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September 27, 2021, 03:07:49 pm

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Author Topic: His Shield Bore the Cognizance of a Bear: FitzUrse's Requests  (Read 241 times)

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His Shield Bore the Cognizance of a Bear: FitzUrse's Requests
« on: December 04, 2020, 03:26:28 pm »
Good afternoon, everyone! You can call me FitzUrse, or Fitz for short. Thanks for popping in, and I hope you see something you like. I've been starved for good writing for a while, and am eager to jump into a story or two.

For a brief look at my overall interests, Ons/Offs, and such, please check out my thread Some of the info from there will be touched on in this thread, others bits not so much.

So I am a 35 year old, cisgendered, more-or-less heterosexual male living in New England. I have been writing for right around twenty years, having started in high school in the old MSN chatrooms. By day I'm a security guard, which means I have a hell of a lot of time to write, read, and brainstorm.

In terms of my writing style, I think I'm sort of lazy-advanced? Casual-lit? I like to think I'm a good writer, and part of that is knowing when to let it go on for a while and when it needs to be succinct and punchy. So while I'm definitely not a one-line wonder, if you prefer novella-length, I'm probably not that guy either. I don't force myself into any particular range of length- I just try to choose the best words put the words in the best order. I expect the same out of you- the best words ya got, in the best order, and to me, length doesn't matter (heh) if it's good.

I do both erotic and non-erotic rp, and have fun with both. I don't really have a solid "ratio" of porn to plot (as you'll see, if you haven't already noticed, I'm more of "feelings and instincts" guy than a "hard quantifiable rules" kinda dude). As long as we kind of work out where we're going, and what we both expect, then I can be your porn guy, your porn with plot guy, your plot with porn guy, or just your plot guy.

I generally prefer to do MxF plots, with myself in the male role. I do not exclude transwomen from my definition of female, and definitely can enjoy a cismale x transwoman story. I also don't mind playing a straight masculine top to a pretty femme bottom male. Those are all options. I don't go in for playing a feminine male, nor am I into gay sex people two masculine dudes. Not that there can't be two masculine dudes involved- I love group sex and MMF threesomes, but the lady is a key component.

My preferred settings are medieval fantasy, with influences ranging from the sword-and-sorcery stories of Robert E. Howard, to the classic fantasy of Tolkien, to modern day grimdark like Joe Abercrombie or Steven Erikson. My favorite fantasy story, however, is Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions, so I am all over the place as far as fantasy influences. I really love the free-wheeling kitchen sink approach of Dungeons and Dragons, the sexy adventures of the Alfie webcomic, and anything where magic and swords and dragons abound. My main characters in such situations tend to be knights and warrior types, the shine of their armor varying depending on the flavor of the tale.

I also do medieval historical stories, with a general focus on fairly "hard" history-  I was a history major in college, with a focus on Medieval and Renaissance Europe. My preferred time and place is medieval England, generally between the mid 12th and the early 14th century, although in a pinch I can do anything from the late-period Roman Empire to the Age of Exploration. I'm also not adverse to mixing fantasy with history, and enjoy exploring folklore and myths in our own history.

When it comes to modern day stories, I tend to play this in more erotica-oriented stories focusing on kink, since there's less worldbuilding and exploration to do, and because modern day tales are just not really my thing. So hit me up for modern if you want to write some awesome smut without a whole lot of plot.

I hope this catches your eye- as you can see, I'm not a "here are my plots" type of partner- I lead with settings and atmosphere more than anything. If you think I'd be fun to rp with, please shoot me a message. I am happy to provide a writing sample.

Also, I have a Discord if that's your preferred method of chatting.

I look forward to hearing from you.