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I’ve had this sitting in a word document for quite some time now. I figure I should just bite the bullet and post because it certainly isn’t doing me any good collecting dust in a measly word document. I will also link to my O/Os where I better introduce myself. I hope this inspires some great story writing! I plan on adding to this list as ideas arise. No idea is set in stone; my favorite part is switching and discussing plot details with my partner! Any aspect is susceptible to change or editing.

Powerpuff…all Grown Up?
     What did ever happen to little girl trio? Between fighting crime in the city of Townsville and dealing with Professor Utonium did Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles ever get a chance to be regular girls? Growing up with that kind of stress on their shoulders from such a young age must have had quiet the number on them! In this universe, the girls are twenty-one. Is Buttercup top of her class in college, her Type A personality translating into the perfect GPA as she studies for her medical school entrance exam? What about Blossom? Her tongue in cheek attitude and lack of care of the opinions of others might not work well in the classroom, but boy, is a great advocator! And where is Bubbles, you ask? Why, the crybaby of the group never really liked school all that much. She got into boys a lot quicker than her sisters, settling down with a man twice her age. But boy does he love her!
I want to explore the girls in young adulthood, exploring the weight their unique childhood must have had on them. Depending on my partner’s preferences, this could involve the three still fighting crime in Townsville.
Extreme: YC is a villain the girls must defeat! Perhaps he lures the girls into his evil lair and holds them hostage. Maybe he was even a young fan of the girls growing up, and this is him reliving his sick childhood fantasy. Plenty of room for a large variety of dirty, degrading kinks.
Lighter: Depending on my partner’s preferences, I play one of the three girls, and you play an alternative love interest. Could explore any of their backstories, or combine it with a character of your liking. Could be fun to incorporate other fandoms into this…I can definitely see Blossom and Danny Phantom getting into their fair share of hijinks.

Your Wish is Our Command
     YC is an average Joe type. Shitty job, visits the dive bar after work only to get rejected by every girl he bothers buying a drink for. YC can’t understand why women are so hard to please! He’s read enough articles to know that the bar is the best place to pick up respectable women! All these failed attempts have filled him up with rage towards the opposite gender. So much rage that he may fall into the incel category.
One night, after browsing the various misogynistic reddit forums he frequents, YC falls asleep with his cum-stained boxers at his ankles and his laptop half-open. He awakens to see beautiful ethereal looking creatures standing at the foot of the bed. He automatically reaches for his cock, assuming this is nothing but another wet dream.
The two giggle and swat his hand away, informing him that this is more than his subconscious releasing steam. YC life is so pitiful that he was sent not one, but two fairies to fix his mess. The girls can grant any wish, fulfill any desire.
This could take a variety of paths, all depending on my partner’s preferences. I’m thinking YC decides to torment the various girls that rejected him the past week, with each day focusing on a different girl. The logistics of which of course would be discussed with the partner. I would be playing all of the female characters, so it would require a co-author that can make YC entertaining enough to bounce off of.

Would you like to buy some Girl Scouts?

     Religious girl scout troop leader is having trouble with marital troubles. Her husband offers to stay only if she agrees to open their marriage. He requests an opportunity to sleep with one or two of the girl scouts in her troop. She reluctantly agrees and the two form an instant bond. She eventually moves in with the couple. Girls can either be 16 (last year in the troops) or 18 (the husband remembers them from years ago) depending on partner’s preferences. Whether the girl scouts agree to the relationship or not is also open for discussion.

Abduction Plots
1.   Lame teenage boy is fired from his job of a local ice cream franchise----lets call it the final straw. He erupts, deciding to retaliate by kidnapping the boss’s daughter. Where does he take her? What does he do with her? Is it sexual, or does he simply want a friend or shoulder to cry on? Leaving this open ended.
2.   Mob boss abducts daughter/wife of fellow associate to hold as ransom. The drug kingpin can do whatever he wants with his little plaything.
3.   Medieval/Fantasy setting; Damaged, perhaps even physically damaged warrior kidnaps virgin princess to make her his slave. Maybe uses magic to overthrow the kingdom to get to her. I’m thinking he has severe burns on his face or his body to add to his shame and anger, of course I’m willing to talk this out with my partner.