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May 24, 2022, 07:47:54 pm

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Author Topic: Nick's Ideas (any×any, plots and dynamics galore!)  (Read 502 times)

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Nick's Ideas (any×any, plots and dynamics galore!)
« on: December 07, 2020, 07:37:03 pm »
Hi there! You can call me Nick, or any variation of my username. I'm twenty-two and female, and I've been writing for a very long time. As soon as I learned to write, I was making stories. As soon as I got access to the internet, I was making stories with other people. As a result, I've mostly learned to write from other people. This means that I'm a very flexible writing partner and will tend to match my partner's style and post length.

I can't promise a post every single day, although I typically will respond once a day. I can, however, promise a reply a couple of times per week. I currently work full time at a busy animal hospital, which directly influences how much time and mental energy I have to devote to writing. It also depends on what we're writing- if our game lends itself to short responses that encourage a frequent back-and-forth sort of thing, I'll likely be able to respond when I get breaks at work. If our game is lengthy and the posts involved, it may take me a couple of days to draft up my replies before I can post them.

Like I said earlier, I'm a fairly flexible writing partner. I prefer to write in the forums, via PMs, and Discord (in that order) but I am open to other mediums, including email and Google Docs. I am also open to using Discord of PMs as a way to keep in touch OOC and to plan and worldbuild together. I typically do not use face claims, although for some established characters of mine I have art pieces that I've commissioned of them. If face claims are an absolute dealbreaker for you but you feel as though we would otherwise make good partners, I will consider using them.

When it comes to smut, I'm certainly open to that (I don't know why I'd be on an adult forum if I wasn't). I don't adhere to any strict smut to story ratio- it depends on the game and the characters we're writing. Some of my ideas and prompts will lend themselves to smut-heavy stories, others will focus on plot, and others on character interactions.

In terms of characters, I'm very open. I can play male characters, female characters, non-binary characters, trans characters, and hermaphrodite characters. I am also willing to play against any of those as well. I'm also open to playing as or against multiple characters!

If you are interested in writing together, please send me a PM.

ONs & OFFs:
I'm open to including a wide range of kinks in any given game, but there are some that I enjoy more than others, some that will take some consideration, and some that I refuse to consider. I am open to anything in my ons, plus anything not included in any of the following lists, so if there's a kink you really want to include that you don't see here, just bring it up and we'll talk about it.

Ons: Omegaverse & a/b/o dynamics, dom/sub dynamics, power dynamics, noncon and dubcon, breeding, knotting, messy sex, size differences, femboys, femdom, marking, possessiveness, oviposition/egg-laying, cum inflation, collaring, plugs, pet/master dynamics, older character/younger character

Maybe's: light bloodplay (including period sex), watersports, incest, furries/anthro characters, enemas

Offs: scat, vore, insects & bugs, sexualized gore and extreme bloodplay, mutilation*, vomit, animal abuse, homophobia**, transphobia**, racism**
*I consider mutilation to be my character mutilating yours or yours mutilating mine outside of a battle scenario. I do not mind disabled characters and characters who are disabled or otherwise wounded in combat.
**I am open to playing in worlds that have racism, transphobia, and homophobia in the background. However, I do not want it to be a major focus (I'm okay with our characters having a taboo relationship, i.e. two men in a world that's homophobic) of the story unless we've discussed it beforehand. I am perfectly fine with exploring how racism, transphobia, and homophobia would mentally affect characters experiencing and I am also perfectly fine with you exploring that as well.

The role I prefer to play will be italicized. If both roles are italicized, I am open to playing either.
Stowaway/Ship Captain
Fallen Angel/Human
Fallen Angel/Demon
Younger Woman/Older Man
Younger Man/Older Man
Older Woman/Younger Man
Older woman/Younger Woman

Post Apocalyptic
Medieval Fantasy
Modern Tantasy
Sci-Fi Fantasy
Historical Fantasy

The Elder Scrolls
Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Red Dead Redemption
Far Cry 5
Harry Potter
I do not typically play canon characters, although you are welcome to ask. Understand that I am not typically comfortable playing most canon characters.

Some of these are more fleshed out than others. Either way, one of the things I adore more than anything is worldbuilding with a partner. Definitely don't be shy when it comes to adding your own ideas. Most of these ideas were written on the assumption that I would be playing the submissive character. I am open to switching roles and playing the dominant character as well.

