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September 27, 2021, 02:56:12 pm

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Author Topic: The Nerd And The Blackmailed Bitch (m for f)  (Read 251 times)

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The Nerd And The Blackmailed Bitch (m for f)
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:18:23 pm »
The Nerd And The Blackmailed Bitch

He was just another nameless, faceless nobody among the masses of a large corporation. You cold describe him as a bit of a nerd  who worked in the IT department. His one shining quality was that he was really very good at his job. Offers had come in for other positions at other company's. His current company though had wanted to keep him and always offered him a raise to at least attempt to keep their crucial employee. These offers, from the current company, even if they where slightly less, because more money was more money and he didn't really desire to have to lead people which is what he would be doing at the other company's. This led him to actually be one of the best paid employees in his division.

She worked in another division. The sort that gets much better respect. The kind that if your a manager, like she is, comes with a nice window office looking down upon all the little insignificant people below. She was sexy and knew it as well. Always dressed to kill in a professional sort of sense, that meant women's suits that showed off just why she was so desirable. The thing was if anyone dared to glance a little to long at her she would flip her lid and make them wish they had simply been castrated. She was a powerful queen bitch and she knew it and loved it.

One day miss bitches laptop broke, like they tend to do from time to time. IT sent someone up to fix it. This took far to long for her liking. Even though it was well within company norms for turnaround. She pulled strings, people where yelled at and she was promised that it wouldn't happen again. The laptop did break again and this time things went worse. It came back not fully fixed. This time shit hit the fan and people got in trouble.

That was when they sent him to fix her laptop. It was completely beneath him. Fixing simple laptops was what interns and new hires where for. He was the company's top troubleshooter and he arrived at her office pissed off at the assignment. When the two met things didn't go cordially. He walked out of miss bitches office more upset then when he entered. He planed to put this on the back burner. Just to piss her off. Then on the elevator ride down a better thought sprang to mind. Back in his lab he got to work installing all the surveillance software he knew about, which was quite a bit. This was illegal and against company policy but he figured he was the smartest they had so who would catch him.

When the laptop was returned, by a intern, he simply waited to see what the data packets brought him about her. When they did he was much more surprised then expected. Not only was she reading a story about a nerdy student who blackmailed his sexy teacher and made her his effective slave. She also watched a lot of porn. Most of this of the BDSM nature with much of it tending toward nonconsensual. A rough idea began to form in his head about turning this in and getting her fired one afternoon when another file come in. This one was a video of her no less on the laptops webcam. There where lots of videos like this one but in this one she was naked and masturbating in her office.

That was when the idea of getting her fired changed to making her fantasy become reality whether she really desired this to happen or not.

Kinks to be discussed.

I'm seeking to play the male role. I'm seeking someone to play the female role. Send me a message if interested.
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