex, name calling, group sex and sharing, exhibitionism and voyeurism, oral and no doubt a million other things I've forgotten. My only limits are the usual, death, gore, anyone under 18, toilet stuff.

My last big love is visual aids being included in the story. Links to pictures and gifs that relate to what's going on in the scene. It's by no means a must but it's a huge plus for me if this is something we could include.

Now I generally play more realistic/ slice of life kind of scenes, I find these easier to relate with and get drawn into. But with that being said I'm more than happy to try other settings and explore other kinds of roles. If you have a fantasy or sci fi setting that really grabs me for example I'd be very interested in playing. My favourite scenarios are ones where we both know we shouldn't be doing anything together. But as much as we know it would be wrong we can't deny there is sexual tension between us. This slowly leads to flirting and teasing and pushing the line of what is and isn't appropriate until we both eventually snap. But again I'd be more than happy to play something totally different.

I have knocking around in my head for you to look over and will update when ever I think of something new. If one of these grabs your eye then great let me know and we can flesh it out together.

If nothing grabs you but you think that we would make a good match then feel free to message me with your own suggestions or we can think up something totally new together.

  • Sister's Secret - You're my sister. You also happen to be hiding a secret that you haven't even told your faithful older brother about. Until I stumble in on it....
  • Stripper/Client - Pretty run of the mill stripper/patron story only this time the pair already know each other...
  • Co-Workers - What better way to pass the time in the office than some light flirting between two married co-workers? But how long can two people flirt before things escalate.
  • Free Use Room Mate - Yes OK you're my best friend since we were kids and yes you need a place to stay close to college campus and you can't afford anywhere but I can't just go giving you my spare room for nothing...
  • You Secret Webcam Show - How will you react when someone you know discovers your hidden career of being a cam girl?
  • The Photographer - A renown, talented photographer. His newest client trying to make it in the industry. Where will her desire to break it into the big leagues take them?
  • Dating Profile - It's been far to long since you got a good, hard fuck. Time to set up a dating profile online. And who better to ask for advice than your best friend...
  • Sexting - I've got tons of ideas based around two people 'sexting'. Happy to share if you're interested
  • Free Use in Quarantine - Stuck in the house with someone else, how long before the relationship takes a different turn....

Well thank you for reading and hope to hear back soon!