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January 25, 2021, 05:50:00 PM

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Author Topic: F looking for non-con and multiple partners  (Read 234 times)

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F looking for non-con and multiple partners
« on: November 26, 2020, 01:58:35 AM »
I am craving a story or two that are heavily fetish-focused, especially as related to non-con and multiple partners.  I am happy to discuss ways for you to have a main character, and I am willing to play multiple women if you are playing multiple men, but I am hoping for a story centered around (or at least including) a good old fashioned gangbang. 

In terms of smut other than non-con (and sometimes multiple partners) most anything is negotiable.  I am happy to complete overhaul these ideas, and am happy to discuss your own ideas if they seem to mesh.  I can't promise it will work but we can at least discuss it.  The below are more a reflection of what is going through my perverted head right now than anything else.  So I am happy to write plenty else. 

I would be thrilled to come up with long term plots to go with any of these, since I do want a story on top of the smut.  I just can't always come up with anything.  So if you have any ideas please do let me know!

I am also open to system games, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Star Wars, and so on.

If interested please PM me!

The Mugging

A group of women are walking home (or elsewhere) one night when they are ambushed by a group of men brandishing weapons.  They demand their purses and phones.  Then, they demand more.  They are made to strip, made to give blowjobs, then repeatedly fucked in an alley or other outdoor location.

Smut: Non-consensual, Multiple Partners

I'd like to continue the story from there somehow, but am not sure precisely how.  The first thing that comes to mind is jumping to a police character (maybe even one of those involved) who is trying to track them down. 

The Thief

A manager of a retail store or fast food restaurant is convinced that someone is stealing from the till.  A couple of workers point the finger at a relatively new teenage (17 or 18 years old) employee.  The manager calls her into a back room to demand she confess.  She gets up to leave at some point which, to the manager, is confirmation.  A scuffle ensues and she ends up restrained, preferably handcuffed, to a desk, shelf, or other object.

The manager has other business to attend to and tells the other employees, the ones he trusts, to ‘keep an eye on her’ and ‘get a confession if they can.’  The employees, sadists and actually the thieves, can’t pass up the opportunity to have some fun.  They strip her, make her give them blowjobs, threaten her with various implements, and eventually decide to fuck her. 

The employees and/or manager manage to get something that allows them to blackmail her into not reporting the assault.  She continues to show up to work for fear of the blackmail, and each shift involves her being tormented. 

Smut: Multiple partners.  Bondage.  I’d be willing to roleplay a second woman (or maybe even more) at some point, though probably not for the first scene.

I would like to have an enslavement/breaking angle as she goes from resenting and hating them, to enjoying it or at least somehow feeling fulfilled by it. 

Work Release (Fanastical)

A woman has been sentenced to prison for a couple of years due to some minor charge (possession of marijuana or similar).  She is sent to a private prison with ties to corrupt officials, pharmaceutical companies, and other unpleasant organizations.  The woman signs up for, or is assigned to, a work program as a test subject for the latest drugs.

The program is a cover for sex work/experimentation.  The woman is injected with a powerful aphrodisiac and has to deal with corrupt guards who want to have some fun.  The drug eventually wears off, mostly, there are lingering effects.  The guards then go about injecting other drugs intended for future use in state of the art plastic surgery.  They increase her breast size, her ass size, and so on.  They repeatedly dose her with the aphrodisiac, forcing her to film porn, entertain officials, and so on.

Smut:  Forced arousal and bimbo-ification are the big ones, as well as training.

I don't have a hard and fast plot for this one, and honestly would be fine overhauling it for something similar.  I just kind of want to do a plot focused on weird drugs and bimbo-ification.

Version 2

A woman goes to, or works for, a doctor/dentist/something and is injected with said drug while undergoing a minor procedure.

Soccer Wager

In a heated and close match a soccer mom makes a wager with a group of fathers.  Confident in her team’s victory, she laughs and agrees when the wager is “we get to fuck you.”  When her team loses, with her kid already scheduled to head off for a sleep over, she’s alone when she heads for her car.  The men are insistent on collecting on the wager even as she tries to back out and drag her into the back of a vehicle. 

Smut:  Multiple partners, bondage, probably other stuff.

The story would start with a kidnapping and a gangbang.  I'd like to continue it from there somehow, though am not sure precisely how.

Version 2

It isn't a soccer mom, but instead a volleyball (or other sports) team.  This version would add in age gaps as a fetish.

Ghost Hunter (Horror/Fantastical)

A low budget ghost hunting television show, or YouTube channel, goes to investigate a prison, asylum, or similar location.  The host either finds a hidden location, performs a seance, or does something else to release one or more spirits in the location.  The spirits include the ghost of a serial rapist.  The host is attacked, either by an incorporeal form or some twisted, horrifying, corporeal form.  She also preferably finds herself strapped to some strange equipment (torture, quasi-magical, or other). 

Smut: Non-con, bondage, torture.

I kind of want to go weird with this one, though am not sure precisely how.

Version 2 

So I vaguely remember reading a short story (creepy pasta?) about an invisible goatman or something similar.  The idea being you can smell his presence, and if you count people you have one more, but you don't actually realize he is there.  A similar idea taken into an adult direction could be interesting as well as a replacement for a ghost.