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March 02, 2021, 08:37:40 am

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Author Topic: Grem's Race/faithplay Requests [MxF/FxM, writer genders irrelevant]  (Read 479 times)

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Roleplaying status: partners mysteriously got vanished by the CIA, need new partners!
All spoilers will contain images that are NSFW!
All stories can have the character genders reversed or changed according to my and my partners' preferences.

Wreeee! You found my hiding spot. This thread will be my main collection spot for plots that focus on raceplay and faithplay. My reasoning for making a new thread for that is the fact that this is a) a niché kink and b) something I like to write more than other ideas. For more information about me, my writing preferences, and my sexy on's and not so sexy off's, click here. It'll take you straight to my cave, which is where I tie up all my willing roleplaying partners and prepare them for processing.

All my partners are expected to read my O/O's, and if you contact me and it becomes apparent that you haven't done so, I will not respond. Similarly, all my partners are expected to know that I generally maintain the rule that the person that requests the RP should make an effort to also write the opening post, but depending on the story that might be impossible/hard. In that case, whoever it makes most sense for to write the opening post writes the opening post. If you, as a rule, don't write opening posts: don't contact me.

I also request that anyone PMing me for more info or a request understands that raceplay can be both positive and negative; it can include positive ideas about different races or negative ones (i.e. racism).

As you can tell I am not afraid to be a little picky in who I write with. I think that it's important for everyone (not just me) to find partners that are willing to put in the effort, and personally I love reciprocating effort. On the other hand, we've all been on the receiving end of horror stories involving horror partners, so I am sure that most of you will understand and relate to pickiness. Regardless of who you are, thanks for taking the time to visit my thread and read it, even if we don't end up becoming writing partners.

If you are a racist in real life, please do not contact me. What I write for the purpose of literature or erotica does not coincide with my real life opinions.

Pre-built ideas

NEW: Queen of Diamonds
Name: Ace of Diamonds
Themes: modern, interracial, race/faithplay, d/s
Potential themes: N/A
Kinks: any

Everyone has heard of blacked porn; and the mythical women who have the queen of spades tattoo, only going for black men. But, the inverse is also true. There is a group of select women spread across the globe who have the queen of diamonds tattoo. These are the women -- and sometimes their spouses! -- who take joy in going only after white men. Their motivations are as diverse as the women and men that enter this select kink group, but their focus is not: mingling with single white men and finding a "perfect" bull for them. Whether it is to spruce up their sex-life, to fill a hole left by the husband in cases where a woman joins the club alone -- or perhaps even as a matchmaking group, looking to find their perfect white husband.

Whatever it is that you desire out of the queen of Diamonds club, often shorted to 'Diamond Club' for sake of simplicity, it is sure that they can provide.

CRAVING: Jihadi Hijabi
Name: Jihadi Hijabi
Themes: modern, war, interracial, race/faithplay, capture/slavery
Potential themes: N/A
Kinks: any

The (OOC: fictional) nation of Assyria, set in the middle east, ranges from north-western Kurdistan all the way east to the furthest regions of Afghanistan. Born from the ashes of an Irani-Iraqi coalition that shook the world, Assyria was a quickly growing muslim county that modernized rapidly, westernizing the role of women in society and allowing them to partake in both work and social events. No longer did a woman need to have a male family member accompany them in public. The western perspective on society went paired with a growing focus on Islam as the pillar of society, albeit in a new modern way, as well as a growing distrust for the west and specifically America.

However, Assyria shunned from typical methods of voicing their distrust, neglecting terrorist attacks and instead opting for the political battle. This earned the respect of European states for Assyria, even if they still considered the nation a second-world country. On the other hand, America was less than excited, as the lack of terrorist attacks meant there was no easily accessible excuse to go to war with Assyria. That was until Assyria began nationalizing their assets, including American companies within the borders of Assyria.

Assyria had offered a payout to these companies, though this went unaccepted, and in the end Assyria forced forfeiture after a long drawn out political and judicial battle. Less than happy, America declared war on Assyria to "protect and secure American assets within the borders of Assyria," which was met with cries and accusations of imperialism from Assyria and their allies. Indeed, even the Europeans questioned America's motives. It was well known America had always been a bit of a warmonger when oil and money was involved, but this time it was so overt it was hard to deny it. The European states, for the most part, withdrew their support for the campaign. Russia and China offered military and economical support to Assyria, which resulted in a stalemate in the borders of Assyria.

This story follows the tale of a European private military contractor hired by the Americans to secure a location in the newly taken city of Baghdad, who gets left behind after the city is retaken by the Assyrians with the military support of Russian forces. He is in over his head and enters hiding, but is quickly found out. It's now or never.

