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March 01, 2021, 04:26:36 pm

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Author Topic: FXM Fiesty Foxgirl for Fantasy based plot  (Read 385 times)

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FXM Fiesty Foxgirl for Fantasy based plot
« on: November 08, 2020, 01:22:31 pm »
Things Im looking for -

>>> Would prefer to write in DM or Discord

>>>looking for 50/50 story/smut

>>>At the very least a Paragraph of Post (Around 8-10 sentences) but more is always a plus. I average around 2 Paragraphs. I adore detailed posts with plenty of reactions, emotions and thoughts. I am open to darker, grittier themes as well as light hearted/slice of life ones.

>>> 3rd Person Only. Male Characters only (and this isn't supposed to offend but I would like to RP with RL males or at least those who identify as such.
(I am a RL Female behind the keyboard)

>>>I prefer to play against Human or Non-Human characters. Humans, other animal-kin and 'demons' are most preferred. (Also shapeshifters, lycans and such.) Anthro furries, not so much but may make an exception if the ideas are good.

>>> I play a Switch Character - So I dont mind taking a more submissive position or dominant position, but would prefer another another switch, or a dominant that is okay with her taking lead on occation to pass roles back and forth for alittle power shift.

>>> Realism! Even in fantasy settings, I like a sense of realism. That doesn't mean that everything has to be super realistic, but have things explainable in a way that makes sense and its not a thing just because. (Like, if a character can use magic, then there is a downside ect ect). Prefer Semi-realism so there is some bending but nothing over the top.

>>> OOC Realistic Expectations. I will post when I am free. You will post when you are free. Nothing more. Regular posting is nice but it cant always be achieved - and this is okay. (Do not confuse IC with OOC)

>>> OOC chatter! Sharing story/situation ideas. Banter is my default language.

I cannot promise Long Term. If it turns out that way, then great. It depends on plot/character dynamic ect, therefore cannot be promised.

I avoid -

>>> One Dimensional Characters.

Nothing is more boring and unsatisfying to play against than a character you've put no thought in. The character is real in that universe - So make him feel like it.

Your writing, no matter how erotic, will not excite me at all. But if you create a great character - I will be a great fan of him.

>>> RPs that are just 'how many kinks can we force into this at the expense of cohesiveness'.

>>> First time message like 'Hi, hows u? Want to rp'.

Quick run down of my Character -

F-List by request. Not everything is listed, I am open to suggestions but just a quick run down of what I like.
She is a Foxgirl/Kimonomimi - Whatever people want to call it. In RP, I tend to call her race 'Foxkin'.
Situations/Occupations and the like will change depending on the plot but the character will remain the same.

>>> She is: Outgoing - Confident - Brash/Straight talking -Laid back - Fiery - Independent - Cunning - Witty. Has a more Dominant personality.

>>>  If she is the dominant role, would prefer masculine Submissive partners that arent innocent, constantly needing approval/seeking permission ect. Subs with backbone. More into Gentle, more affectionate Femdom than anything brutal.

>>> Sizeplay is my biggest kink - for more reasons than one. She is 4ft 9 and in proportion to her height and prefer characters 6-7 feet. I love the aesthetic of Complex Power Dynamics (and power struggles) Eg: Being a larger, dominant male and having a more petite girl that has an equally Dominant persona butting heads, having the shorter take charge of the larger, spontaneous power swaps ect ect. The Bigger one being Dominant and the Smaller being Submissive is too boring and overplayed. I want to mix it up and turn it on its head.
I also enjoy exploring the dynamic and differences that being of two different sizes creates and playing through them as development as they learn each other, while discovering how to make their relationship work through their many differences.
Love/Hate also comes under this. Arguing or perceiving to dislike each other which just fuels how much they actually like each other - hate fucking ect ect

>>> Though humanoid, there are differences that her Fox half gives her aside from the obvious physical features (Ears, tail ect). A heightened sense of smell and hearing and a quick running speed. Depending on the story, I may give her light magical powers if it calls for it. She also goes into Heat twice a year for a week during Summer and Winter. I play this out as I like to call 'The Horny Flu'. Because of the whirlwind of hormones, Yes her sex drive goes into overdrive but it also comes with other symptoms such as aches, hot flushes, slight mood swings, and fatigue. The longer without release, the more intense these symptoms become however it is the ONLY time she is fertile. Can easily ignore this by making their races noncompatible.

Ideas -
Not set in stone - Open to your ideas/plots as well!
Heres my mind dump. I literally put what came to mind and need another person to make it whole, add their ideas into and such.

Im a fan of pre-established connections, knowing each other first, over meeting for the first time though I am happy for first time meetings as well.
Just helps it flow easier into smut and banter more quickly to get into some more interesting scenes faster. We can discuss what potential history they already have.
Happy to play these out either as a storyline or episodic, time-skipping to situations and scenes as we think of them (preferred)

Married for Peace - open to either role
There are two warring Tribes, factions, kingdoms, houses, ect of two different races. There has been death from both sides but has ultimately been a statemate overall. After years, the two leaders finally come together to establish peace through a nonaggression treaty and Military alliance. To solidify this and bind the two sides - the Leader's children marry. One is brought to the other to live and to be a representative of the otherside. However, a marriage does not erase years of animosity and prejudice between the people and will take much longer to fade.
The two newlyweds are getting used to their difference in culture, trying to adapt to the other culture while keeping their own, still dealing with the animosity between them, dealing with their difference in race and the public opinion on them, all while trying to get along. They butt heads and lock horns often, becoming heated in a way both of them never thought and usually ends in heated trysts.

Would like to explore their relationship and the politics that goes with it, how it affects the people of the society, their positions and other conflicts going on.

>Would prefer a tribal-ish setting, but open to others as mentioned. Or her tribe against a more developed society
>Prefer the two to be different races, have different cultures

Miscellaneous idea-

>Their pairing is rare/frowned upon, but gives them a platform online. Perhaps documenting what their relationship is like, documenting her heat or if YC is human, documenting what it is like having a non human girlfriend. Through a blog, videos ect.
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