Omegaverse- I'm not picky when it comes to omegaverse games. I'll do damn near anything. We can develop the world together or use some sort of amalgamation of pre-existing tropes. It can be historical, fantastical, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, whatever you like! I would greatly prefer to play the omega, but I'm open to either.

Feral Omega- It's the same thing except the omega has lived on their own for quite some time, and doesn't trust anybody else, especially alphas who only want to take away their independence. But when they find themselves injured and/or in heat (or with a heat quickly approaching), they're forced to rely on someone.

Werewolves- In the same vein as the omegaverse requests lays werewolves. 

The Breeding Program- Either humans have stopped having as many children due to cultural or environmental changes, or our characters are elves or aliens or any other race with fertility problems. Thus, a breeding program is created that matches people up based on genetic compatibility.

The Marriage Mandate- Similar to the above, except this time characters are forcibly married and stuck with each other. Similar to an arranged marriage, except the marriage mandate would be something new that everyone has to get used to. I've seen this used quite a bit in Harry Potter fanfiction, but it could easily be adapted.

Arranged Marriage- Exactly what it says. We can base this off history, we can make it a fantasy world, we can make it sci-fi. We can work together to determine who plays what role. Do you want me to play a dashing nobleman? A reluctant bride? Something else?

Spoils of War- This is somewhat similar to the first idea, except I want to play the character who lost. Maybe your character demanded mine as a prize to end a war. Maybe my character is the last member of their tribe/family/kingdom. Either way, your character had the winning hand, and mine did not. Alternatively, I could play the victor.

Auctioned Off- Tied to the previous idea, this one has one character (preferably mine) ending up in slavery. The other character (preferably yours) buys them.

A New Pet- Also similiar to the previous idea, my character is either a slave or belongs to a race that is considered secondary. Maybe they're elves, maybe they're a neko or kitsune, maybe they're anthro characters, maybe they're aliens.

Harem: I'm also interested in a good harem game! Ideally I would be playing the submissives/harem but I'm certainly open to playing a character who has a harem.

Alien Skies- This is a basic rundown of an idea I've had for quite awhile. One character crashlands on an alien planet. The other character (an alien) finds them. I'm open to playing either role- I do have ideas for an alien race if you would like to play the human, otherwise, I'm excited to see your aliens.

Outlaws- Two things I love are Westerns and cowboys, and outlaws fall right in with that. Is my character an outlaw and your character has been sent to track them down? Are our characters outlaws in different gangs? Are our characters on the run together? I'm down with anything!

To the End of the World- In this, the world has ended, but humanity has survived. However, knowledge has been lost. How much knowledge is something we can decide together, but in my original idea, it's been a few hundred years. Buildings were still intact, we kind of knew about the people who were around before the world ended, but it seemed very far away and unbelievable. But then one character (yours or mine) finds a sect of people hidden in a bunker or vault or something and has access to forgotten knowledge.

The Sacrifice- My character is offered to a/the god/s as a sacrifice. You play the god/goddess.

The Summoning- My character summons a demon. Maybe they accidentally bind themselves to the demon. Maybe the demon claims them regardless. Either way, they're quickly shown the error of their ways.

The Fallen Angel- My character is an angel. Your character corrupts them.

Daddy Issues- My character is a young woman with Daddy issues. Your character is a handsome older man who takes advantage. Can be as light or dark as you like.

Daddy's Girl- My character is a fairly young woman who's parents are either divorced or never together. Circumstances put my character living with yours- maybe Mom dies or custody is taken away from her. Either Daddy shows her what he expects from the start, or she decides she'll seduce her father.

Catching the Captain- My character is the captain of a ship. Your character is a pirate who defeats them. Can be historical piracy or sci-fi.

The Betrayal- Your character is supposed to protect mine. Maybe you're a mercenary who was hired by my character or their family. Maybe you're a cop or sheriff or a general supposed Good Guy. But my character is just so naive and it's so easy to corrupt them.

Under Construction

CRAVINGS(updated December 27th, 2020):
Currently, I'm looking to play around with omegaverse, pet/master (or slave/master for darker settings), and other stories involving power dynamics. I'm also currently interested in stories focused around breeding. Open to playing either the submissive or dominant role.
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Re: Nick's Ideas (any×any, submissive characters needing a dom)
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2020, 06:48:17 pm »
Updated with several more plots and more general information!

Offline stormsofstarsTopic starter

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  • Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea.
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Re: Nick's Ideas (any×any, plots and dynamics galore!)
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2020, 06:03:49 pm »
Major visual overhaul with more information, more plots, possible pairings, etc