Route 1: the European PMC takes one of the famous اللواء القدم النسائية الحادي عشر (11th Womens Foot Brigade) captive after she fails to capture him, and uses her to try and bargain for his exit from the country now that he has been left behind. The plan fails, and he now needs to convince her to help him out of the country.
Route 2: the European PMC is taken captive by a Jihadi Hijabi, a member of the 11th womens foot brigade, after which interrogations follow. Of course, he will try to escape and manipulate his way out of there, and perhaps the Jihadi Hijabi takes a more personal interest in the man.

2020 Colonizer
Name: 2020 Colonizer
Themes: modern, interracial, race/faithplay, submission, stereotypes
Potential themes: racial superiority/inferiority or appreciation for different ethnicities; one of the two is required. Based on this video (sound warning).
Kinks: any

As far as the rest of the world was concerned, white men were the epitome of providers. Leaving stereotypes behind, it was simply fact at this point that none could provide women with a more satisfying, stable and loving household other than white men. In the dating pool this was visible through the fact that white men suddenly became a hot commodity, not just for long-term dating but also for short term hookups. After all, hookups could result in a baby, and if that baby was a halfie, well, all the better.. right?

You've heard of Blacked porn, well, get ready for Bleached. This new dating app aims to fix the problem of a lack of white men on the dating market by linking up white men with non-white women. After all, why take a Snow White when you can take Mulan, Princess Tiana, or Princess Jasmine?

After all, nothing is more beautiful than white men breeding exotic women, and nothing is more true than the fact that exotic women belong to white men.

She-Wolf of the SS
Name: She-Wolf of the SS
Themes: alternate history, classism, powerplay
Potential themes: torture, role reversal
Kinks: any

Based on this universe I created, for which you must read the thread to understand the following plot. In this story, you will take the role of a She-Wolf of the SS, set in 2020. Your character (any ethnicity, religion or archetype) is in control of an important part of the organization -- a labor camp, internment camp, or an arctic prison -- and runs the show. I will play as one of her (unfortunate) prisoners.

Your character has, for one reason or another, taken a liking to my character and has used her power to extort my character to perform her bidding. This bidding can be whatever you desire. Due to their difference in class, he will become her property (dot class) and essentially be her slave, but considered even less human than that. He is more like an object than anything.

The problem is, he may be treated like an object, but he himself knows he is human. At some point the roles will reverse. At least.. thats the plan.

Mail-order Scammer
Name: Mail-order Scammer
Themes: role-reversal, abduction, non-con, forced marriage, foreign country/language
Potential themes: stereotypes
Kinks: any
What I need in this plot from you: a reason why your character still has a modicum of power in her situation despite being abducted.

It was your job to lure them in; the annoying white tourists that were nobody's at home, but felt like kings in your country. You played into the stereotypes, portrayed what they believed to be the 'typical girl' from your country. When they were in close, wrapped around your finger, you'd take them to a "hotel" or "bar" and suddenly they'd be trapped, their phones taken, and told they now have to pay a couple thousand dollars to be let out, or else they'd get beat up -- or worse. The language barrier meant that they would be panicked, unsure of what was going on, but the threat of violence was universal, no language lessons needed. People paid up when they saw the big bouncer. You walked away with an easy 200-300 dollars for an hour worth of flirting, and were ready to repeat it all.

But what when you pick the wrong guy?

You thought it was a big score -- he had plenty of money on him, and made a point to show you it, under the impression that you'd easily go for a white man with money. So, you invited him over, and he agreed. After that, a haze, but when you woke up, you weren't in the back room, nor were you in your city, or even your country. Instead you were in a foreign looking bedroom, chained to the bed. You were still wearing clothes, so at the very least you weren't stripped naked in the process of this rather strange move. .. not yet at any rate.

Your possessions were all gone save for the few wads of money you had left -- a few hundred dollars, not much, certainly not enough for a plane ticket home. For a moment all seems lost, and confusing too. Finally there is some sound at the door -- before it swings open. There's a man there -- the same man that you were trying to seduce before you blacked out -- holding a tray with breakfast on it in his hands.

Is there such a thing as a non-consensual mail order bride? You're about to find out.

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Re: Grem's Race/faithplay Requests [M for A]
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2020, 01:28:12 pm »
NSFW inspirational images:

Primary album.

NSFW gifs

NSFW pics
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Re: Grem's Race/faithplay Requests [M for A]
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Update: added the queen of spades.

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Re: Grem's Race/faithplay Requests [M for A]
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2021, 06:01:35 pm »
Update: added a primary album with inspiration.