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February 24, 2021, 05:07:17 pm

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Author Topic: The Forgotten  (Read 150 times)

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Offline ObsidianRaeTopic starter

The Forgotten
« on: November 21, 2020, 03:46:15 am »

The cave had been untouched for who knew how long. The slow drip of water from stalactites created an almost peaceful sound the further one went inside the network of tunnels and larger open spaces. Lichen and small ghostly hued mushrooms cropped up in crevices here and there, but otherwise there were no obvious signs of life. Eventually the tunnel he had found his way through opened up into a larger, tall ceilinged carvers. Pillars of natural stone tapered up to meet their twins reaching down. There were puddles of water collecting, scattered around the smooth floor. Somewhere, high above in the dark, he could hear the rustle of a few leathery bat wings.

The woman in the cavern wasn't immediately apparent, she wasn't centered in the room in any way. Off in a corner, on the opposite side of a tall stalagmite, she wouldn't be easily visible from the direction he came. But there she was when he rounded said pillar, slumped, held aloft by the metal spear that was pinning her into the stone. Pale blonde hair was braided, but much of it had fallen loose around her face where her head hung limply down. It curtained her features, but she did not, against all reason or logic, appear dead.

She wore odd clothing, old and stained with blood from the wound that pierced through her chest, just to the right of her sternum. Arms and legs hung limp and motionless. But even as he watched, her chest rose, and then fell. And then the motion repeated. She was breathing.

A woman is stuck by a cursed spear where she would be unlikely to be found by anyone who might have searched for her, undying but unable to remove it herself. I have a few ideas on why she might be there, either as punishment for something she's done, or simply due to a rival's cruel nature.

The length of time she's been there is also greatly up for discussion. I can see interest in several options, including just a few years, to centuries. I could see this being set in modern times where some unsuspecting spelunker comes across this woman, or even a more Shadowrun/Cyberpunk sort of setting, where we could throw the added complication of the problem of culture and technology shock at her. It could also be only a short period of time, but someone from the 'enemy' nation that finds her. Open to any and all ideas for it, as the idea is vague at best.

She is strong willed, capable, and likes to fight, so expect a bit of trouble for whatever character you might be interested in playing against her!
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