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October 17, 2021, 01:38:59 am

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Author Topic: Multi-Perspective Plots [MxM et al.]  (Read 178 times)

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Offline bandedbanditTopic starter

Multi-Perspective Plots [MxM et al.]
« on: November 25, 2020, 05:20:40 pm »
What I’m Looking For:

My absolute favorite rp’s have been one-on-one's with multiple primary characters and a web of intersecting storylines. Ideally, I’m looking for one strong central pairing and one central plot arc, but with meaningful subplots and a little cast of well-developed characters - something along these lines. More than one couple per story, love triangles, polyamory, etc. are all welcome, as well as fleshed out characters who are never involved in anything romantic. Basically, I like to write with partners who like to write from the perspectives of multiple characters.

Some Basics:

Frequency/Consistency: I don’t care at all if a partner drops away for days/weeks/months then drops in again. If a story is going well, I’m happy to keep it going whenever we both have the time and interest. The frequency with which I post ranges from once every few weeks to multiple times per day, depending on the story. I will always try to let a partner know if there will be a prolonged lapse, though.

Story to Smut Ratio: For me, story >> smut. I like plot, drama, relationships and tension with only a pinch of smut to taste.

Kink: My limits are few and far between. I don’t incorporate a ton of smut in my stories, but when I do, I do.

Length: My post lengths are highly variable, depending on the story, scene, partner, etc. There’s a sweet spot between a dissatisfying amount of detail and trying to eke out an arbitrary amount of words with each reply. I generally match my partners, though, and if you’re giving me really thoughtful posts, I’ll put in more effort.

Pairings: I primarily do MxM. However, in a multiple-pairing setting, I am more than happy to play men and women (cis or trans) and nonbinary characters paired with anyone else. I’ll play Doms, subs and switches in equal measure. I have a slight preference for playing bottoms rather than tops, but I still like a smattering of both, and am very interested in power bottoms and unusual power dynamics. Overall, I’m very versatile and prefer a partner who is similarly flexible.

The Plots:

Garden of Eden
Money can’t buy everything. But it can buy a lot.

The seas have swelled, the crops have failed, and the storms grow deadlier each year. Society is following a slow, unalterable drudge toward collapse as desperation ignites into chaos.

When even the most gentrified cities seem to be sharpening the guillotines, Character A’s family decides to follow along with countless other people of their class: they move into an Eden. Within those fiercely guarded walls, communities can continue their comfortable lives in perfect safety, as long as they can pay the price of entry.

Character B is told that he is lucky. Working in an Eden, he gets to breathe fresh air, eat rare foods, turn on a light and know there will be electricity. Due to proximity, he is allowed to bask secondhand in the comforts of the rich. It’s a job people would kill for.

Which is exactly what Character B wants to do.

These people are feasting while the world starves. And they are going to pay for it.

For this one, I would also be willing to do FxF for the main pairing.
        Setting: [U/Dis]topian

Blood of a King
The rebellion is over, the cruel king dethroned. Now all the new monarchy has to do is pick up the pieces, the most jagged being the former king’s young child. No one wants to kill the little boy. But the new regency is tenuous enough without a living heir to spark counterrevolution, and there is no reason to believe he won’t grow up to be as mad and wily as his father and grandfather and great grandfather, and great great grandfather…

The boy must be killed. Character A is tasked with the execution. A respected and loyal soldier, after standing at his liege's side throughout the course of the revolution, he has every intention of carrying out this latest order, no matter how unpleasant. He and a subordinate officer, Character B, set out to kill the former prince. But when the time comes...Character A can’t do it.

In a spur-of-the-moment decision, he escapes with the child instead of killing him. Trusting in his commanding officer’s authority, Character B doesn’t realize what they’re doing until it’s too late.

Pulled unwillingly into treason, the two strangers are now on the run with dangerous human contraband, trying to stay alive and undetected in the war-torn and restless kingdom.
        Setting: Historical or Fantasy

Ghost Town
The colonies were once impossibly dangerous. But after nearly two decades of successful settlement, living there has gone from ‘impossible’ to ‘inconvenient,’ and a more diverse assemblage of travelers are making the journey.

The passengers disembark, expecting to find the rough but thriving city the last supply vessel left behind.

Instead they find empty houses, quiet streets, and bloated corpses.

The new arrivals find themselves in an unfamiliar land with an ocean-sized barrier between themselves and assistance and no idea what could have wiped out an entire city. But they had better figure it out. Because whatever it was is coming for them next.

I don’t have a particular pairing in place for this one, but I can think of a lot of interesting options, and I’d love to develop something with a partner’s preferences.
        Setting: Survival

The Courtship
Family A is on their way out. Once a powerful presence, that influence is beginning to falter without the weight of a substantive fortune, now almost fully exhausted. That’s just fine with Family B. With their newly acquired wealth, they would be happy to take Family A’s place. However, in the eyes of those around them, Family B retains an outsider status that their wealth can’t combat.

When Prominent Figure’s daughter comes of age, both families see an opportunity. A union between Prominent Figure and their family would provide the legitimacy and resources they need. And it just so happens that each has a perfectly unmarried son perfectly capable of courting the young woman.

It was never going to be easy. But it gets a lot harder when the men fall for each other instead.

I’m hoping for some fiery love-hate friction here. Also, if you feel like making things more complicated, fantasy elements could be added.
       Setting: Historical or Fantasy

Oh, Death
Character A is an angel of death. It wouldn’t be his first choice of occupations, but he’s good at it. Good enough that his caseload is usually filled with the more challenging souls - damaged souls, sticky souls, souls that have been lost from the registry, he has the skill to track and gather them all.

But when he tries to take Character B’s soul, things go...poorly.

The harvesting is a disaster, and Character B wakes up in a hospital bed with bewildering memories. He goes back to his house, his husband, his life, but there is something different about him.

The case is transferred to a different department, but Character A can’t get the strange soul (or his unprecedented failure) out of his head. He’s interested in Character B. Character B is interested in this underworld of mortality he has stumbled into. And that world is interested in him, too - there is something unique about his soul, something they would very much like to use.
       Setting: Otherworldly Modern

With nothing shall be pleased ‘till he be eased with being nothing
MC has been king since he was six, but has only recently come of age and taken up the mantle of true regency. MC is young, inexperienced, and a little fucked up from being one of the most important people in the world since he learned how to lace his own shoes (that was a joke, he would never lace his own shoes).

MC’s grandiose and ill-conceived decisions are becoming a problem that needs to be fixed. YC has been tasked with fixing it. A respected and loyal figure with an uncanny knack for smoothing what is wrinkled, mending what is broken, and doing so by any means necessary, YC is pressed by the advisors into the unruly king’s council. A violent clash of will and power follows.

I’m imagining a ton of manipulation coming from both sides, heated, toxic attraction, and complicated power dynamics.
        Setting: Historical or Fantasy