Ticking Hearts - Female Wanted (SteamPunkish)

Started by diadochoi, March 17, 2009, 12:50:59 PM

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Shylocke Montague Herring, is one of the richest men on the planet. A Captain of Industry he employs 12,000 people in various prospects. His inventions are used by hospitals around the world, saving lives daily. The mortality rate of Mothers was greatly reduced by his peripitetic ceasarian array, for instance. His developments in Clockwork mechanism are patented, and he could live off these funds alone.

He is a recluse though, a loner. The Newspapers know very little about him. He resides on a island of the coast of the UK. Secluded.

People speculate on what drives this man, or what has driven him away.

Brittania rules the waves, Victoria rules her Empire, Shylocke rules his Industries.

But not his heart.
"Sex affliates tension, love creates it" - Woody Allen


I might be interested....where does the girl come in?  Whats the story?

Is it about a reporter coming to the island?

An old friend come to see why he is being so reclusive?


I have left it a bit vague on how he relates to this Female because I want someone creative to play a big role in definig her. I didn't want to paint her for you.

A expect her to be a strong woman, or else he would have already conquered her.

And she must be his equal in some way, so that he respects her.  Thats where his desire for her was born. She is his mirror in some way. Only she can complete him, or undo him!

Reporter sounds interesting. Would they have a history already or would you like to have them learn about him as a new acquantance getting ti know him as the character does?
"Sex affliates tension, love creates it" - Woody Allen


hmmm, I figure a previous history might work well.  Maybe she's attempted to get an interview from him before? Or she might have actually written a negative article about him, and wants to get a more personal view for the next one.  Or perhaps she's not a reporter at all, but a spy sent from a competing company; out to discover his secrets. 

Or who knows; maybe they knew each other from childhood, only to drift away due to different dreams and aspirations.  Hers as a journalist, and him as a recluse inventor. 

Pm me and we can work something more solid out.